Men's designer suits - Avant-garde fashion outfits

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Designer Herrenanzug - Avantgarde Mode Outfits und Maßschneiderei im eigensinnig wien



Men's Designer Suits - Avant-garde fashion style and custom-made-suits 

Read about high-quality suits for men and custom-made suits at eigensinnig wien. Extraordinary and unique outfits in high fashion.

In the following article we devote ourselves to one of our favorite topics. It's about avant-garde men's suits at eigensinnig wien that are a little different. Because with us everything is a little different. You can see here how exceptional and high-quality our men's suits are.

We embark on a little journey to designer men's suits. From black suits to linen suits and summer suits for men. From oversize suits and plus size suits to our tailoring workshop for made-to-measure suits.

We don't have off-the-shelf goods, our garments are extraordinary, unique and often unconventional. It is avant-garde fashion with character, with its very own aesthetic. Always high quality and made from the best materials, and always mixed with a larger or smaller pinch of 'Eigensinn'. Obstinacy is what our fashion shares with those who wear it.

'Eigensinnig' (i.e. obstinate) people who want to express their character. Sometimes in a subtle way, sometimes in an extravagant way. But always with style. Men's suits come in many forms at eigensinnig wien.

The article also provides answers to questions such as: Which suit suits me? Which suit color suits me? What shoes should I wear with a suit? What else should I wear with the suit? We go into the exciting history of men's suits.

Reflecting on what the suit is doing to the man. And address situations in which the designer suit can be worn.

Find out all about the way our exceptional men's suits are made and how the master tailors work in our tailoring shop. Or simply visit us in our fashion shop and our tailoring shop in Vienna and we will advise you on site.

Our online shop is of course always there for you. Even at three o'clock in the morning. But for now have fun deep diving into men's suits.


Exceptional men's suits at eigensinnig wien



The history of the men's suit

As early as the 17th century, the men's suit was the garment for men. However, the suit was reserved for the nobility, and they wanted to show that they could afford something.

At that time people wore long and magnificent robes, pompous jackets and shirts with wide sleeves. The pants, on the other hand, usually ended at the knee, where they were fitted with an elegant waistband. This type of trousers was called culottes.

The 19th century was the era of tails and top hats. Pants with suspenders were also en vogue back then. It was a bit more reserved, but no less noble.

In the 1920s, the elegant gentleman wore elegant pin striped suits with wide shoulders and a high waist. Industrial production was possible for the first time. Therefore, the suit spread more and more among the population and was no longer reserved for the upper class.

The 1950s were the time of the three-piece suit consisting of a jacket, waistcoat and trousers. Pleats, breast pockets with handkerchiefs and patterned ties also experienced their heyday back then.

In the 1980s, on the other hand, mag wore double-breasted jackets with wide shoulders and shoulder pads, as well as wide trousers. A look at the music videos of the eighties is enough to get a feeling for the lifestyle of that time. The dandy was very popular. Since then, a lot has happened in terms of men's suits, new styles such as the slim fit suit have been added.



What does the suit do to the person who wears it?

Wearing a suit always says something. For some, the suit is a kind of uniform they can hide behind. The professional role comes to the fore, the personal in the background.

Then the suit becomes a kind of full-body mask. Others use it to underline their current condition. Or make a different statement: "Today I'm wearing something special to show respect to my counterpart." Maybe to impress too.

A suit can also have a positive effect on your own feelings. Men who wear suits often appear more confident and secure. Then maybe even a reversal happens.

And it is not the man who wears the suit, but the suit who wears him – over and above his shortcomings. He brings out the inviolable in him, the intact core.

Then the men's suit becomes the medium between man and the world. The 'obstinate' suit is such a thing. He is a mediator, visualizer and enabler.

This ambivalence, which is also a claim of the avant-garde, is inherent in every suit from eigensinnig wien.


Find out more about the essence of dark avant-garde fashion in our essay.



When do you wear a suit?


When do you wear a suit? - The men's suit from obstinately wien


We would say: whenever you want.

Suits used to be reserved for nobility, but those days are gone. The suit is not just a banker's uniform or a dandy's favorite outfit. With the men's suit you can express yourself.

