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Exclusive Selection of Handcrafted Accessories for Men and Women. Discover luxurious leather bags, designer sunglasses, designer hats, and exquisite cashmere scarves and silk scarves for men and women at our fashion store.

Discover luxury scarves from Faliero Sarti. Accentuate your extravagant character with designer sunglasses from Rigards Eyewear.

Adorn your unique head with designers hats, beanies and caps from the hat makers Reinhard Plank and Mühlbauer Hats. Or literally crown your uniqueness by wearing an unconventional cap from our own atelier.

And if you want to put down one of these extraordinary accessories for a moment, you'll find enough space in a handcrafted leather bag from Tagliovivo.

Designer Sunglasses for Men and Women from Rigards Eyewear

The unique sunglasses of the avant-garde label from Hong Kong possess a distinct aesthetic. Mystical and modern is their design, seeming to move effortlessly between the ages. The past and future blend into something enigmatic.

The innovative design of these highly unconventional sunglasses for men and women appears to be ahead of its time, yet nostalgically references past eras. Extravagant steampunk sunglasses strongly remind of George Miller's dystopian film 'Mad Max' starring Mel Gibson. Other models with more minimalist design appear to represent timeless classics. But always with a subtle style break, because they must still be non-conformist.

Stylish Sunglasses for Spring and Summer

The current spring-summer collection of the Red Dots Design Award winner offers a fine selection of different styles for unique men and women. The special glasses meet the highest aesthetic standards while remaining functional.

Clip-on Sunglasses with Extravagant Design

Some unique models have been created in collaboration with big names like Uma Wang, Boris Bidjan Saberi, Viridi Anne or Detaj.

The large round lenses flatter square or heart-shaped faces and provide adequate protection from the sun. The delicate frames are made of titanium or stainless steel. The clear lenses are without prescription and can be easily exchanged by opticians.

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Luxurious Scarves by Faliero Sarti from Italy

The Italian designer is a long-standing partner of eigensinnig wien. His elegant cashmere and silk scarves for men and women are suitable all year round and enhance every unique outfit.

Fine Silk Scarves from Italy

The luxury scarves for men and women are crafted from exquisite fabrics such as Cashmere, silk or wool in the traditional Italian factory.

Like a breath of nothing, the elegant scarves drape around the neck and shoulders, and if desired, around the entire body. How you want to wear the scarf is entirely up to you. Whether as a neck scarf in winter, as a pareo or summer dress on vacation, or classically draped over the shoulders as a festive stole.

Discover also unique and luxurious scarves from our own atelier.

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Handcrafted Leather Bags for Men and Women by Tagliovivo

Every leather bag from Tagliovivo is unique.

It is made from vegetable-tanned leather and appears accordingly imperfect, entirely in the style of Wabi-Sabi aesthetics. The creative mind behind the luxury bags is Italian designer Giordano Lapegna. He creates luxurious leather bags and large weekenders, spacious work bags in the style of a doctor's bag, elegant women's handbags, and also backpacks and wallets.

Luxury Handbags Made of Genuine Leather

The exceptional designer bags for men and women are suitable for many occasions and provide enough space for the favorite things of the unconventional. They are long-lasting companions due to their high-quality leather and careful handcrafting.

Explore all designer leather bags in the eigensinnig wien online shop and concept store in Vienna Neubau.

Designer Hats for Men and Women from Reinhard Plank

The extraordinary hats, caps, beanies, and berets by Italian hat maker Reinhard Plank are made near Florence.

Plank personally crafts each hat himself. Through special manufacturing processes like burning the wool, an individual coloring is created, giving each hat its uniqueness. Classico, Leo, and Contadino are just a few special hats from this collection that unique men and women can wear.

Extravagant Black Straw Hats for Summer

For his summer hats, Plank likes to use straw. His creations move design-wise between the classic Florentine hat for men, reminiscent of a typical Venetian gondolier's headgear and innovative fisherman's hat, which appears as a work of art.

Similarly artistic are the names of these designer summer hats: Zeus, Beghe S, and Artista.

Discover a refined selection designer hats, beanies and caps in the eigensinnig wien online shop and showroom.

Black Designer Hats by Mühlbauer and eigensinnig wien

In 2022, eigensinnig wien, together with the Viennese hat manufacturer Mühlbauer Hüte, created a limited collection of extraordinary black hats.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary, our avant-garde fashion label designed four different hats made of hair felt, wool, and lambskin. These luxurious hats were handcrafted in the traditional manufacturer's atelier in Vienna. The limited hat collection harmoniously blends experimental design with long-standing tradition.

Innovation goes hand in hand with professional craftsmanship and brings to life the creative visions of both designers. Fine Porkpie, Round Bowler, Black Fedora Hat, and Feminine Beanie.

The unique hats were inspired by great artists and personalities. Bowie, Simone, Steed, and Rembrandt are the resounding names of the extraordinary designer hats for men and women. Special Fedora hat, soft balloon cap, unconventional bowler, and unique men's hat represent the versatile styles of this limited hat collection.

Made from different materials, they all have one common denominator: Black.

Timeless and elegant, these special creations stylishly adorn every unique head. Whether for a wedding, theater premiere, evening event, or even everyday life – our designer hats fit many occasions.

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