Oversized Suits for Women in Avant-garde Fashion

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Oversize Anzug für Damen im Avantgarde Style



Oversize Outfits for Women 

Discover modern and edgy suits for women with wide leg pants and oversized blazers. Extravagant avant-garde style from eigensinnig wien.

In our fashion house of eigensinnig wien, women's fashion is not only crafted. Instead, in the tradition of avant-garde fashion designers, we experiment with extravagant cuts for women's clothes.

Such as oversized suits for women, made from flowing fabrics, like the finest cotton or linen-wool blend. They open a door for women to a world where oversized style and craftsmanship harmonize. These are unconventional suits for women and simultaneously a canvas for expression, uniqueness and an exceptional fashion style for the modern woman, in the spirit of dark avant-garde fashion.





Oversized Suit for Women



Oversize suit for women in obstinate vienna




A gentle breeze sweeping through the alleys of Vienna, the soft rippling of the Danube, the elegance of the city of music. And an imaginary journey to the fashion capital of Japan, Tokyo, to breathe in the spirit of the Kimono jacket.

All this finds its echo in the avant-garde fashion of eigensinnig wien. Better said: in our dark avant-garde fashion. Our oversized suit, with its deconstructed, sporty-elegant cut, and its broad silhouette, is a narrative, a reflection of the contemporary woman who moves through the streets of international metropolises.

The open fringes dance between casual and luxurious. Like a flirtation with freedom, without compromising on the finesse of the fit.

The combination of the breadth of the cut and the structure of the material, coupled with the color brilliance of navy blue, transforms this suit into a piece of everyday Haute Couture. The look is not fixed. It's fluid, changeable like the seasons, adaptable to the wearer's personality.






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Oversized Blazer as Part of the Women's Suit

The classic Japanese Kimono jacket serves as inspiration for the oversized blazer. Its sprawling silhouette harmoniously blends with the typically unique and unconventional fashion design.

We have hand-dyed the material in our in-house atelier to achieve an aesthetic navy blue shade. It presents itself in its deliberate irregularity. This imbues the oversized blazer with both tradition and modern elements.

The design of this extraordinary oversized blazer is characterized by an asymmetrical cut. Horizontal seams and a longer back piece reveal themselves in aesthetic roughness and extravagant elegance. This mix of rawness and refined cut makes it an essential part of the elegant pantsuit.

The influence of the traditional Japanese Kimono jacket is evident in this oversized blazer. But our approach transforms this historical element into a contemporary fashion masterpiece. The blazer thus captures both the spirit of tradition and the unconventional beauty of modern avant-garde tailoring.


Harem Pants for the Women's Suit in Oversized Style

A pantsuit for women only becomes a composition with the right pants. Our extravagant harem pants complete the oversized blazer and pants set for women in a whole new way.

It's not just wide leg pants. It's our harem pants with a clear idea of extravagant elegance. These women's pants with a deep crotch combine a relaxed style with the expression of self-confident individuality.

With their wide leg and unique silhouette, the pants offer high comfort without compromising on avant-garde style. The combination of pants and blazer in an oversized style creates an aesthetic that is contemporary yet timeless. The women's harem pants match perfectly with the oversized blazer and present themselves in a suit with a balance of form and freedom.



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Black Oversized Suit for Women

The black women's oversize suit with harem pants, long coat, and waistcoat is one thing: Our definition of an extravagant suit for women.

It embodies both elegance and avant-garde Dark Aesthetics. The feeling when worn is still that of a jogging style pantsuit. This combination reflects our approach to style and comfort. And it is what we love in the modern suit for women: The All Black Outfit from head to toe.



Oversize suit for women in black in idiosyncratic vienna




Elegant Three-Piece Suit in Black for Women

The real magic of this ensemble lies in the sophisticated combination of different elements.

The harem pants, with their wide leg and deep crotch, are an integral part of the women's suit in an oversized style. Complemented by a long, flowing summer coat made of the finest black cotton, we create an unusual pantsuit for women.

The black waistcoat completes the oversized suit for women. The result: A sporty-elegant pantsuit. Unique, exceptional, and for bold women. Our definition of a business-casual look for women.

Whether with or without an extravagant hat. This ensemble radiates pure individuality that reflects in every detail.


Extravagant Suit for Women

When extravagance meets refinement, a garment emerges that draws the eye. The pantsuit, which stands for unconventionality, attracts attention and inspires admiration. Through the play with textures and cuts, this oversized style suit for women becomes the perfect choice for those who want to stand out from the crowd. It is not just an expression of avant-garde but also a declaration of individuality.


The All Black Outfit for Women

From the symbiosis of elegance and sportiness arises this unique All Black Outfit for women. For bold women who prefer their oversized suit in black. We believe it fits in the office as well as in the everyday life of an avant-garde woman. The display of strength, elegance, and extravagance.

The black women's pantsuit with harem pants and coat is more than just clothing. It's a philosophy, a way of seeing oneself and the world. It challenges conventions and embraces independence. It speaks the language of modernity, without forgetting the roots of tradition.

Often the fashion world has become predictable. Our designer pantsuit for women stands for everything when creativity and courage come together. It is an expression of something greater. A commitment to a kind of beauty that goes beyond the naked eye. It is an invitation to transcend norms. To discard pigeonholing. And to find one's path.

Being "eigensinnig", indeed.







How do I Combine the Oversized Suit for Women?

