All black outfits for men in dark avant-garde aesthetics

All Black Outfits für Männer - Schwarze Herrenmode im eigensinnig wien Online Shop und Modegeschäft


All Black Outfits for Men

An overview of the dark avant-garde aesthetics for men at eigensinnig wien

Does black exist in nature? Is black a color?

It cannot be seen in the rainbow, meaning black is not in the color spectrum. While white only occurs in nature in unfiltered sunlight, black only exists inside black holes. Black is the absence of light.

But you could also simply say that black does not reflect light, but absorbs it. This makes black special because it absorbs light and heat.

Anyone who wears black clothing absorbs these characteristics. Black can evoke feelings, not least because it contrasts with the environment. If you also play with black by giving clothing, especially for men, an elaborate design, then a world is created that extends beyond any colors.

This also explains the special role that black plays in dark avant-garde fashion. Now you are perhaps rightly asking yourself what dark avant-garde fashion is all about. We would also like to answer this question for you. You can read more about dark avant-garde fashion here.



Unique men's fashion in black

The film Men in Black with Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith from 1997 shows that men in black simply look good. This science fiction comedy in which the two protagonists pursue hostile aliens who are on Earth, is not only a classic in show business, but also a prime example of men's fashion in black.

At eigensinnig wien, however, our collection in black goes far beyond the classic model of men's suits. Our avant-garde fashion is expressed in extravagant cuts, elaborate seams and playful details. High-quality fabrics such as Belgian linen, silk, cotton, wool and leather are also used.





1. The unique men's black pants


The black harem pants in the stubborn wien online shop


Our collection of wide, black pants includes light, black fabric trousers for men such as harem trousers or black baggy trousers. The latter are of oriental origin and are particularly comfortable to wear because the crotch sits low and there is legroom.

The airy, black linen trousers for men, which are also available in large sizes, are best combined with tight-fitting tops such as a black T-shirt.

Discover our black designer pants for men.


2. The black shirt for men


The black shirt for men in the stubborn wien online shop


Black shirts made of fine cotton in Japanese style are a prime example of extravagant fashion. The designer pieces, which often have asymmetrical cuts and elaborate seams, also have a sophisticated finish with unusual buttons or a special collar. When the material silk comes into play, keywords such as elegant, breathable, warming in winter and cooling in summer appear.

Discover our exquisite and extraordinary men's shirts.


3. The black jacket for men


The black jacket for men in the stubborn wien online shop


Who doesn't have them in their closet at home? The black jacket for men.

Is there really anything new in this regard? Anyone who chooses special fashion stores as a point of attraction or conveniently browses through our online shop will discover men's black jackets that are hard to beat in terms of individuality. Whether made of leather, linen or cotton, whether with buttons or a zipper, these jackets not only dress you perfectly in the office, but also in your free time.

It is also possible to have this black fashion made to measure so that your model fits your body like a second skin.

Discover our men's designer jackets and blazers.


4. The black coat for men


The black coat for men in the stubborn wien online shop


Agent J (Jay) aka Will Smith doesn't seem to lack self-confidence. He could safely wear an extravagant black men's coat over his immaculate black men's suit. This could be made of linen or nappa leather, cut short or long and with elaborate details. Since Agent J also likes to be out of the ordinary, his choice might be an unconventional model with a hood or even a short coat for men in black.


5. The black sweater for men


The black men's sweater in the stubborn wien online shop


Pull it over, the sweater and set accents in your everyday life. Wrap yourself in fine cotton or fine lambswool and feel comfortable. As an alternative to a shirt, the black sweater for men is a solution for cooler days or when you may have to spend time in moderately heated offices. Black sweaters can be easily combined with a suit.


6. The men's black t-shirt


The black T-shirt for men in the stubborn wien online shop


The extravagant black T-shirts made of fine Belgian linen or high-quality cotton are a must-have in any man's wardrobe. The T-shirt is part of the “capsule wardrobe”, i.e. the minimalist wardrobe that consists of a few timeless, essential items of clothing. The black T-shirts with a round or V-neck have either a classic cut or a sophisticated asymmetrical design.


7. Black hats for 'obstinate' minds


The black hat for men in the stubborn wien online shop


A hat, especially a black one, refines the look of your all black outfit. The models made of straw, wool or linen with narrow or wide rims protect stubborn minds with their countless thoughts. They warm your head when it's cold in winter and at the same time provide sun protection on sunny days. The black hats made by Mühlbauer and Reinhard Plank, primarily a variety of fishing hats, are unique pieces.


8. A perfect accessory, the black sunglasses from Rigards


The black designer sunglasses from Rigards in the stubborn Vienna online shop.


After Tommy Lee Jones, Agent K (Kay) and Will Smith, Agent J (Jay) have equipped themselves with black sunglasses, nothing can go wrong. The question remains whether it can also be an avant-garde model from Rigards? Naturally.

A large number of glasses have round or rounded lens shapes and unconventional details. These designs are ideal for self-confident, stubborn men. The sunglasses not only act as sun protection, but also as a style object.


9. The black suit for men


The black suit for men in the stubborn wien online shop


Now the men in black are almost perfectly equipped. All that's missing is a black scarf and a black leather bag. 1997 is behind us. They stick to their preference for black, but go the avant-garde route and dress in black suits.

They have arrived in today's world and emphasize their individuality with black men's clothing and accessories that are out of the ordinary. Asymmetrical details, decorative buttons, striking seams, fine fabrics and a lot of handwork in the execution characterize this path to self.

The black, which absorbs light, captivates everyone, the wearer of the black suit as well as the astonished viewer.


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