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Men's designer sale. Exceptional men's luxury clothing sale and high end fashion from past seasons reduced.

14 days money-back-guarantee

Designer sale for men's clothes online

Find discounted men's fashion from previous collections at the eigensinnig wien online sale. Discover unique men's pants such as harem trousers, loose shirts and T-shirts. Extravagant jackets, blazers and coats meet elegant men's suits.

Combine designer fashion with accessories. These are greatly reduced. Accessories include scarves and shawls, sunglasses, bags and more. The fashion deals are all unique pieces!

Extravagant men's fashion on sale

Our luxury label offers heavily discounted designer fashion for men in the fashion sale and designer outlet. The fashion is characterized by unique designs and often asymmetrical cuts. Extravagant suits for men are also included in the fashion deals, because extravagance is very important at eigensucht wien.

Fancy men's pants on sale

A small, fine selection of unusual designer trousers for men is available on sale at eigensinnig wien. Discover discounted pants in the Fashion Outlet and Winter Sale. These include harem pants, dress pants, and drop-crotch pants.

There are also other avant-garde pants. All unique pieces! A fashion sale for men with unique fashion deals.

Exceptional men's shirts on sale

In our men's shirts designer fashion sale, 'eigensinnig' men will find the right piece. There is a wide range of different styles - from elegant to casual to extravagant and cool. The heavily discounted unique men's shirts are all unique items from the warehouse clearance.

Exceptional jackets and coats for men on sale

eigensinnig wien has always had a weakness for extraordinary jackets, coats, blazers and jackets for men. We have discounted jackets and coats for men as individual items in our winter sale. They can be easily combined with other avant-garde clothing from stubborn Vienna.

Black men's clothing on sale

Black is the color in which most of the avant-garde men's fashion clothing at eigensinnig wien comes in. In our designer clothing sale you will find reduced avant-garde fashion items. Designer men's clothing in black dominates here. We have fashion deals that black lovers shouldn't miss!