Tailor shop and fashion design studio in Vienna

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Tailor shop and high end fashion design studio




In our in-house tailor shop, we craft your personal designer outfit. From exclusive tailored shirts for presentations to luxurious dresses for public appearances and extraordinary custom suits for your wedding. Handcrafted in our fashion design studio.




Manifesting uniqueness: That's what we've been doing since 2012. It's our drive and our motivation. Our avant-garde fashion is anything but ordinary. The most extraordinary and distinctive clothes are avant-garde clothes from our in-house tailor shop. High end designer fashion personally crafted for you. At your obstinate Vienna tailor.

From tailoring avant-garde fashion to fit both body and soul, using alternate materials or models from past collections, to designing entirely new pieces for events like weddings or public appearances, we ensure each creation is unparalleled.













Listing of the exclusive custom tailoring services offered by eigensinnig wien








Custom tailor shop in Vienna

Our service for your personal high end designer fashion.



Made-to-order - Your size, your choice, your clothes

Every product from our online shop is custom-sewn upon your order. Discover your designer garment and select the size that suits you best.


Made-to-Measure and Custom Fit - Fabric, color and details personalization 

Do you want an unique designer piece from our collection, that fits your shape and preferences? In your favorite color and fabric? Whether you have long legs or want to conceal your midsection, prefer a relaxed fit or a slim fit. Perfectly fitted and handcrafted.


Bespoke Tailoring - Exclusive and luxurious

Exclusive designer clothes designed and tailored exclusively for you. We align each of our designer models with your desires and needs. Choose from high quality fabrics and we create an high end designer piece for you.


Haute Couture - Avant-garde fashion design and superior tailoring

The quintessence of tailor-made individuality, from the splendor of experimentel suits to the novelty of statement piece, all handcrafted in the highest quality fabrics.

Starting with the foundational idea, through the stages of draft development, and culminating in the crafting of your high end designer apparel. Each phase, from design conceptualization to the choice of materials, cut, and finishing touches, is imbued with exclusivity. Unique craftsmanship, perfectly tailored to fit your figure and express your personal style.






Prêt-à-Porter Avant-Garde Fashion










Custom-made women's clothing

Our bespoke clothing for women spans the entire spectrum of designer fashion, including styles yet to be conceived. As an avant-garde fashion label, we thrive on experimentation and the creative process.


We adapt and create distinctive tailored suits, tailored blazers, tailored blouses, tailored pants, and tailored coats for women. Always unique, luxurious, and extraordinary, sometimes extravagant, at other times more subdued. Whether formal business outfits or custom clothing for special events that can also be worn casually, our custom-designed suits for women are particularly popular. A high-quality designer pantsuit often becomes a lifelong companion.




Custom-made men's clothing

From the bespoke designer suit for men to the tailored jacket, custom shirt, and tailored pants: There's nothing that doesn't exist. Whether entirely newly designed from scratch or adjusted according to what the individual desires.

Men particularly favor our services for made-to-measure suits, be it for the business look, an all-black outfit for leisure, or special occasions like weddings or public appearances. We craft high-quality suits for men seeking something special. This includes the sartorial suit as well as the "broken suit".





Collage of images showing the custom-tailoring process at eigensinnig wien





Custom-made wedding dresses and wedding suits

Tailored wedding suits or custom wedding dresses for women are a league of its own. We design your complete outfit for the big day, whether you're the groom, bride, or an obstinate wedding guest. Of course, you may also choose a designer suit from our collection for your special day.

If you prefer the model you've set your heart on to be crafted in silk rather than linen, we can customize it according to your wishes.

For brides interested in a dress from eigensinnig wien but desiring alterations like shorter sleeves, such alterations are usually achievable. Additionally, we also cater to women who wish to marry in a designer pantsuit. A tailored androgynous suit for this special day is a testament to pure individuality.

Whatever you decide, a wedding outfit from eigensinnig wien is always unconventional, extraordinary, and the antithesis of mainstream fashion.




Corporate Clothing

Beyond logos and slogans, high-quality corporate clothing increasingly accentuates a company's identity, especially in sectors like hospitality, gastronomy, and retail where employee visibility is crucial and offers a distinction from other brands

This is where corporate clothing comes into play. In our tailor shop, we collaborate with you to create unique and unconventional designer outfits that align perfectly with your corporate design and company philosophy, thus serving as a visible extension of your brand identity.


Our specialty, avant-garde fashion in black, subtly reflects your company's values while adding an additional layer of visual identity. Elegant, understated, and focused on the essentials, we offer fashion that transcends mere clothing. 



Tailor-made outfits for public appearances

For artists, actors, authors, presenters, or musicians facing the challenge of finding the right outfit, our tailoring studio collaborates to design occasion-appropriate attire. From measuring to selecting fabrics, cuts, and details, we ensure your bespoke outfit is truly one-of-a-kind.



Tailor-made outfits for public personalities

There are quite a few public figures who showcase themselves to the world in eigensinnig wien attire. The best part: the obstinate avant-garde fashion they've donned in public is equally suited for other occasions or everyday wear, depending on how one styles the outfit.

Here's a selection of individuals who carry our avant-garde fashion into the world:

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