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Cardea Black Jacket Blazer for Women Made from Japanese Cotton

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A high-quality jacket blazer with a stand-up collar made from Premium Japanese cotton. A distinctive blazer or elegant jacket for the modern woman.

"Her power is to open what is closed; to close what is open." That's what Ovid said about Cardea. The goddess had many suitors whom she always lured into bushes or caves, only to then escape herself.

Only the two-faced Janus did not escape her. He showed his gratitude by giving her power over door handles. Therefore, she was considered the goddess of thresholds, door handles, and hinges in Roman religion.

Black Jacket Blazer for Women

We have dedicated the black jacket blazer for women from our in-house atelier to Cardea. A distinctive garment that can be worn both as a high-quality blazer and as an unusual jacket. Tailored, elegant, and equipped with very special details.

The extraordinary blazer for women can be combined into a modern women's pantsuit. But it can also be worn in a sporty-elegant manner:

Modern, Elegant Women's Pantsuit

The jacket blazer for women looks particularly good as part of a modern, elegant women's pantsuit in black. Combine it with the chino pants "Victoria" and the shirt blouse "De Beauvoir". Ideal as a business outfit for women or evening wear for festive occasions.

Casual Pantsuit for Women

Those who prefer something cooler and sporty-elegant can transform Cardea into a casual pantsuit for women. Wear the extraordinary women's blazer with the pants "Leontion" and the sweater "Rosa". Cardea can thus not only be worn as a jacket or blazer but is also otherwise extremely versatile.

Black, Elegant Suit Jacket Made from High-Quality Japanese Cotton

The tailored blazer is made from the finest Japanese cotton from a traditional manufacturer. Which has stood for the highest quality since 1864.

The fabric of the short jacket for women is smooth on the outside and slightly shiny. Thus, it is perfect for the elegant-extravagant style. It is a robust and breathable material that retains warmth. Ideal for the cold season.

The inside of the jacket blazer, on the other hand, is soft and feels pleasant on the skin. A fabric that seems to unite apparent contradictions.

Just like the distinctive woman who sometimes shows herself unconventional and rebellious. And sometimes wants to influence the world extravagantly and elegantly. But does not want to forego high wearing comfort.

Further down this page, we have provided you with a detailed explanation of our high-quality Japanese cotton.

Distinctive Blazer for Women in Black

The distinctive blazer for women in black exudes special elegance. Especially when the collar is worn as a stand-up collar. Folded-down, it becomes a distinctive blazer for women who are looking for a special business outfit.

Refined details make the black jacket blazer for women a distinctive companion. It can be worn not only as a classic blazer but also as an extravagant jacket.

On the inside you can find grey edgings. These serve as a contrast to the black on the outside of the elegant blazer. The smooth horn buttons of the short jacket for women delight in irregular black and white. On the backside, there is a cheeky slit that gives the black blazer an extravagant touch.

Fancy an extravagant women's outfit?

An extravagant, black outfit can be put together in combination with the black pants "Montesquieu". We recommend the asymmetrically cut blouse "Jelinek" made from muslin cotton.

Our exceptional avant-garde fashion for men and women offers numerous other outfit combinations.

Whether all-black outfits for festive occasions, a noble business look, or sporty-elegant looks for everyday life. Discover our luxurious designer clothing for men and women in our Vienna fashion store and online shop.

We also offer an exclusive selection of handcrafted accessories to match our luxury fashion.

Blazer Jackets in Large Sizes

Regardless of your body constitution, our luxury fashion is an expression of your personal uniqueness. It should experience no limitations. Therefore, we offer the jacket blazer in sizes up to 2XL. We firmly believe that everyone should have the right to dress stylishly and confidently.

Discover our curated collection of extraordinary women's fashion in plus sizes.

If you have special size requirements or individual wishes, do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks to our in-house tailoring, we can ensure that you receive a unique garment. One that not only fits perfectly but also emphasizes your personal style.


