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Avant-garde men's fashion and high end clothing

Buy avant-garde men's fashion and high end menswear at eigensinnig wien's online shop. Our distinctive men's clothing range spans from unique pieces to complete men's outfits.

Choose from extravagant harem pants, exceptional jackets, blazers, and coats to casual suits and extraordinary outfits ins black. Our luxury menswear collection presents styles from sporty, cool, casual to chic, exclusive, elegant, and even Japanese-inspired clothes.

Complement your outfit with avant-garde accessories: extraordinary scarves and shawls, stylish sunglasses, elegant bags and more. Enjoy cool outfits, casual and elegant styles. Visit our showroom for style consultations!

Unique and high quality men's pants

Our men's designer pants are available in various styles: elegant, chic, Japanese-inspired, extravagant, sporty, cool, casual, and 'Street Style'. Our online shop and store offer harem pants, elegant men's trousers, wide suit trousers, elegant jogpants, cropped trousers, wide cut trousers, pleated trousers, low-crotch trousers, and baggy trousers. Our timeless menswear is suitable for men of all ages.

Exclusive men's designer jackets - extraordinary and unique

At eigensinnig wien, you'll find a curated selection of exceptional designer men's jackets in extravagant styles. Choose from stand-up collar blazers, slim-fit short coats, exceptional transition jackets, black short coats, and sporty shirt jackets. For spring and summer, we offer relaxed designer jackets, often made from linen or fine cotton. In autumn and winter, we feature men's designer jackets made from wool and other warm fabrics.

Our boutique is the go-to destination for distinctive and extravagant menswear. One of our signature items is the asymmetrical jacket that offers an extravagant look for men. Unsure about your style? Visit our showroom for a consultation. We're happy to advise you on complete designer outfits for men.

Designer men's shirts - soft and high-quality

We offer an exclusive selection of extravagant men's shirts, from collarless avant-garde shirts, soft cotton shirts to elegant men's shirts that can be combined with our designer trousers. Perfect for elegant, stylish and cool men's outfits.

All Black Clothing for Men - Avant-garde Fashion

Discover elegant black men's clothing and outfits at eigensinnig wien. We have black men's clothing in all possible styles. Avant-garde designer fashion in black that can be worn all year round.

Men's T-Shirts - fancy and cool

Find trendy long, short, slim, asymmetrical, wide, and oversized T-shirts for men at eigensinnig wien. Unique designer T-shirts that are either cool or chic. Perfect for a casual look, distinctive street style or elegant and extravagant style.

Exclusive men's pullover

We offer men's designer sweaters in our online shop and store, made from the finest materials such as fine cotton, fine knit or Merino wool, Yak. Pair them with distinctive designer jackets for men or matching avant-garde trousers.

Designer hats and beanies for men

Whether it's summer or winter: Unique designer hats and beanies are always in season. At eigensinnig wien, you'll find hats for large heads, hats for small heads, and distinctive beanies for men who seek the extraordinary. Also, discover unique hats from Reinhard Plank and Mühlbauer in our online shop.

Exceptional men's suits

Find men's suits, extraordinary two-pieces, and distinctive ensembles for men at eigensinnig wien in our store and online shop. Looking for a casual outfit for a wedding or a designer suit for the office? Visit us and get a men's style consultation.

Men's designer plus size clothes

Discover an exclusive selection of plus-size men's fashion up to size XXXL at eigensinnig wien. As a men's outfitter, we offer designer fashion for all body sizes and shapes. We also offer custom-made men's fashion!