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Linen clothing for women at eigensinnig wien. From black linen dresses to linen pants and linen blazer to linen suits for women.

Whether you are looking for a linen button down shirt or a linen shirt. Or a linen jumpsuit for women. For the summer you will find linen blouses or a black linen shirt  for women. Discover stylish women's clothing and the variety of linen clothing for women that.

Linen: a synonym for natural fabrics, elegance and style.

Women's linen clothing categories:

- Linen tops for women

Linen – The Natural Fabric in Women’s Fashion

In the world of fashion, linen is a fabric that's always in vogue for creating clothing. Simple, elegant, yet so versatile, linen as a natural raw material offers a sustainable alternative to synthetic materials.

Linen is a natural fiber extracted from the stems of the flax plant. This original and eco-friendly fiber is renowned for its durability, moisture regulation, and cooling properties, making it perfect for summer wear. Thanks to its natural structure and elegant folding, linen clothing is timeless and appreciated by women of all ages.

In the past, linen was often associated with a rustic appearance. Today, however, linen is valued in the fashion world for its versatility and elegance and can be found in a wide range of clothing items. This includes summer jackets, summer blazers, and summer dresses.

Why Wear Linen Clothing?

Benefits of Linen Clothing in Summer

Linen clothing is a favorite choice during summer. It exhibits several properties that make it ideal for warm weather. Here's why linen is so appreciated in the summer:

  1. Breathable: Linen is highly breathable, allowing air to circulate and regulating body temperature. It helps maintain a fresh and cool sensation on the skin, even on the hottest days.
  2. Moisture Regulation: Linen can absorb and quickly release a large amount of moisture without feeling wet. This means that sweat is effectively carried away from the skin, maintaining a comfortable feel.
  3. Cooling Effect: Linen's fiber structure allows excellent heat dissipation, providing a natural cooling effect when worn, especially at high temperatures.
  4. Natural and Sustainable: Linen is an environmentally friendly material, derived from flax and requiring little water in cultivation. Linen clothing is thus a sustainable choice, in harmony with nature.
  5. Durability: Linen is highly robust, and linen clothing often lasts for many years with proper care. Its longevity makes it a worthwhile investment, particularly concerning summer wear.
  6. Comfort: Linen fabric has a soft, natural texture that feels pleasant on the skin. Moreover, linen becomes softer with time and wear, enhancing comfort.
  7. Style and Elegance: Linen clothing adds a natural elegance and casualness that's particularly appealing in summer. The delicate folds that form while wearing lend linen clothing a timeless charm and unique style.

All these properties make linen clothing an ideal choice for summer, thanks to the cooling and breathable nature of linen.

Benefits of Linen Clothing in Winter

Linen can also be worn in winter. While it's primarily known for its cooling properties in summer, it can be adapted for winter wear. Combined with materials like cotton, wool, or cashmere, it provides warmth during the cold season.

Linen is especially suitable for layering in winter. Paired with warmer materials, it forms an additional layer to regulate temperature.

Its breathability allows linen to help transport moisture away from the skin in winter, thereby retaining warmth.

Another advantage of linen in winter is that it's hypoallergenic, making it suitable for sensitive skin. Since linen is often worn as a base layer in winter, it comes into direct contact with the skin, ensuring a comfortable feel.

Linen can also be used in heavier weaves like linen twill, providing more warmth in winter. There are also blended fabrics where linen is combined with fibers like wool, cashmere, or cotton, creating clothing items with added warming properties.

Linen, therefore, can be an excellent choice in winter, as long as it's wisely paired with other materials or specific linen variants are utilized. Linen clothing offers the benefits of high breathability and natural, hypoallergenic properties, particularly advantageous in the cold season.

For those who appreciate the unique styles of brands like Rundholz, Yohji Yamamoto, and "Eigensinnig Wien," linen offers an appealing choice of fabric that embodies both the slim fit and oversized trends, aligning with the fashion sensibilities of these renowned designers. Whether in shirts or other apparel, linen remains a timeless and versatile fabric for all seasons.

Women's Linen Clothing at eigensinnig wien

Our selection of linen clothing for women is as multifaceted as the women themselves. Here we list some linen models that we incorporate into our collections.

Women's Linen Suits - Stylish Variety for Any Occasion

In the multifaceted world of women's fashion, pant suits are an essential element that embodies style, elegance, and confidence. Here we present you the diverse world of women's suits and introduce you to the latest trends. Be inspired and find your personal women's suit.

Whether it's an extraordinary suit, extravagant suit, elegant suit, or linen suit. The selection of women's suits at eigensinnig wien is almost limitless. Some of the current quirky women's suits are:

• The classic black linen suit. With its timeless charm, the black suit for women is an indispensable companion in the business world. Combined with a linen blazer or summer blazer, it makes a fashionable statement in every season.

