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Avant-garde clothing for women and men and dark aesthetics high end designer garments. Unconventional luxury fashion.

eigensinnig wien is avant-garde clothing

What are avant-garde garments? - More than just clothes

When you define avant-garde, you are of course talking also about clothing. However, its scope goes far beyond the most basic purpose of not being naked. To answer this question, we must first ask what it is.

Avant-garde clothing is experimental and artistic

Convention bores innovative fashion designers, rigid rules restrict them. In order to rethink a garment out of the norm or to create something completely new, they experiment. With shapes, colors and materials. The result is almost always artistic and very often wearable art.

Avant-garde clothing is timeless

The artistic aspirations of many fashion designers often include the desire to create something that will outlast them. Avant-garde garments reflect this in many ways and rely on timeless designs in order to avoid the ever faster turning trend carousel of the fashion world. We use high-quality materials to meet these diverse requirements.

Avant-garde clothing is black

Black has a special significance in avant-garde clothing. Black allows for strong contrasts and emphasizes shapes and structures without distracting attention with color. Black is more expressive and versatile than any other color, regardless of whether you want to show simplicity and timelessness, sophistication and elegance, power and authority or rebellion and non-conformism. Last but not least, black is a flatterer and compliments every figure and every complexion.

Avant-garde garments - discover your versatility

Although avant-garde clothing is artistic, dressing that way is not an art. Every avant-garde outfit has its justification, the limits of combinability are set exclusively by yourself. That's why the list of styles and looks we want to present to you is by no means exhaustive.

Casual avant-garde clothing

Casual avant-garde garments combine a conceptual mindset and experimental approach with an everyday aesthetic. Innovative materials, unconventional cuts and surprising silhouettes are fused with a casual style to create new, inspiring interpretations of everyday wear.

It is worn by individuals who want to integrate design and innovation into their everyday lives. It is suitable for informal, urban occasions where creativity and individual style statements are valued.

Avant-garde streetwear

Avant-garde streetwear combines the rebellious energy and non-conformism of street culture with the creative, boundary-pushing spirit of avant-garde clothing. The surprising choice of materials, the use of deconstructivist silhouettes and expressive designs make this fashion style a powerful medium for socially critical statements.

It is worn by trendsetters and followers of subcultural movements who want to express their non-conformist attitude through clothes.

It is often worn at events such as concerts, festivals or club nights.

Elegant avant-garde clothing

Elegant avant-garde fashion combines sophisticated, high-quality workmanship with revolutionary, unconventional design principles. Through the use of fine materials, unconventional cuts and surprising details, it creates a symbiosis of classic elegance and innovative, boundary-pushing design.

It is worn by fashion connoisseurs who value exclusive, artistic designs and want to stand out from the crowd. It is well suited to high-profile and formal occasions, both in private and professional life.

Modern avant-garde clothing

Modern avant-garde clothing differs from earlier trends in its focus on current, contemporary issues such as technology, sustainability and gender fluidity. Rather than focusing on radical breaks with the past, it integrates these influences into its experimental, forward-thinking designs to create a progressive, socially relevant aesthetic.

Modern avant-garde outfits are worn by innovative, progressive-minded fashion enthusiasts who are open to new impulses and experimentation in their looks.

It is suitable for a variety of occasions, as its designs often bridge the gap between everyday practicality and visionary creativity.

Avant-garde extravagance

This extravagant kind of clothing is characterized by a high degree of drama, exaggeration and visual impact. It relies on provocative silhouettes, eccentric material choices and artful constructions to push the boundaries of what is possible and challenge the viewer.

Extravagant looks are worn by fashion enthusiasts who want to express their passion for extraordinary, boundary-pushing design.

They often find their stage at fashion shows, red carpets and exclusive fashion events, where they are designed to attract the maximum attention of a savvy audience.

eigensinnig wien - Avant-garde clothing brand

So you see: garments that wants to be understood as such in the best sense of the word is more than just clothes. Experimental clothing brands work within the field of tension between convention and breaking the norm. A dual principle that could not be clearer were it not for our eponymous Eigensinn. At eigensinnig wien, we love walking this fine line, exploring the boundaries and often pushing them.

Who is eigensinnig?

The Viennese fashion brand is driven by a team that is committed to the principles of creativity and innovation in order to give a soul to the extraordinary fashion creations. The Viennese avant-garde fashion designer and creative mind Toni Woldrich is the founder of the more-than-fashion label and has been constantly providing new impulses since 2012, not only on the drawing board of the avant-garde boutique.

eigensinnig - Avant-garde clothing store in Vienna

In order to give our eigensinnig creations an appropriate setting, we need very special premises. These are located on Sankt-Ulrich-Platz in the Neubau district of Vienna. This is where the fashionable heart of young Vienna beats, away from the glass palaces of luxury brands and the outlets of international chains.

New fashion within old walls

Our avant-garde store in Vienna is located in the impressive Renaissance arcades on a foundation dating back to the 13th century. In keeping with this history, we want to offer not only history and architecture fans a very special aesthetic experience. Just as a gracefully aged wooden frame compliments a modern painting, the time-honored vaults form the ideal setting for our wide selection of avant-garde style clothing.

 Avant-garde suits and pant suits

Here you can expect playful to extravagant variations on the classic suit, with asymmetrical cuts, Japanese aesthetics or unusual silhouettes.

Avant-garde pants

From wide linen culottes and high-quality cotton chinos to unusual Bermuda shorts and casual drop crotch pants - our range legwear leaves nothing to be desired.

Avant-garde dresses and skirts

Dresses and skirts cover a broad spectrum, all the more so in innovative fashion. Our avant-garde boutique is sure to meet your requirements.

Avant-garde shirts and tops

Whether it's a designer T-shirt, a high-quality blouse or a luxurious top. Convince yourself of our range.

Avant-garde jackets

Are you searching an edgy jacket for a special occasion? You'll find what you're looking for here.

Avant-garde coats

A coat is not only an essential companion in the cold season. Our high-quality coats and jackets are the perfect addition to any closet.

High-quality advice for your very own avant-garde look

We won't leave you alone in your search for your own look. For our experienced team of fashion advisors, fashion is more than just a job. We help you to discover your own individual style in our avant-garde store in Vienna.

Avant-garde fashion online shop of eigensinnig wien

Do you know exactly what you want? Then our avant-garde fashion online shop is the right address for you. Our entire range of high-quality avant-garde fashion, including exclusive made-to-order products, is just a click away.

Choose from a variety of payment options. Shopping in our online store is risk-free: if your purchase does not meet your expectations, you can cancel your purchase within 14 days. We will refund the full purchase price in return.

If you have any questions, our store team is available via chat, phone or e-mail.

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