The oversized suit for women offers numerous combination possibilities that give you the freedom to express your individual style. You decide what style you convey with your oversized suit. Here are some recommendations on how to interpret this versatile look.


Oversize Tops like Shirts, Sweaters and T-Shirts

In black or other muted colors, and made from wool, cotton, or linen, oversized tops bring a certain casualness to your look. The wide shirts, oversized sweaters, or loose t-shirts offer an interesting play with proportions. A complete outfit in the oversized look is definitely a statement for bold women.


Slim Fit Tops: Slim Fit Sweaters or Shirt and T-Shirts

Combining slim fit tops with an oversized suit for women creates balance and emphasizes the figure. Whether slim fit sweaters, tight-fitting shirts, or slim fit t-shirts. This choice creates a contrast to the oversized suit and gives it elegance and refinement. It's a classic and yet modern look that suits many occasions.


Unique layering Look with Long Shirts and Long Sweaters

When sweaters and shirts peek out from under the oversized blazer, you have an utterly casual look. This avant-garde style is unique and perfect for those who want to show their originality. Whether you prefer simple or extravagant layering, you decide how far you want to take this look.

The oversized suit for women invites you to play with the norms of fashion. It is a statement for strong and self-confident women. Our suit is the embodiment of this statement. It is not just a garment but a philosophy that allows you to be yourself.

Be "eigensinnig" and find your oversize style with us.


Shoes: Sneakers, Leather Boots or High Heels


Depending on your preferences, choose the right shoes.

Whether sporty with sneakers, rough with leather boots or elegant or fancy with high heels. Your preferences when choosing shoes can steer the oversize suit in different directions. It's a play on styles that can steer the oversize suit towards either casual or formal elegance.


Accessories: Designer scarves, Exclusive Leather Bags and Hats

The choice of accessories is the key to individualizing the oversize suit for women. Designer scarves add a sense of luxury, exclusive leather bags elegance and designer hats add character. It's the details that complete the look.


Women's Suit in Plus Size

Plus sizes and oversized fashion are terms that are close to each other or used synonymously. However, these two styles have distinctions and their own features. In the following, we would like to explain the difference to you. And how women of various sizes and proportions can find their perfect suit.


What is the Difference between Oversize and Plus Size?


Oversize is always cut wide

Mostly even overly wide, to create a broad silhouette. The oversized style is characterized by loosely cut garments that convey a relaxed and casual look. The width here is not a sign of large size but a desired design feature. Oversize is wearable for all sizes.



Plus size have a perfect fit. In any size.

Large sizes, on the other hand, refer to the clothing for women who wear size 44 or larger. The focus here is on the perfect fit, with the width being adjusted to the body shape in certain places. Think of a slim fit blazer that fits perfectly in a plus size. Or slim, elegant women's trousers that sit perfectly on the waistband and legs.

That means ladies who wear plus sizes can wear the oversize style. If it suits your personal taste.


Trouser suit for tall women

Plus sizes, on the other hand, refer to clothing for women who wear size XXL or more. Here, the perfect fit is in the foreground, where the width at certain points is adapted to the body shape. Think of a slim blazer that fits perfectly in a large size. Or slim fit, elegant women's trousers that fit perfectly at the waist and legs.

That means: Women who wear plus size can wear the oversized style if it corresponds to personal taste.


Oversized Pantsuits for Tall Women

For women who are particularly tall and have long legs, there are specially made pantsuits. These take into account the particular proportions of women who are 175 cm or taller. And ensure an elegant fit. Regardless of whether the lady is slim or curvy.


Women's Pantsuits in Plus Size

Plus size in pantsuits are not only limited to tall women. They are also designed for curvy women, regardless of their height. With a wide waistband and a generous bust circumference, these pantsuits offer the right oversized suit for every body shape.


Custom Women's Oversized Suit

Upon request, we will tailor your oversized suit to measure. Every aspect will be adapted to your individual needs and preferences. Tailoring an oversized suit for women is about more than aesthetics. It's about embodying personality in fabric and design.



Oversize suit tailor-made in obstinate vienna




Whether a Pant Suit in Extra-Long or with Short Legs

The variety and creativity in our tailor shop know no bounds. Whether you want a pantsuit with extra-long legs or shorter legs, everything is made possible. The perfect length is adjusted exactly to your figure and your wishes. Our goal is that the suit feels both perfect and looks extraordinary.


Perfectly Tailored to your Figure and Wishes

Our tailor-made oversized suit for women is not taken off the rack. But is a custom-made creation that fully meets your expectations. The process begins with accurate measurement of your figure. This ensures that every cut, every seam, and every stitch sits exactly where it should.


Handmade in our Tailor Shop in Vienna

The production of your tailor-made oversized suit takes place in our renowned tailor shop in Vienna. Under the hands of qualified master tailors, we create a suit tailored exactly to your body shape.

Our master tailors understand their craft down to the smallest detail. They have the knowledge, experience, and passion to turn your ideas into reality. They are the ones who make the tailor-made oversized suit for women a unique piece that is unparalleled.


The Process begins with an Idea and a Vision

We accompany you through every step and manufacture according to your wishes. From the selection of the perfect fabric to the buttons. The lining and the pockets, the lapels, and much more.

From the first fitting to completion. We take the time to understand and implement your wishes. Many customers are already happy with their tailor-made suit.

Contact us. We advise you and explain how to get your tailor-made oversized suit for women.

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