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Silk clothing for women. Find elegant and high quality silk clothes at eigensinnig wien.

From the black silk blouse to the fancy silk dress for women. The elegant silk trousers and the silk coat merge with the silk scarf and the extravagant silk jumpsuit to create an extraordinary suit for women.


Exceptional Women's Silk Clothes

Silk fabrics epitomize high-quality clothing. They range from the sophisticated silk dress to the flowing silk top, from the exclusive silk trousers to the breezy silk scarf. Silk is the perfect material for summer. It's light and breathable, has a cooling effect, and feels pleasantly smooth on the skin. It interacts playfully with wind and sun, moves elegantly, and reflects light in a charming way. It's as if it's celebrating summer in all its glory.

Silk embodies charm and exclusivity, representing style and elegance. Silk provides comfortable wear in the heat. Even silk trouser suits and blazers are perfectly wearable, even in an all-black outfit. This is because silk keeps the heat away and the body cool.

We're talking here about avant-garde clothing that we have designed from natural silk in our eigensinnig wien tailorshop.

Silk Clothing in Summer

On hot days, genuine silk is an excellent choice for your outfit. Whether it's everyday wear or special occasions, casual or chic, a silk look always leaves a strong impression. Silk clothing is perfect for beach visits, business meetings, and outdoor dinners.

Summer is a time of many festivals and celebrations, and of course, the wedding season. An elegant silk trouser suit is the perfect choice to celebrate love stylishly. Whether you're the bride or simply a guest, silk is always appropriate.

For the bride, it could be a special silk dress, while guests could choose between an elegant silk jumpsuit or a black summer trouser suit made of silk. At Eigensinnig Wien, we also offer tailored silk suits.

We'll show you the exclusive silk fashion for women that you can find with us.

Women's Silk Blouses

A high-quality black silk blouse makes the summer even more enjoyable. Like its white counterpart, it is an essential model in every wardrobe. It is versatile and suitable for the office, evening events, or special occasions.

Our high-quality silk blouses are available in various designs. We offer elegant silk blouses with playful details as well as avant-garde kimono blouses with wide sleeves.

What do all blouses from Eigensinnig Wien have in common? They all have an extraordinary detail that subtly highlights your unique character. Not conventional blouses, but exceptional women's fashion made of silk.

Discover extraordinary, elegant women's blouses here.

Silk Pants for Women

Flowing silk trousers that gently wrap around the legs. Wide summer trousers made of silk that touch the skin softly with every step. In great summer heat, they are as welcome as a refreshing drink with clinking ice cubes.

Long women's trousers like airy palazzo trousers made of silk, pleated trousers, or culottes also protect against the sun and are not burdensome in any way. On the contrary, they inspire. They convey a feeling of freedom as if the summer was endless, and they always represent style.

Silk harem trousers are very unusual and ensure that you subtly stand out. Also, the high-quality black silk skirt that becomes a summer dress.

High-quality designer fashion that highlights you without standing out. This is unconventional, fancy clothes from Eigensinnig Wien.

Discover exceptional designer women's pants here.

Women's Silk Jackets

The beautiful thing about silk in the summer is that it has a cooling effect and simultaneously protects against the sun. Therefore, silk shirt jackets, silk jackets, and silk overshirts with long sleeves are perfect companions on hot days and nights.

Our handmade designer silk jackets surround you gently and captivate with their relaxed elegance. And they wouldn't be from Eigensinnig Wien if they didn't also surprise with some unexpected details.

Find fancy women's jackets here.

Genuine Silk Dresses

In summer, the black silk dress is an essential piece of clothing for the perfect look. Whether long or short, oversized, or an exciting wrap dress, the silk dress is always a good choice.

The silk dress for women offers an airy and light wearing sensation. It is suitable for the office, festive occasions, and also for a relaxed day at the beach or the lake.

The designer dresses from Eigensinnig Wien stand out for their uniqueness. Some are casual and casual, others are elegant and extravagant.

The question is how you combine them. With a silk jacket, the airy silk dress becomes a chic ensemble. You can stroll through the summer for hours, no matter where you are.

For warm summer evenings, long evening dresses or cocktail dresses made of silk are an excellent choice. Perhaps even combined with a breezy silk coat in black.

Visit our fashion boutique in Vienna for inspiration and advice. Or take a look at our online shop. Start planning your all-black silk outfit now.

Discover all high fashion dresses here.

Women's Silk Coats

Just like the scarf is not only suitable for winter, neither is the coat.

A lightweight summer coat made of silk is a great companion on cooler evenings or windy days. A silk coat flutters beautifully in the wind, almost like a butterfly. With a black avant-garde silk coat, you leave a special impression, especially if you combine it with a black silk dress and a light scarf made of real silk.

But you can also wear it with light, wide silk trousers. Then your all-black outfit looks particularly elegant. In any case, the silk coat is a statement and dresses individualists particularly well and noticeably.

Discover extraordinary women's coats here.

Silk Jumpsuits for Women

Ideal for summer, the silk jumpsuit with harem trousers is one of the most unusual pieces of clothing for the summer. A silk onesie always draws attention, but in a discreet and subtle way. Such a onesie is the oversized silk jumpsuit with harem trousers from Eigensinnig Wien.

Depending on how you wear it, the harem jumpsuit looks casual or elegant. With rolled-up trouser legs, you exude a casual style, while a narrower leg width creates an elegant look. The perfect summer outfit for individualists - and so wonderfully light and flowing.

Discover the elegant jumpsuit with harem trousers here.

Silk Tops for Women

In summer, high-quality silk tops in timeless design should not be missing. Combined with wide silk trousers, crop tops, black silk T-shirts, and long-sleeved silk shirts become an elegant ensemble. For a casual summer look, the avant-garde silk tops from Eigensinnig Wien can also be worn with shorts or harem trousers.

Airy tops made from 100% natural silk are incredibly versatile. They are true chameleons that don't let themselves be put in a box. When a light wind blows, the silk shirts flutter with joy.

Find fancy T-shirts and tops for women here.

Silk Scarves for Women

A silk scarf is much more than an accessory. Most of the Italian silk scarves in our shop come from the fabric manufacturer Faliero Sarti, where high-quality fabrics with incredible comfort are handmade. Buy scarves from Faliero Sarti here.

Airy silk scarves can be worn as a stole with elegant evening dresses, replacing the blazer. Combined with a casual designer trouser and an oversized shirt, a casual everyday look is created.

The silk scarf can be worn traditionally around the neck. It looks elegant and sophisticated when casually thrown over the shoulder.

For a casual look, you can simply lay the silk scarf around your shoulders. When it gets cooler in the evening, it serves as a light blanket that warms just right.

At eigensinnig wien, you will find silk scarves in a variety of designs and exceptionally not only in black. Stop by - your luxury scarf is surely already waiting for you and is looking forward to accompanying you with elegance through the summer.

Discover all luxury scarves here.