Casual men's suits stand for an attitude of lightness, unconventional men's suits for a similar way of thinking. Designer men's suits make an impression and at the same time express the need for recognition.

Extravagant designer suits bring out the obstinacy and sometimes rebellious aspects of men. Suits with harem pants combine feelings of freedom with a fashion statement that says:

I don't fit into any category.



What do you wear with a suit?


What do you wear with a suit? sunglasses, hat, beanie.


Of course, the men's suit is never just a man's suit. It calls for button down shirts or T-shirts, socks and shoes, and accessories like hats, sunglasses, scarves, and bags. The possible combinations are unlimited for your perfect men's outfit.

If you dress for business, you might complement a classic suit with fine leather shoes and a high-quality shirt. If you wear the suit in your free time, you can combine it with sneakers or leather boots and a casual T-shirt. Depending on which look you want to be in the world with. The men's suit becomes a chameleon due to what is otherwise worn with it.



How's the 'eigensinnig' men's suit?

The obstinate men's suit always aims to bring out the 'Eigensinn' of its wearer. It is an expression of the individuality and the extraordinary personality traits of the man who wears it. It's a luxury suit, but in a different way. Avant-garde clothes.

Our avant-garde suits are made from high-quality materials such as Belgian linen, high-quality cotton and fine wool fabrics. They are designed and cut in an unconventional and unique way. With extravagant details and high-quality workmanship. And are made by hand in a small family-run factory in Slovenia.


Which suit suits me?


Highest quality and perfect fit are the norm. Our suits are quick-change artists, consisting of elements that can also be worn separately in everyday life.



The unique men's suit

At 'eigensinnig' we don't always follow rules. So we also say that a suit does not always have to consist of trousers and a blazer. If the material is the same, a suit can also consist of trousers or a shirt. Or put together differently according to preferences.

The jacket can be combined with jeans and sneakers, the suit trousers with a T-shirt and leather sandals.


The unique men's suit at eigensinnig wien


The names of the men's suits indicate the source of inspiration that led to the design. They bear the names of exciting personalities from philosophy and art, culture and literature. And that alone gives the garments a certain depth of content.



What types of suits are there at eigensinnig wien?

At eigensinnig wien there is a large number of men's suits. We have unconventional and unique designer suits for men, but also elegant and classic ones. Some of our suits are slim or regular fit, others are oversized.


The extravagant men's suit at eigensinnig wien


We have extravagant suits with harem pants and mandarin collar jackets. In addition to two-piece suits, we also offer three-piece men's suits with waistcoats for an elegant outfit. Some are fancy, casual, cool and sporty-elegant, while others are festive, classic or extravagant. The Italian suit style can be found with us as well as the British or Japanese-inspired suit.

Since we have also been dressing musicians, artists, presenters and other public figures for years, we know what to look out for when appearing in front of the camera and audience.



What colors are the suits at eigensinnig wien?



The black suit for men at eigensinnig wien


A look at our online shop or a visit to our fashion shop in Vienna is enough to get an impression of the color world of eigensinnig wien. This is in the darker spectrum, or to put it another way:


Our favorite colors are black, dark black and light black and everything in between.


Dark grey, anthracite and occasionally light gray are also possible, and if need be, white too. Many of the materials we use have organic structures. And as a result, they look wrinkled or distressed, which alone creates a very unique look.

Checked, striped or patterned fabrics are also used for suits if they fit the concept. Every choice is well considered.



The linen suit for men


The linen suit for men in obstinate vienna


In the past, linen was often compared to a rustic look. Today, however, linen is valued in the fashion world for its versatility and elegance. And is perfect for a high quality linen suit.

Linen is a fabulous material. It is grounded and noble, robust and fine, casual and chic at the same time. It has personality and adapts its surface to the circumstances. With the small breaks in the fabric, it even has a light massaging effect on the wearer's skin.

A men's suit made of linen is therefore perfect for summer.

It cools in summer and warms in winter. And it will only get nicer and softer over time. It is a particularly pure material that absorbs moisture and is particularly airy. It is therefore not surprising that linen suits for men are extremely popular.

