The Custom Tailor Shop of eigensinnig wien




The exklusive Custom Tailor Shop of eigensinnig wien

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The exclusive custom tailor shop of eigensinnig wien



In our custom tailor shop in Vienna, we create avant-garde fashion. From made-to-measure shirts to distinctive dresses and extraordinary custom suits for your wedding.




Have you always wanted a custom-made men's suit? Or a distinctive pantsuit tailored perfectly to you and your personality? Are you an artist, presenter, musician, or author looking for the right outfit for a performance? Or perhaps a specially designed outfit for your employees to visibly represent your company's identity?

There is perhaps nothing more distinctive, exclusive, and special than a piece of clothing made just for you. A high-quality suit, made to measure. Or an avant-garde shirt for a special occasion. A custom-tailored pantsuit or a unique designer dress that will accompany you for many years.




Timeless high fashion that never goes out of style. And every time you wear it, you feel good. Because you make an impression in a distinctive way. And also because you are aware of its high quality and uniqueness.

Whether it's for your personal wardrobe, a special occasion, a public appearance, or for your employees who represent your company externally.


In eigensinnig wien's in-house custom tailoring shop, we create exclusive designer fashion with meticulous hand craftsmanship. Using the finest natural materials. From structured linen and soft cotton to the finest wool fabrics, cashmere, and silk. Read more abut our custom tailor services in our blog post "Tailor shop and fashion design studio in Vienna". 




Listing of the exclusive custom tailoring services offered by eigensinnig wien





Our Exclusive Custom Tailoring for Your Personal Wardrobe

Your personal high end designer fashion tailoring services



Made-to-order - Your size, your choice, your clothes

Every product from our online shop is custom-sewn upon your order. Discover your designer garment and select the size that suits you best.


Made-to-Measure and Custom Fit - Fabric, color and details personalization 

Do you want an unique designer piece from our collection, that fits your shape and preferences? In your favorite color and fabric? Whether you have long legs or want to conceal your midsection, prefer a relaxed fit or a slim fit. Perfectly fitted and handcrafted.


Bespoke Tailoring - Exclusive and luxurious

Exclusive designer clothes designed and tailored exclusively for you. We align each of our designer models with your desires and needs. Choose from high quality fabrics and we create an high end designer piece for you.


Haute Couture - Avant-garde fashion design and superior tailoring

The quintessence of tailor-made individuality, from the splendor of experimentel suits to the novelty of statement piece, all handcrafted in the highest quality fabrics.

Starting with the foundational idea, through the stages of draft development, and culminating in the crafting of your high end designer apparel. Each phase, from design conceptualization to the choice of materials, cut, and finishing touches, is imbued with exclusivity. Unique craftsmanship, perfectly tailored to fit your figure and express your personal style.

Visit our avant-garde fashion store in Vienna and let us advise you. With meticulous craftsmanship, we create your high-quality unique statement piece.




Custom Tailoring for Plus Sizes

We also specialize in high-quality clothing in larger sizes, for both women and men. So don't hesitate and let us embark on a journey together to your very own plus-size outfit. Because style is neither a question of age nor body shape.





Custom-Made Clothing for Your Performances - The Public Stage in eigensinnig


Those who are in the public eye, whether an artist or actor, author, presenter, or musician, always face the challenge of the right outfit. It must suit the occasion and not appear as a costume; it should underline one's individuality and include the context.

Avant-garde fashion in black is particularly suitable for public appearances because it subtly emphasizes character while focusing on what matters: the spoken, read, or sung words or the artworks.

That's why people who are often in the public eye come to our custom tailoring shop. Here we design and develop an outfit suitable for the occasion together. From taking measurements to selecting fabrics, cuts, and details to manufacturing. Step by step, your high-quality custom-made outfit is created, guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.





From Custom-Made Wedding Suits to Festive Dresses, Made to Measure




There are occasions in life that require a special outfit. It could be a wedding, a milestone birthday, an anniversary, or a special achievement. On special days like these, the outfit should not be left to chance.

In our custom tailoring shop for high-quality and distinctive designer fashion, we advise you. Is a noble and classic outfit better suited for the occasion than an extravagant one? Do you want a slim-fit model, fashion in oversize, or something in between? Do you want to appear cool or elegant? Come by and let us clarify all these questions.

 A man wearing an all black designer suit from eigensinnig wien





Corporate Fashion for Companies


To make a company's identity visible, there are options beyond logos and slogans. More and more companies are opting for high-quality corporate clothing, particularly relevant in the hospitality, gastronomy, and retail sectors. It's an expression of leaving nothing to chance.

Businesses where employees are particularly visible are increasingly focusing on corporate fashion. At eigensinnig wien's custom tailoring shop, we develop a high-quality designer outfit for your employees in a collaborative process, harmonizing with your corporate design and company philosophy. It serves as a visible extension of your brand identity, so to speak.

Black avant-garde fashion is particularly suitable here as well. It subtly focuses on what your company stands for, adding another dimension to its visual identity—sophisticated, understated, and reduced to the essentials.




A woman taking measurements for a custom-made product




Our Offer in the Alteration Tailoring Shop


If you only need minor adjustments to a garment from our range, we will carry these out free of charge in our in-house alteration tailoring shop. It exists alongside the custom tailoring shop where we create exclusive individual pieces.

Like our avant-garde fashion studio, our tailoring shops are located in the same building as our showroom. This is not insignificant and quite practical. We may produce slow fashion, but we do so as quickly as possible. Learn more about our offerings in the alteration tailoring shop.






Contact us and schedule an appointment for your custom-made unique piece.

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