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Exceptional avant-garde designer fashion for women and men from eigensinnig wien

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Avant garde fashion designer brand - More than just clothes

Do you love avant garde fashion? Exceptional clothing in black? Sustainable high fashion, unconventional and distinctive?



At eigensinnig wien, you will find more than just fashion. We are an avant-garde designer label and fashion store. A tailor shop for customization and alteration. A creative studio and experimental workshop.

Our own collections bring your distinctive character to life, in an aesthetic, high-quality, and obstinate manner. We create and design in our fashion atelier in Vienna.

To us, clothing is always more than just fabric. It is a statement and expression; it can be a form of protest and reveal facets of your personality. Exceptional fashion serves as the link between the body and the world, between the skin and the wind.

Are you in search of elegant black attire that subtly illuminates your personality? High-quality fashion for men and women that is unique? Created in our in-house atelier in Vienna and manufactured within the EU?

Avant-garde fashion in black, thoughtfully designed? The antithesis of fast-produced, interchangeable off-the-rack items? Rare, refined, unconventional, and designed in our tailor shop in Vienna? Then we welcome you to the world of eigensinnig wien. 




Avant-Garde Fashion for Over a Decade


Since 2012, eigensinnig wien has stood for extraordinary designer fashion that transforms the person who wears it. That gives expression to the sometimes dormant obstinacy in a magical way, making it visible and palpable. This has always been our aspiration, our core reason for being.


Exceptional avant-garde designer fashion for women and men for over a decade
 © Alex Lang

We craft avant-garde fashion for men and women with high standards. For individualists who wish to express themselves. For people who are aware of their uniqueness, their authenticity, and wish to show it to the world.

But not in a loud or ostentatious manner. Rather, with subtlety and finesse, with depth and sometimes even a wink. And always with aesthetic demands.

Beauty is not a luxury; it is a necessity. "Beauty will save the world", Dostoevsky once said.



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Why Our Unique Designer Fashion is More Than Just Clothing


We are addicted to thoughts and impulses from the world of philosophy, art, and music. We give form to High Avant-Garde Fashion in an experimental process. It is inspired by great personalities, by journeys into foreign cultures, and by enriching encounters with others.

Our extraordinary fashion for men and women is the embodied blend of thoughts. It is enriched with far-from-dry, but resonance and goosebump-inducing theory. And rhythmic melody.


The exclusive fashion from eigensinnig wien is the result of a process that often began with a single thought that connected with another. Experiment and eclecticism in a constantly changing sequence.

Our high-quality fashion takes time to take shape. And to organically connect with the person who wears it. These are garments that feel strangely familiar as soon as you try them on. They feel like a part of yourself but still bring the magic of the new and unknown.

Why Our Unique Designer Fashion is More Than Just Clothing




How the Process Influences Our High-Quality Designer Fashion


Play is an activity that cannot be taken seriously enough.


Jacques Yves Cousteau once said.

When we create, we play. With our thoughts and high-quality natural materials. With cuts and melodies. With buttons and poems. We think ahead and experiment. At times we provoke and irritate, but always subtly and with style.



Our Oversize Corset


We call it the "Oversize Corset", our specially defined yet expansive framework within which we think and act. For we believe that creativity, without any boundaries, can consume itself. We operate in a space where everything can be thought of and much can be tried out.

A space where we create, pause, discard, deconstruct, and reassemble. A space where we navigate through the dark thicket of ideas and sometimes change direction. Take three steps back to overtake ourselves in a sprint. Or to take a different path.

The process is part of the product, and the results sometimes surprise even us. Apparent contradictions between masculine and feminine, hard and soft, elegant and playful merge into exciting, addictive harmony.


In the spirit of Heraclitus, who once said:


The most beautiful harmony arises from bringing together opposites.





The inspiration for the extraordinary designer avant-garde fashion for men and women by eigensinnig wien

© Alex Lang



Philosophy, Art and Music - Inspiration for Our Fashion


What would life be without music and literature, without philosophy and art? When music is where the soul begins to breathe, as Heidi Maria Artinger has said? And Franz Kafka believes that a book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us? Who would we be without Aristotle, Plato and Seneca?

Where would we stand without the poems of Sappho or Rainer Maria Rilke, without the stories of Virginia Woolf, the essays of Joan Didion, or the paintings of Kasimir Malevich and Leonardo da Vinci, the architecture of Adolf Loos and Zaha Hadid? Without the music of Nirvana and Falco?


The existential necessity of philosophy, art, and music is evident. To honor these sources of pleasure and irritation, of goosebumps and drive, seems like a must to us. Therefore, they underlie our black fashion. Without them, there would be no eigensinnig wien.



Who is eigensinnig wien?


The team of eigensinnig wien consisting of Toni Woldrich and creative minds

© Alex Lang

Behind our designer label in Vienna is a team of creative obstinate individuals who give soul to the extraordinary fashion collections. The Viennese fashion designer and creative head Toni Woldrich is the founder of this more-than-just-a-label.

Since 2012, he has continually breathed new life into eigensinnig wien. "Change is the only constant," as Heraclitus once stated. His words are lived at eigensinnig wien, day by day.

In avant-garde fashion, in the ever-changing fashion shop, online shop, and in-house experimental lab, aka fashion atelier.




eigensinnig wien is more than the sum of its parts.