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High end plus size clothing at eigensinnig wien. Trendy fashion in different styles from luxury to goth and alternative. And custom made in the in-house tailorshop.

High end plus size clothing for men and women

At eigensinnig wien, plus size high end clothing is expertly crafted to embody high-end luxury and inclusive sizing.

Our meticulously crafted collection of plus size luxury clothes reflects our devotion to quality and timeless style. Discover extraordinary tailored plus size jackets, high-quality plus size shirts, exclusive plus size dresses, and unique plus size pants, all designed from the finest natural fabrics.

Every piece is thoughtfully designed to bring raw elegance and versatility to your personal style.

Explore our range of plus size luxury fashion at eigensinnig wien and embrace the artistry of distinctive and sophisticated design.

Plus size high fashion in different styles

At eigensinnig wien, our high fashion plus size collections capture a rich variety of styles, each uniquely tailored to celebrate your individuality in luxury materials.

Plus size avant-garde clothing

For those drawn to the unconventional, our plus size avant-garde clothing blends asymmetrical cuts and striking silhouettes for bold, artful looks.

All black attire in plus size

In our all-black outfits, explore the gothic undercurrent that exudes mystery and sophistication. But not only. Also elegant and classic all black styles are crafted in our fashion studio.

Edgy plus size clothing

If you're looking for a more adventurous vibe, the plus size edgy designs combine unexpected layers and deconstructed aesthetics.

Plus size smart casual styles

For a refined, everyday approach, our plus size smart casual styles offer contemporary elegance with clean lines and versatile styling.

Plus size dark academia styles

Our plus size dark academia styles embodies scholarly flair through rich textures, classic shapes, and deep hues.

Plus size androgynous clothing

Finally, embrace the fluid boundaries of our plus size androgynous fashion, where minimalist, timeless pieces offer genderless appeal through relaxed tailoring and inventive layering.