• The modern linen women's suit: The modern pant suit with Palazzo trousers or Marlene trousers combines elegance and casualness. It is the perfect casual suit for self-confident women who value style and comfort.

• The natural linen suit for women: The linen suit is the ideal choice for hot summer days. With its airy, lightweight material and linen blouse, it ensures a pleasant wearing comfort. It can be worn both in the office and at relaxed occasions.

• The wedding suit for women: More and more women are choosing a women's linen suit as an alternative to the classic wedding dress. An elegant suit with a jumpsuit as a festive wedding suit for the extravagant look of the modern bride.

• The suit for women in plus size: At eigensinnig wien, we also create women's fashion in plus size. Pant suits are an excellent choice for curvy women. The pant suit in plus sizes convinces with comfortable cuts and flexible materials that create a flattering silhouette.

Buy all women's suits here.

Extravagant Women's Suit with Harem Pants and Baggy Pants

In addition to the classic women's pants, harem pants and baggy pants from eigensinnig wien are also very popular. They give a pant suit a casual touch and are both comfortable and stylish:

• Women's harem pants suit: The women's suit pants from linen get an informal and fashionable touch through the combination with harem pants. The loosely falling summer trousers feel airy and light and ensure pleasant wearing comfort.

• Baggy pants linen suit: Baggy pants can also convince in a pant suit look. The casual pants go excellently with a sporty elegant women's blazer and are ideal for a relaxed casual suit in summer.

Pant suits for women are a timeless statement for us and offer a wide variety of styles and materials. From extraordinary and extravagant suits to classic, elegant, and summery pant suits.

There is a suitable model for every taste and occasion.
Play with trendy outfits like harem pants and baggy pants to create your personal look. Round off your outfit with matching accessories. In a stylish pant suit, you are always well dressed and radiate confidence and elegance.

The Women's Linen Jumpsuit

The women's linen overall has long established itself as an indispensable garment in the fashion world. With its versatility and fashionable elegance, the jumpsuit can be worn on numerous occasions. And is an attractive alternative to classic dresses and skirts. Especially in summer.

The linen jumpsuit is the perfect choice for the hot summer months. With its breathable and lightweight texture, it offers high wearing comfort and is extremely stylish.

A summer jumpsuit is ideal for beach parties and relaxed walks in the city. On summer vacation, it can be worn as a casual dungaree and beach trousers.
For special occasions, such as a wedding, the women's overall is the ideal choice. The elegant jumpsuit for the wedding gives the wearer a stylish appearance for the special day.

Purely quirky: Linen Jumpsuits with harem pants. Jumpsuits with wide linen pants are particularly welcome in summer. Whether it's a casual linen overall for women or an extravagant black jumpsuit, the jumpsuit is a versatile garment that meets every occasion and should not be missing in any wardrobe.

Discover the fascination of the jumpsuit and be inspired by its variety and elegance. With the right jumpsuit, you are always fashionable and style-savvy.
Discover your personal jumpsuit here.

The Women's Linen Blazer

• Light summer jacket and linen jacket for women
During the warm summer months, summer jackets are indispensable companions. We recommend a linen jacket for women. It offers the ideal combination of comfort and style. Light jackets for women made of linen are suitable so as not to sweat on warm days.

• Women's linen blazer at eigensinnig wien
The women's blazer is an absolute must-have in women's fashion. With variations like the oversized blazer, blazer jacket, or light summer blazer, it offers countless styling possibilities.

The black women's blazer is not only elegant but also versatile. They fit both business looks and casual outfits. For a particularly extravagant look, an unusual long blazer is recommended.

• Jackets and blazers as part of a women's suit or pant suit at eigensinnig wien
Blazers are also an integral part of women's linen suits and pant suits. A blazer outfit as part of the suit can be worn as part of an elegant ensemble. Combine according to preferences. An elegant women's blazer in black or an oversized blazer to create a coherent and stylish outfit.

Blazers for women combine timeless elegance and summery comfort and are versatile. Whether as part of a suit, pant suit, or in combination with casual looks.

Buy all women's jackets and blazers here.

High-Quality Linen Pants for Women

• Summer trousers for women
Summer trousers for women are the perfect choice to get through the warm season stylishly and comfortably. We have a variety of designs for women looking for summer pants from linen. The short trousers or shorts for women. Or those who like to wear pants elegantly, the Marlene or Palazzo trousers are perfect for summer.

• Linen pants for women
Linen pants for women are particularly popular in summer fashion due to their material properties. They offer many advantages, such as a pleasant wearing feeling, good ventilation, and a natural look. Combined with a comfortable elastic band, a casual cut, or as an oversized trouser, a fashionable look is created.

