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The avant-garde fashion of eigensinnig wien - Different styles for women and men in black

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Avant-garde fashion designer brand

Our high end designer fashion are elegant and smart casual, extravagant and classic, edgy and extraordinary. Handcrafted from the finest natural fabrics for your All Black Look.



Special designs and sophisticated cuts, often asymmetrically. And almost always in black. Because black is poetry without words.

At eigensinnig wien, you will find avant-garde fashion that takes shape through an experimental process. High-quality fashion that gives expression to your obstinate nature without being overly flamboyant or loud. Fashion that is almost wearable art.

Here you will find distinctive fashion that never goes out of style. Handmade, rare designer clothing of high quality, designed with great care in our in-house atelier located directly above our fashion store in Vienna. For unconventional looks that make an impression.





Our Style Spectrum at eigensinnig wien


At eigensinnig wien, you will find high-quality avant-garde fashion that defies categorization. Many of our garments are unisex and genderless. Our predominantly black fashion is as suitable for everyday and business wear as it is for festive occasions like parties or weddings. It all depends on how you combine the unique fashion. That's why we offer a broad spectrum for your personal style. 


Our style spectrum at eigensinnig wien



Looking for an elegant outfit for the office or an extravagant outfit for a special occasion? You're in the right place at eigensinnig wien, just like those seeking all-black outfits for everyday wear.

From classic and minimalist to extravagant and oversized. We have Japanese-inspired clothing like oversized kimonos and pieces that reinterpret the oriental style in a new and unconventional way. Like our distinctive harem pants. Pants with a low crotch, sometimes as drop-crotch pants, other times with wide legs. We have high-quality dresses that can be worn as skirts and blazers that, in combination with extraordinary pants, become distinctive suits. And much more.


Discover unconventional women's fashion and exceptional men's fashion





About the Materials for Our High-Quality Designer Fashion


About the materials for our high quality designer fashion

When it comes to high-quality designer fashion, the finest natural materials are an absolute must. That's why we use Belgian linen, soft cotton, and airy silk for our distinctive fashion. Warming merino wool, thick alpaca, delicate wool fabrics, and the finest cashmere, as well as buttons made of metal, horn, or wood specifically crafted for us, are among the ingredients of our avant-garde fashion.

We shape these high-quality natural materials into avant-garde fashion in a creative and experimental manner. They are timeless, sensory fabrics and materials that feel good on the skin. Materials that you want to be touched by, that are durable and therefore sustainable in their own right.





Black as the Color of Our Avant-Garde Fashion

Black is a color of seeming contradictions. A paradox par excellence. Primarily because black is technically not a color at all.

Black is simultaneously modest and noble, reserved and arrogant, quiet yet full of melody, masculine and feminine. Black leaves room for interpretation while at the same time making a clear statement. Precise and vague, self-contained yet oriented towards the world.



Black is a paradox. A chameleon without color.



Black remains a mystery. Anyone who tries to understand the color has already lost. Black has an effect without wanting to. It is the color of existentialism and avant-garde, timeless yet ahead of its time. Black has always been fashion's favorite color, yet it remains eternally original.

Black fashion was, is, and will be. The little black dress is part of every capsule collection, as is the black men's suit. Black does not follow current trends. Black stands for timeless classics, experimentally shaped by us for your all-black look.

Black holds back and lets the wearer speak. What could be more fitting for an avant-garde fashion label than a color that gives precedence to the wearer's personality?

Read our essay: The Darkest Color: A Tribute To Black.





Extraordinary Men's Suits and Unique Women's Pant Suits


The unique men's suit and the unconventional women's pantsuit are outfits that should not be missing in any wardrobe. Our men's suits range from elegant to extravagant, from casual-cool to sporty.

We also tailor wedding suits, custom-made in our in-house tailor shop in Vienna. From two-piece sets for women looking for a pant suit for business or leisure, to high-quality women's suits for festive occasions, you'll find them in our collections. Some are classic and elegant, others androgynous and experimental, and still others striking and extravagant. Catering to the distinctive individuality of each person.


Extravagant women's pantsuits and exceptional men's suits


Discover our men's suits  





About the Cuts of the High Fashion at eigensinnig wien


The cut is one of the most important elements of a design. Alongside the idea and the material, it forms the foundation of a garment. The cut is the basis for the perfect fit, from the smallest XXS size to plus-size fashion.

The cuts of our avant-garde fashion at eigensinnig wien contribute significantly to the distinctive character of the garments. We have elegantly and classically cut clothing as well as those in an oversize look. We are known for our unique pants with a low crotch, as well as for the asymmetrical cuts found in every garment. Sometimes more pronounced, sometimes more subtle.





Extravagant Drop Crotch Pants


The harem pants from eigensinnig wien are part of our DNA and avant-garde fashion. They are wide pants with a low crotch, similar to the unique baggy pants that we design by hand in our in-house atelier.

These are pants that are both elegant and cool. They offer distinctive characters plenty of freedom while never appearing random. Our high-quality designer pants with a low crotch appear in every collection but always in different designs or with different materials such as high-quality cotton, fine wool, textured linen, or blends.


Exceptional designer harem pants for women and men


Discover our women's harem pants

Discover our men's harem pants





The Asymmetry in the High-Quality Designer Fashion from eigensinnig wien


What our avant-garde fashion is also known for are the asymmetrical cuts. They appear in almost every garment from eigensinnig wien, sometimes in the silhouette, other times subtly in the lines.

They lend the fashion an era of the special and extraordinary. They provoke in a subtle way and have something subtly rebellious about them. They are unconventional, but not in a loud way. They express the fact that our avant-garde fashion likes to deviate from the norm without losing coherence.





About Plus-Size Fashion at eigensinnig wien


At our boutique, you will also find high-quality fashion in plus sizes. We affectionately refer to this as for the 'Grande Dame' and the 'Gentleman of Large Stature.'

We believe that style is not a question of body shape. Whether it's a men's suit or a women's dress, harem pants or a blazer, our unique garments look exceptional in plus sizes as well.







About the Accessories at eigensinnig wien


We offer complete outfits for both women and men, including accessories. Are you looking for a high-quality and unique leather bag or a premium black wallet that complements your avant-garde style? Or extraordinary designer scarves made from the finest natural materials like silk and cashmere? Do you need a belt with a wrought-iron buckle to add the finishing touch to your wardrobe? What about beanies, caps, and hats in unconventional styles? And designer sunglasses unlike any you've ever seen?

You'll find all of this at eigensinnig wien as well. Many of our finely curated accessories come from renowned avant-garde labels from around the world—rare, exquisite, and individual.



Exclusive selection of handcrafted accessories for women and men at eigensinnig wien