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Discover designer clothes for women and high end fashion. From edgy designer outfits to stylish women’s designer sets.

eigensinnig wien creates high end clothing in unconventional styles. Luxury avant-garde for modern women.

Find all clothes from petite clothes to plus size and oversize for women.

Women's designer clothes at eigensinnig wien - High end fashion

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Discover a world of unconventional luxury women's clothes at eigensinnig wien.

eigensinnig wien: A high end designer fashion brand for women's apparel

eigensinnig wien is more than just a fashion store in Vienna. It is a high end designer fashion brand for women looking for exclusive women's clothing. A renowned designer fashion brand from Vienna, eigensinnig wien represents extraordinary women's fashion. You'll find everything from elegant fashion and extravagant styles to avant-garde fashion for women.

Our style of designer clothes for women

Our collections feature women's designer apparel that blend traditional elegance with contemporary fashion. Our designs strike a balance between classic beauty and unique style. Sophisticated women's fashion meets luxury in every design. Elegant fashion for women forms a symbiosis with high-quality fabrics.

Unique high end fashion for women

At eigensinnig wien, women over 50 can find the perfect designer clothes . What does this mean for us? Unique fashion isn't synonymous with excess and disguise. It's an invitation to express oneself without losing personal style.

Looking for designer fashion for women that transcends the ordinary? At our fashion brand from Vienna, you'll find this uniqueness. Our clothing gives you a voice, setting you apart from the crowd.

Elegant fashion can also be extravagant. We offer extravagance without complexity. Our designs are unique, chic, appealing, and wearable. Explore unique women's trousers, blazers, and sweaters. Try our casual leisure outfits or elegant business looks. eigensinnig wien's selection ensures every woman finds something special.

We combine avant-garde elements with timeless pieces, creating a balance that emphasizes you at any age. Our colors, fabrics, and cuts are carefully selected, appealing to a broad range of tastes without ever being ordinary.

Unique fashion at eigensinnig wien is for confident women. It's for women who know their style and want to emphasize it. It's for women who want to stand out without compromising on quality or comfort.

Exclusive Luxury Fashion - Online and in Vienna

Whether in our luxury label online shop or our flagship store in Vienna, eigensinnig wien offers exclusive women's fashion. Explore our fashion store in Vienna or our extraordinary online shop, and find designer fashion for women from our Viennese label.

Avant-Garde Fashion at eigensinnig wien

Avant-garde represents the new, the daring, the unconventional. In our unconventional fashion at eigensinnig wien, we take this philosophy seriously. Our avant-garde women's collection breaks conventions and offers creative solutions for today's woman.

Black Designer Fashion for Women

Black designer fashion is a trademark of eigensinnig wien. It stands for elegance, sophistication, and timelessness. From trousers and jackets to chic scarves and quality bags, our designer women's fashion in black stands out and suits every occasion.

Women's designer clothes at eigensinnig wien

eigensinnig wien offers extraordinary and exclusive fashion for women. Our range is highly curated.

  • Sporty-elegant clothing for active women who want to dress stylishly without sacrificing comfort.
  • Festive outfits for special occasions where elegance and refinement are key.
  • Chic collections that combine modern trends with timeless classics, perfect for the office or a classy dinner.
  • Our androgynous style plays with gender-neutral shapes and materials, enabling free, confident fashion expression.
  • Japanese-inspired designs reflect a minimalist yet artistic aesthetic inspired by traditional Japanese clothing.
  • For lovers of the extraordinary, we offer extravagant pieces with unusual cuts and striking details.

Visit our luxury label online shop or our boutique in Vienna. Discover our world of luxury fashion, designer fashion, and exclusive, unconventional styles. Find what you're looking for with us.

Designer Fashion Online for Women

eigensinnig wien's online shop is the go-to place for avant-garde fashion for women. Our selection of fine women's fashion is highly curated. Here, you'll find unique avant-garde women's clothing in various styles—from sporty-elegant to festive and chic, androgynous, Japanese-inspired, and extravagant. Discover extraordinary trousers and jackets, special shirts, T-shirts, elegant blazers, coats, and dresses. In all sizes and oversize. Plus, the perfect accessories, from chic scarves and stylish sunglasses to high-quality bags. If you're looking for unique fashion for women over 50, you're in the right place.

Exclusive Women's Fashion Online

What sets eigensinnig wien's avant-garde fashion apart? It's especially exclusive fashion, characterized by high-quality materials. Visit our online shop and experience the exclusivity of our women's designer fashion.

Designer Pants for Women

At eigensinnig wien, you'll find a diverse range of avant-garde designer women's pants. From extravagant harem pants to elegant Marlene pants to jog pants, cropped pants, pleated pants, Japanese-style pants, and more. For women who appreciate high-quality designer fashion and refined cuts.

Women's Designer Jackets

We offer outstanding avant-garde women's jackets in various styles under the luxury label eigensinnig wien. Long blazers and jackets, overshirts, and extraordinary jackets and coats for women. In spring and summer, we use light and airy fabrics like organic cotton and linen. In winter, cozy wool, felt, and cashmere.

Women's Clothing at eigensinnig wien

eigensinnig wien's women's clothing is for women of all ages. Exclusive women's fashion for young women, fashion for women over 50, and everything in between. Elegant fashion, sporty fashion, unconventional fashion, festive fashion—discover it all in our online shop or in our fashion store in Vienna.

Luxury Fashion Store in Vienna

Our flagship store in Vienna is an extraordinary place to discover the world of eigensinnig wien's luxury fashion for women. Come and visit us in Vienna and experience the unique designer fashion from our own brand.

Luxury Fashion Online

At eigensinnig wien's online shop, you'll discover a curated selection of exclusive women's fashion and avant-garde designer clothing. From elegant to extravagant, our online shop is designed for the fashion-conscious woman who seeks unique apparel.

Visit us online or in our luxury fashion store in Vienna. eigensinnig wien welcomes you to a world of extraordinary and exclusive fashion.

Women's Luxury Apparel at eigensinnig wien

You'll find women's luxury clothing for all ages and occasions at eigensinnig wien. Our luxury label offers exceptional designer fashion online and in-store. Discover unique women's fashion, sporty clothing, festive outfits, casual leisure apparel, and androgynous styles.

Women's Fashion for All Ages

Whether young or mature, at eigensinnig wien, you'll find a diverse range of unique women's fashion suitable for any age. From elegant fashion for women over 50 to sporty fashion for the young, our Viennese brand has it all.

Visit our online shop or our fashion store in Vienna and dive into a world of extraordinary fashion with eigensinnig wien. Unconventional, avant-garde, and uniquely you.