And now you know why.



The extraordinary wedding suit for men


The wedding suit for men at eigensinnig wien


The wedding day is of course a very special one, and the choice of outfit is therefore important. At first there is the question of style. Should it be a modern wedding suit or a casual and rather sporty one?

For festive occasions, the obstinate suit can also be worn with accessories. In any case, the suit should not look like a disguise, the groom should feel comfortable in it. The wedding suit for men should therefore reflect the personality of the groom and should not appear artificial.

How much does a men's wedding suit cost? That depends on whether you choose an existing outfit or want one made to measure. We would be happy to advise you in our exclusive fashion store in Vienna.

We can adapt existing models or design and handcraft a whole new suit. So that on this special day your unique personality comes into its own, which is hopefully why the person you are marrying chose you as their partner.



The light summer suit for men


The summer suit for men at eigensinnig wien


Cooling linen, light cotton and silk are the natural materials that are ideal for men's summer suits. Incidentally, short suit trousers are also an option in hot temperatures.

We have dedicated a separate article in our magazine to men's suits for the summer. Read more about the light summer suit for men and other light men's suits here.



The men's winter suit


The winter suit made of wool for men in obstinate vienna


Warm fabrics such as wool, thick cotton or sturdy linen are perfect for men's winter suits. They look classy without being too sluggish or heavy. And can therefore also be worn in the autumn and winter.

In combination with a classic or extravagant winter coat, a luxury scarf made of fine cashmere and a hat or cap, the result is a winter outfit for men that expresses their 'Eigensinn'.



The men's suit in plus size

We at eigensinnig wien are convinced that style is not a question of sizes. Just as little as a question of age. That's why we have everything that an plus size men's suit needs in our range.

Men's trousers, jackets and blazers, shirts, T-shirts and waistcoats can always be found in our Viennese fashion shop or online shop. Sometimes it happens that these large sizes are sold out quickly.

In this case, our in-house tailoring workshop directly above the showroom in Vienna comes into play. There we also sew plus men's suits that are perfectly tailored to the wearer. And conceal areas that should be concealed.



Custom tailored suit at eigensinnig wien


Bespoke tailoring for men's suits in obstinate vienna


In our custom tailor shop, either suits for men are made to fit or tailor-made suits are designed and manufactured according to the individual wishes of the wearer.

In our in-house tailoring shop in Vienna you will find made-to-measure clothing for avant-garde fashion, which our master tailors produce step by step and stitch by stitch in accurate handicraft.

We accompany you through the entire process. From taking measurements and choosing the fabric to the smallest detail. We will discuss with you which buttons fit best, how the finish and lining should look and how big the pockets should be.

The perfect suit for you, made to measure. There is a fitting and a second if necessary because the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your new tailored suit. And that your 'obstinacy' comes into its own.

We also offer our custom-made garments for companies. Corporate fashion is also referred to as company clothing for restaurants, bars or hotels, for example. Again and again we also produce individual pieces for musicians, artists and moderators, which they then wear at public events and performances.



The fashion store for men's suits in Vienna


The fashion store for men's suits in Vienna at eigensinnig wien


In our fashion store in Vienna you get expert advice without time pressure. We support you in your search for the perfect suit, whether it's a two- or three-piece suit, a summer suit, a wedding suit or a casual men's suit.

Anything that doesn't fit is made to fit in our tailoring shop. We will give you tips on how best to combine your designer suit. We are also happy to help you put together your men's outfit. Be it a classic outfit for men, an outfit with a casual style, a business outfit with a casual touch, an all-black outfit or an elegant summer outfit for men.

Whether it's a casual look or an elegant business look, we're here for you and will help you to find the ideal men's suit for your needs. By the way, not only in our fashion store in Vienna, but also online.

There you will find a size table and you can use our chat function to get in touch with our employees. Of course, we can also be reached by e-mail or telephone.

We will make small changes such as shortening pants or sleeves or adjusting the shoulders free of charge. Our worldwide express delivery is also free of charge, so that your avant-garde men's suit in the EU will be in your hands within one to two days. And in the case of returns, the full amount will of course be refunded. But fortunately they are rare.