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Discover designer denim outfits for women and men. From baggy jeans for men to denim jackets. Extravagant designer denim style.

Designed in Vienna, made in Europe from exclusive denim from the Netherlands.

Avant-garde designer fashion meets high-quality denim clothing. Discover luxury denim clothing for men and women. From unique baggy jeans for men to unconventional denim jackets for women. We also have jeans in plus size for women and men in our range as standard.

Here you will find premium jeans for men and women, made from the finest, light denim. The extravagant jeans for women: Whether in a cool boyfriend style or as destroyed jeans with a used look or as low waist baggy jeans. Combine everything into an exceptional jeans suit for women.

Or the cool jeans for men: create your personal avant-garde jeans outfit. From denim coats to unconventional biker-style denim jackets to gray baggy jeans with a low crotch.

Exclusive denim outfits

Be inspired by the extraordinary denim collection from eigensinnig wien. We invite you to take a look at our current jeans fashion for both men and women. Each model represents uniqueness and luxury.

Every designer denim piece, whether pants or jacket, embodies our vision of fashion as a means to emphasize individuality and self-expression. Both quality and sustainability play vital roles here.

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Denim Shorts and Jeans Short - Exclusive Bermudas

Our shorts provide a fresh perspective on classic Bermudas. These short pants merge the traditional, relaxed denim shorts look with an innovative, striking silhouette. The unusual asymmetry and the perfect fit around the hips are characteristic of eigensinnig.

These denim shorts illustrate how eigensinnig wien reinterprets and reinvents classic fashion themes to create extraordinary and remarkable pants.

Pair the Bermudas in summer with sandals or sneakers. The light, thin summer jeans for men are unconventional. Women can wear preferably black tights underneath in fall and winter to create an exceptional denim outfit with tall, black leather boots.

Baggy Jeans for Men - Our Cool Pants for All Seasons

Our grey baggy jeans are an example of our original approach to pants design. This contemporary version of a classic pleated pant features a lower crotch seam, providing not only comfort but also a distinctive style. The loose cut of the low waist baggy jeans further enhances wearability.

You might wonder, "Is this baggy jeans for women or men?" The answer is that pants were designed for both men and women. We lean towards clothing that can be worn by both genders, with precisely defined dimensions according to size. And if adjustments are needed, they're quickly done in our in-house tailor shop.

Cool Denim Jacket for Men - Our Sporty-Elegant Jeans Jacket

Our grey men's jeans jacket honors the tradition of denim and biker jackets by combining elegance and sportiness. Made from high-quality denim from the Netherlands, it offers strength and remarkable softness at the same time.

The structure of the men's jeans jacket combines rigidity reminiscent of military clothing with a sporty-elegant touch. Striking contrast stitches and open fringes in a destroyed look enhance the individual style.

Wide Leg Jeans Outfit

Create your wide leg jeans outfit by pairing the men's denim jacket with baggy jeans. A mix of military rigidity and artistic expression creates a harmony of contrasts. And for men who need larger sizes: We also offer unique denim jackets in XXL and more.

The Exclusive Slim Fit Jeans for Men

Our Slim Fit Jeans are a fusion of chino pants and denim pants, a masterful example of modern denim design. They combine the robustness and comfort of denim with a sleek, stylish shape, perfect for a refined denim look for men.

This pair of pants can be worn as low waist jeans with a narrow leg. It is the ideal skinny jeans for everyday wear, but not too tight. Very tight clothing doesn't align with the freedom-loving nature of the eigensinnig individual.

By the way: The Slim Fit Jeans also fit well in plus size. We carry these jeans up to size 58 (XXXXL) as standard, and upon request, we tailor your customized denim pants in our atelier in Vienna.

Unique Jeans Suit for Men - Denim Outfits

Do you want an unconventional denim suit? Combine the "Popper" denim jacket or the "Wotruba" denim short coat. Or wear the jeans with a black blazer for a sporty-elegant look. With these pants, you demonstrate that jeans can be not only relaxed but also sophisticated and elegant.

Also, explore our exciting baggy jeans outfits for both men and women.

Casual Denim Jacket

Are you looking for a men's jacket that is both sporty and elegant? Such a jacket combines perfectly with denim trousers, making it the ideal companion for various occasions. A sporty jacket for men paired with chic jeans makes an appealing denim outfit for men. Whether you're looking for a sporty jacket for everyday wear or want to combine a jacket with denim pants and a shirt for a wedding, the options are versatile.

The denim jacket for men embodies a modern style that blends elegance with casualness. A sporty jacket for men, worn with jeans, or a men's blazer that is sporty elegant, offers the flexibility to dress appropriately in any situation. Discover the possibilities now to create a distinctive look with a jacket and jeans!

Low Waist Women's Jeans: Elegant and Sporty at the Same Time

Do you want elegant jeans suitable for the workday or leisure time? Our low waist jeans for women could be the answer. Characterized by a flattering but not too tight fit, they give you a modern and athletic appearance.

While we don't specialize in high waist jeans, it's possible to wear our models higher to taste. Check our size charts or consult us to find the best fit. Our women's pants pair excellently with special denim jackets like the chic "Sontag" or the creative "Camus."

Unique Wide Leg Jeans: From Baggy to Oversize

The "Feuerhaken" jeans blend various fashion styles like baggy, harem, oversize, and skater into a new and unusual design. Suitable for both women and men, the "Feuerhaken" pairs well with our unique jeans jackets, e.g., the asymmetrical "Camus" or the straightforward "Sontag." It can be personalized according to your wishes, including custom tailoring.

The Exclusive Drop Crotch Jeans: Fashionable Art

The "Walking Man" jeans, inspired by Alberto Giacometti's sculpture "The Striding Man," are a masterpiece in themselves. With a relaxed fit and an exceptional cut that is both slender and reduced, these drop crotch pants form an innovative interpretation of classic jeans style.

Men's Denim Short Coat: A New Take on Tradition

The "Wotruba" denim short coat, named after the Austrian artist Fritz Wotruba, reinvents the classic design. With original details and innovative shapes, tradition is challenged. It pairs particularly well with the "Walking Man" jeans.

Elegant Denim Jacket for Women

The "Sontag" denim jacket for women is both simple and attention-grabbing. Whether for everyday wear or as part of a jeans business suit, it embodies versatility and understatement. It can be worn as a jacket or blazer, highlighting its multifunctionality.

XXL Jeans - Pants and Jackets in Plus-Size

At "eigensinnig wien," there are no compromises on size and style. Our XXL collection offers baggy jeans and denim jackets for those who value comfort and fashionable appearance. For both women and men, we also offer tailored options to meet all individual preferences.

This overview represents the diverse and individual denim style from "eigensinnig wien" and emphasizes the fusion of art and fashion. The variety of sizes and flexibility in styling is highlighted to cover a broad range of tastes and needs.