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Rembrandt Obstinate interpretation of a men's barrel hat made of light hair felt in black

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Unique hat for men and women made of light wool felt in black. An obstinate homage to the desire for rebellion and uniqueness.

This unconventional avant-garde hat made of light black wool felt, created in collaboration with the traditional Viennese manufacturer Mühlbauer Hats and made by hand, looks like a painting by Rembrandt. Its robust and durable nature, soft and comfortable at the same time, makes this designer model a true work of art. Suitable for autumn and winter, the hat has a striking design that subtly emphasizes the self-confident character of the lady or gentleman who wears it. 

Just as Rembrandt van Rijn, the important Dutch Baroque artist revolutionized the world of painting by breaking with tradition, so too does the hat creation named after him internalize obstinacy and distinctiveness. Rembrandt created an unmistakable life of his own in his paintings and was a pioneer in his era. This touch of rebellion is also embodied in this remarkable, handmade headwear made of felt, whose brim is pierced by small cuts and where an irregular rectangle meets the crown. The wide brim can also be bent up or down, creating an asymmetrical, obstinate look.

Combine 'Rembrandt' with the unconventional scarf 'Lyotard' and the fingerless gloves 'Spencer' - both made from the same material - to create a particularly avant-garde and above all wintry ensemble for cooler days.

Brand: eigensinnig wien x Mühlbauer
Color: black
Material: 100% rabbit hair


eigensinnig wien presents: Mühlbauer hats, extraordinary hats, beanies and caps from the traditional manufactory in the heart of Vienna

The traditional manufactory was founded in 1903 by Julianna Mühlbauer in the Viennese district of Floridsdorf and was then home to a hat manufacturing workshop with an attached store. Almost 100 years later, the family business is already managed by Klaus Mühlbauer in the 4th generation.
In finest manual work the unique creations are first plated by the hat maker, then dried and finally decorated and finished in the fashion atelier. The company philosophy harmoniously combines old with new, tradition with innovation.
Klaus Mühlbauer designs idiosyncratic hat models that are worn by many famous artists such as Meryl Streep or Brad Pitt, but also by headstrong characters who are not in the limelight. Unconventional caps, casual fisherman's hats or special beanies made of high-quality materials such as fur, straw, felt or fabric adorn headstrong heads of all genders, in addition to the classic hats in different variations.


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