Avant-garde Fashion store in Vienna


The extravagant fashion shop in Vienna

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Avant-garde fashion store of eigensinnig wien

Our fashion shop is our flagship store for avant-garde fashion. Here, we offer excellent consultation and specialized service. For a shopping experience at the highest level.


What makes our showroom more than just a fashion boutique? What is special about the place where our avant-garde fashion label calls home? Why does our designer fashion hang from the ceiling? What makes eigensinnig wien the go-to destination for avant-garde fashion in Vienna? And what do our customers value most about our service?





Like a Piazza in Tuscany, but in Viennese Style


The team of eigensinnig wien in front of the extravagant fashion shop in Vienna
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A grand church, a few cafes, some benches, and eigensinnig wien. We are located on the picturesque Sankt Ulrichs Platz in 1070 Vienna Neubau, near the Museumsquartier. Here, time seems to have stood still in turn-of-the-century Vienna, yet a hint of Mediterranean flair fills the air.

At times, one might think they are in an Italian piazza. On this cobblestone square, one can feel the calm pulse of the city, about which Gustav Mahler once claimed, "If the world should ever come to an end, I will move to Vienna, because everything happens 50 years later there."


Paradoxical and obstinate as we are, we create innovative fashion in one of Vienna's oldest squares. Not only has our showroom called this place home since 2012, but so have our office, atelier, and tailoring shop. What you see in the store are the fruits of our labor. Everything else happens in our fashion atelier on the first floor. And that's quite a lot.





eigensinnig wien: More Than a Boutique - Shopping in Vienna


The extravagant fashion shop in Vienna - more than just a boutique

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eigensinnig is both a fashion shop and a flagship store. A gallery and a showroom. An extraordinary Viennese designer shop. The avant-garde fashion hangs from the towering ceiling because it is like art and deserves a corresponding presentation. Under the centuries-old vault, constant renovations and rearrangements take place. We frequently change things here because each new designer collection demands a new environment.


In our concept store in Vienna, apparent contradictions merge. From global and local, old and new, warm and cold, male and female, nature and art. Art sometimes adorns the walls or the space, always relating to the themes that have preoccupied us in the current collection. The atmosphere is truly unique—a hidden gem off the main shopping streets in Vienna and simultaneously a shopping highlight with experiential value.

Stroll through our online store and discover our extraordinary fashion in advance.


Discover our Avant-Garde Fashion

The extravagant fashion shop in Vienna - more than a boutique
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Specialized Service and Excellent Consultation


Specialized Service and Excellent Consultation
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Are you in search of a distinctive outfit in black that accentuates your personality, but are still uncertain about what it should be? Then you require appropriate consultation without time pressure.

The quality of consultation and specialized service are of great importance to us. We have the right eye for designer fashion that suits you. We show you which style complements you, what message you convey with your outfit. And we are also quite frank if a piece of clothing may not be the right fit for you.

By the way, coffee is also available. And sometimes even a glass of white or red wine.





Couturier Service - Our In-House Tailoring Shop Directly Above the Showroom


Trousers or sleeves that are too long are shortened in our in-house alteration tailoring shop. Is the waist too wide? The jacket too long? - What doesn't fit will be made to fit.

And if you wish to have a personalized piece made, we are happy to consult you. Your unique piece will be crafted in our exclusive custom tailoring shop.

Couturier Service - Our In-House Tailoring Shop Directly Above the Showroom

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Opening Hours and Contact

Mon - Sat from 11 AM - 6 PM
1070 Vienna
 Do you have further questions? Write to us via the chat window on our website or by email at shop@eigensinnig-wien.com. You can also call us at +43-1-8906637.