Brand: eigensinnig wien

Color: Black

Material: 100% Cotton

Jacket-Style: Elegant Suit Jacket / Distinctive Blazer

The model is 178 cm tall, weighs 52 kilos, and wears a size Small.

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In our in-house tailor shop we make your custom size for you. From a different material or in a different color? Do you need something unique for weddings, official appearances or other special occasions? We create and tailor to measure. Just contact us.


Germany, Austria, Switzerland: 1-2 days
EU and Europe: 1-2 days
Asia, Australia and North America: 2-4 days
In Vienna additionally: 3 hours with the bicycle messenger

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Exceptional Designer Fashion for Men and Women Made from High-Quality Japanese Cotton at eigensinnig wien

Do you wish to purchase our products made from premium Japanese cotton fabric but have lingering questions? We provide answers on: What is special about Japanese cotton? Is Japanese cotton warm? How do you wash Japanese cotton?

Here is a comprehensive informational guide for you:

What Makes Japanese Cotton Special?

The magic of Japanese cotton lies in its complexity. The outer surface exudes a subtly glossy roughness, embodying an elegantly extravagant style. The medium-weight, densely woven fabric made from 100% cotton creates an insulating barrier, ideal for colder seasons.

The inner surface is ingeniously brushed, offering the material unparalleled comfort. The result is a fabric that doesn't itch, making it suitable even for those sensitive to wool. In its overall composition, the material presents itself as robust and breathable, providing a comfortable wearing experience. It's a harmonious union of durability and comfort.

Where Does Our High-Quality Japanese Cotton Originate?

Our Japanese cotton comes from a heritage-driven manufacturer in Nagoya, founded in 1864. From the onset, the facility has been a sanctuary of expertise and quality.

Every detail is managed with meticulous precision and know-how. From the selection of the plant to the refinement of the fiber. Each step is a masterpiece in itself.

Sustainability as an Art Form

Sustainability is more than a promise for us; it is a fixed principle. Our Japanese cotton is cultivated in limited quantities and under strict ecological guidelines. This reflects our philosophy, which places great importance on sustainability and a respectful interaction with nature.

How to Care for Our Unique Fashion Made from High-Quality Japanese Cotton

How do I wash high-quality Japanese cotton?

For machine washing, we recommend the wool-silk wash program or hand-wash program at 30°C. Use a mild detergent.

How do I care for high-quality Japanese cotton?

To dry, the garment should be laid out flat. A light ironing at low heat can revitalize the luster and structure of the fabric.


Our exclusive collection of clothing made from Japanese cotton is diverse, covering a range of individual styles.

From extraordinary jackets for women to winter jackets for men in black. Unique blouses or elegant black blouses for women, and the classic black shirt for men. A black sweater that perfectly complements your black wardrobe. Or extravagant harem pants for men and slim black trousers for women to complete your black suit.

In this high-quality cotton fabric, the alchemical blend of art, craftsmanship, and sustainability manifests. An exquisite material that embodies style and elegance, reflecting the philosophy of eigensinnig wien in every detail.

eigensinnig wien: Extraordinary avant-garde designer fashion label for men and women from Vienna.

eigensinnig wien stands for extraordinary avant-garde fashion for women and men. Our focus is on the creation of unusual fashion that brings out the character of the individual. We combine unconventional designs with perfect craftsmanship in the tradition of tailoring.

All designs are created in our own studio above the showroom in Vienna and handmade in a small manufactory in Slovenia. The partly extravagant fashion for men and women is sometimes elegant, sometimes sporty. Sometimes with a narrow silhouette, sometimes with wide styles. And much more.

We also produce unusual fashion for plus sizes and large sizes for men and women. Because we believe that avant-garde clothing should not only be reserved for normal sizes. In our in-house tailor shop, we specialize in tailor-made clothing according to your wishes for everyday wear. Or special occasions such as weddings, special events and much more.

Welcome to the world of eigensinnig wien.