Linen harem pants, baggy pants, or fabric pants with a drop crotch for women are further possibilities. Who wouldn't want to emphasize the summery style with a light and airy summer trouser?

• Women's pants as part of a women's suit
Women's linen pants can also be worn excellently as part of a women's suit. Women's suit trousers made of linen as part of a sporty elegant suit create an appealing outfit. For various occasions such as weddings or public appearances. At eigensinnig wien, we also create custom-made women's pants.

• Linen shorts and bermudas for women
Women's linen shorts are a popular alternative for the summer months. Whether in elegant linen shorts, as casual denim shorts, or comfortable chino shorts. You are always well-dressed and comfortable with summer trousers for women. These trousers go well with both relaxed sandals and elegant high heels.

• The plus size pants for women
We at eigensinnig wien create the pants for women in plus size as well. With tailored cuts and comfortable fabrics, women's pants in plus size convince with an excellent fit and high wearing comfort. A fashionable statement is set, and the wearer feels comfortable.

Discover all women's pants here.

The Women's Linen Dress - Playful Elegance and Casual Comfort

• The women's linen dress at eigensinnig wien
The women's dress is the epitome of femininity. Whether elegant, casual, or extravagant, the linen dress is a versatile garment and can be combined with different accessories. The dress can be worn in summer as well as in winter with the right combination of materials.

• The summer dress for women
The summer dress for women is a popular choice for hot days. The airy and light materials create a comfortable wearing feeling and offer numerous possibilities in combination with accessories.. The selection is unique.

• The linen dress for women
The linen dress is ideal for summer. With its breathable and light properties, the linen dress ensures comfortable wearing on warm days. Whether as an elegant evening dress or a relaxed casual dress, the linen dress is the perfect choice for summer fashion.

• The women's linen dress in plus size
At eigensinnig wien, we also offer dresses for women in plus size. With fashionable cuts and high-quality fabrics, the linen dress in plus sizes offers a flattering fit and style. Whether as a casual summer dress or an elegant evening dress, the dress in plus size convinces with elegance and comfort.

Discover all dresses for women s here.

Our Service
Are you looking for advice and personal service? Then you have come to the right place at eigensinnig wien. We are your expert for linen fashion and women's clothing in Vienna and online store. Our team is happy to advise you and helps you find your favorite pieces. Our clothing collections are as individual as you. Feel free to come to our store, or contact us online to discover our assortment. Feel free to visit our store or contact us online to discover our assortment.

Women's Linen Shirts: Relaxed Elegance for Every Occasion

• The Linen Shirt for Women – The Timeless Must-Have for Women
The Linen Shirt is designed for fashion-conscious women who value elegance, comfort, and style. Our shirts can be worn both casually and elegantly, depending on the design and material. The Linen Shirt is perfect for women of all ages and body types and can easily be adapted to various styles and occasions.

Women's linen shirts stand out with their diverse cutting options. From classic oversized shirts to long shirts for women to modern linen tunics. The white linen shirt is a real classic in the summer and can be effortlessly integrated into any outfit. An oversized linen shirt, on the other hand, gives the outfit a relaxed, uncomplicated look.

The black linen shirt is part of a fancy summer outfit. Our linen shirts for the summer are light, airy, and breathable. Therefore, they are perfect for the warm season.

• The Linen Shirt Styles – From Oversized to Slim Fit
The linen shirt for women is an essential garment for every woman's wardrobe. It combines the elegance and function of a classic shirt with the benefits of natural and comfortable linen. Linen shirts for women are available in a variety of cuts and designs.

Oversized linen shirts are particularly popular, as they are both comfortable and stylish. The oversized shirts for women can be excellently combined with slim fit pants or harem pants.

Linen button-down-shirts are a particularly feminine and relaxed variant of the linen shirt. They are characterized by their relaxed cut and soft fabric, perfectly emphasizing the comfort of linen.

Discover all women's shirts here.

Oversized T-Shirts for Women: Relaxed Elegance and Endless Styling Possibilities

eigensinnig wien has always stood for a relaxed oversized look from linen. And that, of course, includes the oversized T-shirt for women. With its relaxed fit and casual charm, the oversized T-shirt has won the hearts of unique women and has become an indispensable basic in every wardrobe.

Our oversized T-shirts for women stand out with their generous cut and comfortable fit. This makes them an ideal garment for women of all ages and body types, similar to Linen T-Shirts. They can be effortlessly combined with various styles and clothing, resulting in infinitely many outfit possibilities.

For a casual everyday look, oversized linen T-shirts can simply be worn with slim fit pants or baggy pants. Combined with sneakers or flat sandals, a comfortable yet stylish outfit is created.

