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Seeking high-end tops that embody your individuality? eigensinnig wien offers an exclusive collection of designer shirts for women, crafted from luxurious linen, silk, and cotton.

Our designs, from elegant white blouses to bold black button-down shirts, transcend trends, offering timeless sophistication with an avant-garde edge. Explore our range of designer blouses for women, including oversized styles and modern interpretations of classic shirts. For a truly unique piece, create your dream blouse in our Vienna tailor shop.

High-end shirts for women: The art of being individual

The women’s designer shirt: a classic yet versatile piece, subtle yet loud. It’s with us through many moments of life. But only when high-end craftsmanship meets unconventional design, when good materials and great designs come together, that a piece is born that allows the wearer to really shine in her individuality.

At eigensinnig wien we have searched for the essence of women’s designer blouses in our process, for the perfect balance of elegance and edge, beyond fashion.

High-end women’s shirts: A feast for the senses

At the heart of our concept lies a relentless focus on good materials. Fine fabrics like airy linen, shimmering silk and cotton are the foundation of our high-end women’s shirts collections, carefully crafted to create the ultimate wearing experience.

  • Linen shirts: Linen, a natural fiber known for its lightness and airiness, is timeless. Our linen shirts for women are casual chic - perfect for warmer days.
  • Silk blouses: Shimmering silk, the ultimate luxury, gives every silk shirt for women an attention grabbing effect. They are statement pieces, whether for special occasions or everyday elegance.
  • Cotton shirts: Famous for its comfort and breathability, cotton is a classic choice. Our cotton shirts for women are elegant and laid back. Each piece is a wardrobe staple and can be styled for any occasion.

Every shirt is designed in our atelier in Vienna with love and attention to detail and handcrafted in a small manufactory in the European Union. For us perfection in tailoring, traditional techniques and sustainable production is key.

Women’s designer shirts and blouses

From white designer blouses for women, reimagined with asymmetrical cuts and refined details to bold black designer shirts for women our collection has a luxurious range of designs for every style.

Our black designer button down shirt is the iconic eigensinnig wien look: a perfect blend of classic elegance and modern edge, for office chic or evening glamour.

Asymmetrical cuts, sophisticated details and reimagined collars are the hallmarks of our avant-garde shirts for women, each piece a statement of avant-garde design.

For those who like classic elegance our high-quality white blouses are a must. Whether minimalist and pure or with subtle accents a white designer blouse is a timeless piece that goes beyond seasons and trends.

Our designer blouses go beyond the norm. We have oversized blouses for women who love to wear fluidity in their wardrobe, and androgynous style women will find modern designer shirts for women. From relaxed linen shirts to silk high-end tops eigensinnig wien reinterprets the classic shirt and gives every piece a signature individuality and cool attitude.

Made-to-measure blouses: Tailored women’s designer shirts made to order

In our in-house tailor shop in Vienna our tailors will help you to realize your perfect made-to-measure designer shirt. Together we’ll create a one-of-a-kind piece - designed and made to your exact specifications in terms of design, fabric and fit.

From the first consultation to fabric selection and through to the final fitting you’ll be accompanied by tailors who will lovingly and expertly make your tailored shirt.

Pricing for made-to-measure designer blouses for women depends on design, material and level of detail. Delivery times vary per model and are 4-8 weeks.

Enter the world of eigensinnig wien’s designer shirts

Our designer women’s shirts at eigensinnig wien are not just garments. They are a statement of individuality, self-confidence and style. Wear them for formal occasions or a relaxed summer get together, browse our online collection and get inspired by the variety and design.

eigensinnig wien – makes you more individual.