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Oversized clothes for women and designer outfits in baggy style.

Wide silhouettes in Japanese avant-garde style and flowy garments. Made from soft fabrics, for women who wear clothing stylishly and comfortably.

Our exclusive selection of handcrafted oversize outfits for women. For all women who have a preference for extraordinary fashion and wide clothing. Our unique clothing for women includes among others: Oversize T-shirts, black oversize blouses, oversize shirts. Finest oversize sweaters.

Looking for an elegant women's oversize suit? - We have crafted the appropriate oversize pants and oversize blazers. If you like it extravagant, try our oversize women's suit with a black oversize coat.

Our oversize cloths is also perfectly suitable for women in plus-size.

Oversized designer clothes for women

Oversize style, symbolized by comfortable, loose clothing for women, embodies a form of expression that combines individuality, comfort, and aesthetic sensibility. A trend that has existed since the 1920s, oversize is a response to the longing for freedom and became a symbol of emancipation.

The evolution of the oversize look ranges from elegant to avant-garde style, with the layering look particularly noticeable. "eigensinnig wien" stands as a symbol of oversized elegance, offering exclusive oversize clothing like harem pants and other oversize trousers for women that embody the avant-garde oversize style. Visit "eigensinnig wien" to experience this timeless style.

Oversized Sweaters for Women

eigensinnig wien presents its exclusive collection of oversized sweaters for women, including impressive oversize knit sweaters. For the avant-garde style with uncompromising quality. Whether the oversize is long or short, is left to your preference.

Made from high-quality materials such as cashmere, wool, linen, and cotton, this women's fashion offers not only warmth but also an aesthetic experience that elevates your oversize sweater outfit to a new level.

The black oversized sweaters for women by eigensinnig wien are symbols of loose, relaxed clothing. They are deliberately too big, too wide, too long, yet perfectly proportioned to create an always surprisingly elegant silhouette. The collection also includes the oversize knit sweater, a masterpiece of craftsmanship with extraordinary cuts and refined details.

The sweaters can be wonderfully combined with other clothing items to emphasize your individual style. Whether you wear the oversize sweater over a tight-fitting blouse for a layer look, combine it with oversized trousers in harem pants style for a relaxed look - eigensinnig wien always offers suitable, stylish options. With the oversized sweaters from eigensinnig wien, you will always make a statement.

Oversize Pants for Women

The oversize pants by eigensinnig wien stand for much more than mere clothing. They represent an exclusive lifestyle, in which elegance, quality, and extravagance merge into a distinctive style.

With a wide range of women's trouser designs, including harem pants, baggy pants, sarouel pants, Marlene pants, palazzo pants, and designer drop-crotch pants, eigensinnig wien offers something for every taste.

Each pair of pants is unique in its cut and expression, whether luxurious, casual, or avant-garde. Colors in black and various shades of grey underline the elegance of the pants, while exquisite natural materials guarantee wearing comfort.

Styling Tips for Women's Oversize Pants

Oversize pants allow for a variety of styling options. They can be casually worn with a t-shirt for everyday wear or elegantly paired with a fine top for the evening. The combination possibilities are limitless, with oversized blazers or oversize coats making excellent partners for a layering look. With the diverse and innovative pants from eigensinnig wien, everyone can express their individuality while enjoying elegance and comfort. The pants are not only fashion statements but also synonymous with style and class, inviting experimentation with different looks.

Explore all women's harem pants and oversize pants here.

Oversized Blazer for Women

The collection of oversize blazers and jackets for women from Eigensinnig Wien stands for elegance, sophistication, and timeless design.

A black oversize women's blazer is a classic, always offering a stylish look, whether casually or elegantly combined. The collection also includes oversize shirt jackets, distinctive blazers in an oversized style for women that can be worn as both a blouse and a jacket. For the winter months, there are warm and stylish oversize winter jackets, and light, breezy oversize summer blazers for the warm season.

These blazers and jackets are not only trendless but always fashionable and can be worn in all seasons. They are made from high-quality natural materials such as cotton, linen, wool, or silk. The black blazer in an oversized cut is suitable for business combinations with elegant trousers and also for casual oversize outfits with jeans or Marlene trousers, as well as part of evening wear.

Eigensinnig Wien offers individual and exclusive options for every occasion that combine the oversize trend with comfort and quality.

Oversized Shirts for Women

At Eigensinnig Wien, the art of oversize fashion is particularly evident in the collection of women's shirts. Made from materials like linen, cashmere, and silk, embody unconventionality and offer a loose, comfortable look.

The elegant shirts, including the black oversize shirt, radiate a subtle and refined elegance in their extraordinary cuts and exclusive materials. The sporty to festive oversize shirts for women, including the black oversize shirt, combine individual taste with comfort and quality.