Oversized T-shirts for women can also be skillfully staged in everyday business life. Together with chic suit trousers, a modern look is created, which appears particularly relaxed due to the oversized T-shirt.

In the summer months, oversized T-shirts can also be worn as airy dresses. By combining with a belt at the waist, a feminine silhouette is created. This way, you combine the relaxed charm of the linen T-shirt with a certain elegance.

Buy all oversized outfits and wide fashion for women here.

Linen T-Shirts for Women

Linen T-shirts for women are timeless classics from the beginning. The combination of timeless chic and comfort makes them the ideal companion for the summer. Thanks to their breathable properties, linen T-shirts for women are the perfect choice for warm days.

The Linen T-Shirt women's collections offer a wide range of models. Whether classic in white or black, in delicate pastel shades.

Summer T-shirts made of linen are characterized not only by their pleasant feel and relaxed look but also by their durability. A real luxury T-shirt for women, meeting the high demands for quality and design.

With a linen top, an elegant appearance is achieved in no time. The feminine cuts flatter the figure and can be combined in many ways. A linen top in white or black is a real all-rounder. It can be worn both in the office and at summer events.

The timeless designs and high quality make summer T-shirts made of linen durable. After all, these airy-light companions can be worn over many seasons without losing their relevance.

Discover all women's T-shirts and tops here.

Women's Linen Clothes in Plus Size

Fashion-conscious women with curves find their women's fashion at eigensinnig wien. Linen fashion for women in plus sizes combines timeless chic and comfort, proving that elegance knows no size. Whether linen dresses, trouser suits or tops. We offer a variety of linen clothing in large sizes and leave no wish unfulfilled.

Linen Dresses in Plus Sizes:
Linen dresses in plus sizes are the perfect choice for warm days when you want to dress stylishly without sacrificing comfort. The flowing cuts and airy fabrics flatter any figure and highlight the wearer's femininity. Our models range from elegant summer dresses to comfortable tunics to extravagant dresses.

Linen T-Shirts for Plus Sizes:
Linen tops in plus sizes show a variety of designs that optimally showcase every body type. Whether airy shirts, relaxed T-shirts or sophisticated tunics. Linen fashion for plus sizes offers the right outfit for every occasion.

Women's Linen Suits in Plus Size:
Find your linen pant suit in plus size. They are the ideal choice for the fashion-conscious woman who values style and comfort. The lightweight linen fabric ensures a pleasant wearing comfort, while the timeless cut makes the trouser suit a real all-rounder for the office and leisure.

Fancy Clothes in Plus Size:
Fashion in plus sizes doesn't have to be boring. Unique fashion in plus sizes impresses with sophisticated details and high-quality materials. They underline the wearer's self-confidence. Here, especially summer dresses in plus sizes in high-end fashion are available.

Discover women's clothes in plus size here.

Linen Shorts and Bermudas for Women - The Ultimate Summer Companion

Sunny days and warm temperatures call for light, airy outfits. Short pants for women are an indispensable must-have in your summer wardrobe. From shorts to Bermudas to linen pants. Discover the variety of different models and find your favorite.

Classic Linen Shorts for Women:
Women's shorts are timeless classics that can be styled both casually and elegantly. Combine them with a chic top and sandals for a summery city stroll. Or with a relaxed T-shirt and sneakers for a relaxed day at the beach.

Linen shorts for women are the perfect choice for hot summer days. The light, breathable fabric ensures a pleasant wearing comfort, while the natural structure of the material creates a relaxed look. Linen shorts are available in different cuts and colors so that they match every style.

Bermudas for Women:
Bermudas for women are characterized by their longer cut, making them an ideal choice for various occasions. Whether in the office or leisure time, Bermudas can be styled both casually and elegantly.

Linen Bermudas for Women:
Linen Bermudas for women are the ideal summer companion for those who prefer a more elegant look. The classic cut and high-quality material make them a timeless must-have. They can be worn on many occasions and are particularly suitable for chic summer outfits.

eigensinnig wien - Quality Made in Europe
eigensinnig wien stands for individual fashion for women that stands out with its timeless design and high quality. All of our products are made in Europe, and we attach great importance to sustainable and fair production conditions.

In the eigensinnig wien online shop, you will find a wide selection of high-quality and individual women's fashion. Whether summer dresses, linen shirts, trousers, or other products. eigensinnig wien offers a wide selection of women's fashion that meets the highest quality and design demands.

Experience the diversity and quality of eigensinnig wien fashion online. Whether elegant dresses, oversized shirts, or chic pants. At eigensinnig wien, every fashion-conscious woman finds her favorite piece for a unique appearance.

Visit our online shop and discover the wide range of women's fashion at eigensinnig wien.