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Handcrafted luxury handbags Made of Genuine Leather. Discover extraordinary leather bags from Tagliovivo.

Discover a wide variety of fine leather bags and make every outfit a statement. Each bag is unique, handcrafted from the finest materials. The leather used is vegetable-tanned and accordingly imperfect – with a rough, weather-marked surface. Every piece is a long-lasting Wabi-Sabi-like unique item with a distinctive character.

Including the use of historical wrought-iron metal elements that lend the design a unique and authentic touch. This connection between tradition and modernity is reflected in a broad product range. A diversity that appeals to both men and women.

Our exclusive leather bag collection from Tagliovivo consists of more than just fashionable accessories. It is an expression of style, quality, and individuality.

From the classic black bag to the practical leather shoulder bag. Our selection of high-quality Tagliovivo designer leather bags caters to every taste.

Fine Leather Bags for Men and Women. Exceptional and Exclusive

Under the creative direction of Giordano Lapegna, Tagliovivo stands out for its high-quality handbags and accessories. These combine quality and craftsmanship in each piece.

The offer is not limited to style and aesthetics but is also oriented towards functionality. Whether a spacious black handbag for daily use or an elegant leather bag for the office. From the shoulder bag for women to the cardholder for men to store your credit cards.

At eigensinnig wien, we carry exclusive leather bags that not only look good but are also practical. Discover the world of Tagliovivo and experience a fusion of tradition and innovation. The high-quality designer bags for men and women are more than just leather bags. They are a statement of elegance and style.

Luxury Bags from Tagliovivo - A Masterpiece of Design

Tagliovivo stands for luxury and quality. Each exclusive bag is handcrafted with attention to detail. The choice of materials is central to the unique design and quality:

  • Culatta Leather, a smooth leather that gives the bags a gentle and smooth finish.
  • Culatta Reverse Leather, a rough leather that creates a rugged and textured character.
  • Many bags offer a lining of 100% linen, providing a natural and breathable surface, enhancing durability and strength. This improves the quality of the final product. Moreover, the contrasting, light lining helps you find your personal items more easily.

By using high-quality materials and extraordinary craftsmanship, elegant leather bags for men and women are created. Ones that are not only beautiful but also durable and functional. Each design reflects a sophisticated taste and a sense of elegance.

The Craftsmanship Behind the Exclusive Leather Bags

Tagliovivo is proud to continue the artisan tradition by preserving a touch of history and culture in each of its products. The bags are manufactured using centuries-old techniques with a special focus on details.

The use of historical hand forged iron metal elements adds authenticity and character to the bags. These elements are not mere decoration but evidence of the strength and durability of the product. They bridge the old world with the modern by combining elegance with durability.

The process of making a leather bag reflects centuries-old techniques, blended with modern design and innovative style. Each leather bag, whether for women or men, is an expression of culture, beauty, and functionality.

Environmentally Friendly Practices

Tagliovivo also commits to sustainability and environmental friendliness. All materials used are carefully selected. This ensures that they meet the highest standards for quality and environmental compatibility.

The production follows a philosophy of sustainability, where every detail is carefully considered. Thus, the Italian master craftsmen attach great importance to minimizing any environmental impact.

High Quality, Black, Timeless – The Black Leather Bag

The leather bag in black is a symbol of timeless elegance and black fashion. In its simple beauty, it reflects the principles of quality and style. Whether a leather messenger bag for a business meeting or a handbag purse for your glamorous all-black outfit. The black bag is always the right choice.

Its all-black look matches our avant-garde fashion and emphasizes the class of a woman or man. The versatility and sophistication of a black leather handbag make it an essential part of any wardrobe.

The Black Leather Shoulder Bag for Men and Women

Like a reliable friend, the black shoulder bag is always by your side. Thrown over the shoulder, it combines elegance with freedom and everyday suitability. In a specially designed interior compartment with a zipper, you can securely store your smartphone.

It is the black dress among the bags. Always fitting, always stylish, and yet unique in its form. The black shoulder bag for men and women is a promise of quality and a synonym for timeless beauty.

The Crossbody Bag for Men and Women

A touch of avant-garde, a breeze of everyday life. The black leather crossbody bag for men and women is like a cultured rebel.

Worn across the body, it is the perfect interplay of form and function. Like an elegant rhythm that nestles against your body. The women's and men's crossbody bag accompanies you through the day and night.

The Bowling Bag for Men and Women as a Practical Travel Companion

The bowling bag is like a symphony of space and style. A practical travel companion that combines the elegance of an orchestra with the functionality of a well-composed piece of music. With ample space for a laptop, the bowling bag offers an elegant solution for business trips or weekend getaways. Each bag is like a melody that perfectly combines the notes of design, space, and quality.

The Leather Wallet for Men and Women

The black wallet is not just simple storage for money, but rather like a small secret compartment of life. With sophistication, slots designed to hold your cards and cash , and exclusive design, each wallet is a small marvel of functionality. It is the alchemy of practicality and style that makes these indispensable companions something special.

From small wallets for women to men''s keychain wallets. A practical crossbody wallet for men to the elegant wallet purse for women. At eigensinnig wien we offer you a big selection of men's and women's wallets.

The Collection for Men - Masculine, Elegant, Functional

The Tagliovivo collection for men is a statement of masculine elegance and practicality. Every product is crafted with attention to detail, making them not just bags but symbols of quality and style.

Tagliovivo offers you a broad variety of leather bags. From spacious laptop bags for men to the leather shoulder bag with adjustable strap.

A unique range that stands for luxury and craftsmanship, these bags reflect the ideals of masculinity and class. They accompany you through life like a trusted friend, reflecting your values and taste.

The Women's Collection - Elegance, Diversity, Femininity

The Tagliovivo women's collection exudes pure elegance. From the classic black hand bag for women to minimalist, small bags for women. From the small black bag to belt bags for women.

Every leather bag for women is an expression of diversity and feminine charm. The selection reflects the elegance, diversity, and femininity that every woman seeks.

Care and Preservation of Your Leather Bag

Culatta Leather and Culatta Reverse Leather are known for their quality and uniqueness. However, the care of these valuable materials requires attention and diligence.

Common questions about leather bag care relate to the best method for cleaning, protecting against wear, and preserving the natural shine. Using special leather care products and avoiding direct sunlight can help extend the life of your bag.

When you choose a Tagliovivo bag, you are not only investing in an exquisite, fashionable accessory. But in a product that, with proper care, can preserve its beauty for years to come. The unique patina that develops over time lends each leather bag an irresistible, individual charm.

Your Exclusive Selection in our Online Shop – Elegant Leather Bags for Every Occasion

Our online shop offers an exclusive selection of elegant leather bags for every occasion. From the luxury bag to the practical wallet – our collection fulfills all desires and speaks to timeless classicism. Explore the world of leather bags online and find your perfect piece to match your black outfit. Whether a luxurious bag or high-quality designer fashion – we have the right offer for every occasion.

Our customers are at the forefront of our focus at eigensinnig wien. We offer first-class customer service that is tailored to the needs and desires of our customers. Our team is available to assist you in selecting the perfect bag.

We deeply care about providing you with an unforgettable shopping experience. We are convinced that purchasing a high-quality leather bag is not just a simple purchase. It is a sustainable investment in quality, style, and timelessness.

Explore our exclusive offers on Tagliovivo leather products for men and women here.