Oversize button-down shirts for women with soft, flowing cuts and selected natural materials are versatile and symbolize stylish elegance.

The entire collection from Eigensinnig Wien is an invitation to explore fashion as an expression of personal personality, where each piece is more than just clothing but part of the wearer herself.

Oversize Dress

In the world of fashion, Eigensinnig Wien's oversize dresses and wide tunics offer an exclusive, avant-garde style. The loose fitting dresses are marked by wide cuts, flowing lines, and baggy style that embody freedom and elegance. Often kept in classic black, these dresses emphasize the unconventional side of the design, and the use of natural materials like silk and linen ensures luxury and comfort.

Wide Tunics for Women

The wide tunics are another highlight and tribute to comfortable and fashionable clothing. They are ideal for the layer look and can be combined with various oversize pieces. Details such as stand-up collars or deep side slits make these tunics unique, and they can be used for both casual and business looks.

Styling tips for these dresses and tunics are also provided. For the business environment, a wide tunic can be combined with oversize trousers and a blazer, while for a casual look, the combination with baggy trousers and sneakers is recommended.

The avant-garde style encourages experimentation with layers, textures, and shapes, offering a variety of ways to create an individual and aesthetic look.

Oversized Coats for Women

Oversize coats for women from Eigensinnig Wien are more than mere garments; they are a cultural expression that combines comfort, elegance, and avant-garde style. The XXL trend in oversized long coats for women remains stylish and comfortable all year round, whether short or long.

The Black Oversize Wool Coat for Women

The winter collection is characterized by exclusive black oversize wool coats. With wide cuts and warming fabrics like wool and cashmere, these coats define elegance and extravagance.

The coats are not only a symbol of the XXL trend but also of the aesthetics of width and length. The oversize layered look can be wonderfully combined with other oversize garments, offering quality, sustainability, and unparalleled wearing comfort.

The Oversize Summer Coat for Women

The summer collection is characterized by lightness. With materials like linen and silk, it creates a refreshing sensory experience. The loose, wide cut and light summer materials provide a feeling of airiness and freedom. The colors dominate in black and gray tones, and the shapes vary from sporty-elegant to unusual.

The versatility of the oversize coats makes them suitable for all figures, from delicate to curvy. For summer, they can be combined with layered look outfits, light blouses, and elegant accessories for both an unconventional and refreshing look.

Oversize coats are a statement for consciously generous fashion and a tribute to avant-garde fashion. They are a manifesto for individuality, quality, and timeless beauty and represent the oversize style of Eigensinnig Wien for over a decade.

The Oversize Suit for Women

Oversize pantsuits have become a central element of Eigensinnig Wien's collections, a brand that combines comfort with a touch of extravagance.

The cuts, which present generous width in stylish elegance, are kept in colors such as black and various shades of gray, and exclusive natural materials convey high quality.

A wide range of styles is possible, from sporty with sneakers to avant-garde with black leather boots. The ability to experiment with various widths and the dominant color palette contributes to the versatility of the oversize pantsuit.

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The Tailor-Made Oversize Pantsuit

The tailored oversize pantsuit serves as an expression of elegance and individuality. In the Eigensinnig Wien atelier in Vienna, each piece is created with care and precision. The customer is guided through consultation, selection of exclusive fabrics, and multiple fittings to create a unique piece that reflects her style and taste.

Those who opt for a tailored oversize pantsuit are often women who want to emphasize their uniqueness and stand out from the crowd. The advantages of this method lie in the fit, quality, and the ability to embody personality and style.

On the whole, the tailored oversize pantsuits symbolize Eigensinnig Wien's unique quality and artistic craftsmanship, an invitation to explore fashion as a form of expression and identity.

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Oversize T-Shirts for Women

Eigensinnig Wien's exclusive collection of high-quality oversize T-shirts for women are crafted from fine natural materials like linen, silk, and cotton.

The collection ranges from sporty-casual to elegantly festive. These T-shirts are suitable for all seasons, from winter to summer, ensuring that women can shine in oversize style all year round.

The oversize T-shirts exude a comfortable, airy feeling, allowing for different combinations. Whether with jeans, leggings, skirts, or elegant trousers, these T-shirts create various looks for all occasions.

With exclusive oversize fashion from Eigensinnig Wien, women are invited to discover an alternative to mainstream fashion. Individuality, timeless elegance, and quality are at the heart of every piece, reflecting an avant-garde style that stands out from conventional fashion.

The high-quality natural materials, generous cuts, and innovative designs that give Eigensinnig Wien's oversize fashion its unique appeal represent a departure from uniformity and a tribute to style, comfort, and individuality.