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Exceptional men's black designer pants. Distinctive in design and crafted from the highest quality fabrics. Characterised by an unconventional All-Black-Look.

Men's black designer pants

Men's black wide leg pants


Men's black wide leg pants in avant-garde fashion style at eigensinnig wien. The wide cut of these pants stand for exceptional comfort. Combined with a strong unconventionality and uniqueness.

Made from high-quality fabrics, these men's wide leg pants provide a perfect balance of comfort and exceptional design. They are essential for men who value a sophisticated lifestyle without compromising on comfort. These pants are not only suitable for everyday wear, but also for special occasions, where they stand out with their unique silhouette.

Black chinos for men


The black chino pants from eigensinnig wien are a statement of high-quality, timeless fashion. These pants are the ideal choice for men who prefer a simple yet sophisticated style. 

The design is both classic and modern, making these chino pants a multipurpose piece. They are excellent for both formal and casual events. The high-quality fabrics and workmanship guarantee longevity and a high degree of comfort.


Men's black slim fit pants


With its men's black slim fit pants, eigensinnig wien creates the perfect combination of both modern design and timeless elegance. These slim fit pants are specially made for the distinguished man who values a refined look. The careful selection of fabrics and accurate craftsmanship make each pair of pants a masterpiece. They are suitable for formal events, business meetings or other events where an exquisite style is required.


High-quality men's black dress pants


The high-quality men's black dress pants from eigensinnig wien are an expression of luxury and exclusivity. These pants are for the fashion-conscious man who is looking for quality and distinctiveness.

The design is both sophisticated and timeless. For a men's black suit, you can wear the black dress pants with a black men's blazer. Add white sneakers and a designer t-shirt in plain white for a contrasting color. Or you can break up the elegant style with a pair of black leather boots and a black designer T-shirt.


Black loose fit pants for men


Black loose fit pants for men are our top choice for those who value comfort and style. These pants are ideal for day-to-day wear, but also offer enough elegance for special events. The loose cut gives a relaxed fit, while the high-quality materials guarantee durability and comfort. They are a must-have for anyone looking for a balance between casual and classy.


Black short pants for men


The men's black short pants from eigensinnig wien offer a stylish summer look. They are light and casual without losing any of their elegance. These pants are therefore ideal for casual summer outfits where style and comfort are equally important. The timeless design makes them a versatile addition to any wardrobe.


The black short suit for men

A suit with short pants for men stands for unconventional elegance and makes a statement in black. It skillfully plays with tradition and avant-garde and redefines the boundaries. Classic men's tailoring meets extraordinary fashion designs.

The mens short suit is designed with pants that end just above the knee and a matching men's jacket. The black men's shorts are cut with an affinity for detail, embracing a loose fit that nevertheless shows a sense of severity in its design lines.

The fabric is high-quality, naturally breathable linen or fine cotton, always in deep black. The jacket is characterized by an extraordinary cut. With sharp edges that create a subtle but powerful silhouette.

This black short suit for men defies convention and embraces individuality and exclusivity. It symbolizes freedom of self-expression and the courage to be unconventional. It stands for aesthetic sophistication in summer. And is an example of how an all-black look can also be worn even in hot summer weather. 

The men's black short suit pants is tailored for the modern man who defies current trends. It is for those who express self-confidence and are not influenced by traditional fashion rules.  

The eigensinnig men's black suit with short pants is highly adaptable for summer and is appropriate for a range of events. From music events and vernissages to theater performances. It is also suitable for upscale casual outfits where an expression of individuality and fashion consciousness is required. This set is ideal for summer in the city or for elegant evening events where a touch of distinction and originality is desired.

Either way, the suit with short black pants from eigensinnig wien is a statement that expresses both a sense of style and a deep appreciation for the art of fashion.


Men's black linen pants


Eigensinnig wien presents men's black linen pants that are both stylish and fashionable. These linen pants are perfect for summer as linen is a light and breathable fabric. They offer a relaxed yet sophisticated look and are well suited to the modern man looking for a combination of comfort and style.


What does a man wear with linen pants?


At eigensinnig wien, linen pants embrace both timeless and avant-garde styles. They give off an unmatched elegance that still leaves space for individual expression.

We recommend wearing men's black linen pants with tops that strike a balance between classic aesthetics and unconventional design. A simple, high-quality linen or cotton shirt in black would be an excellent pick. It accentuates the natural beauty of the linen fabric without distracting from its unique qualities. 

To round off the look, you can combine a linen jacket for a fancy men's linen suit. This outfit highlights the exclusivity and creates a smart casual look.

We suggest designer sunglasses, as well as stylish hats and beanies as an accessory. Pair with leather sandals or high-quality sneakers for a summer style. In colder temperatures, a cashmere scarf or wool hat can add the finishing touch to your look without being obtrusive.

High-quality, natural fabrics and unusual designs help you to authentically express your individuality and personality.

Discover all men's linen pants here.

Men's black jeans


The men's black jeans from eigensinnig wien pay tribute to the classic jeans style. Reinterpreted with a touch of avant-garde fashion. These jeans are robust and durable, but stylish and cool at the same time. They are perfect for everyday wearand can be worn in a variety of ways, making them an essential part of any wardrobe.


Black cotton pants for men


The men's black cotton pants from eigensinnig wien offer a classic look with a modern twist. These pants are made from high-quality cotton, which ensures they are both durable and comfortable to wear. They are perfect for everyday wear, while offering enough elegance for special events.


Black cropped pants for men


The black cropped pants for men from eigensinnig wien are a stylish and unconventional style choice for the modern man. These cropped pants offer a unique alternative to traditional lengths and are ideal for casual yet stylish outfits. The high-quality material and distinctive design make them a real eye-catcher.


Black elastic waist pants for men


The men's black elastic waist pants from eigensinnig wien are the perfect blend of comfort and style. These men's pants are not only ideal for everyday wear, but also offer enough elegance for special events. The stretchy design with an elasticated waistband provides a comfortable fit. While the high-quality material guarantees its durability and comfort.


Black parachute pants for men


The black parachute pants are a stylish fashion statement. These pants are for the fashion-conscious man who is looking for something out of the ordinary. The exceptional design and high-quality fabrics make these pants an essential part of any avant-garde clothes wardrobe.


Black casual pants for men


Eigensinnig wien offers a selection of black casual pants for men that are perfect for the modern man. These pants are more than just pieces of clothing - they are an expression of individuality and style. They are ideal for everyday wear, but also for special events where a distinctive look is essential.


What to wear with black pants for men?


Eigensinnig wien shows you how to wear black men's pants for trendy outfits. Whether elegant with a designer shirt for business or casual with an avant-garde designer T-shirt. These black pants are extraordinary and perfect for your avant-garde all-black outfits. They offer endless possibilities to create an individual and stylish look.


How to style black pants for men?

Black men's pants are a unique and elegant piece of clothingthat provide a base for many outfits. We have various tips on how to style men's black pants. The black pants go with a wide range of stylish and chic outfits.

- Classic with a white shirt: a timeless combination. You
can create a more professional look with a white shirt and black pants. This is ideal for formal events and creates a professional look for business.

- Casual with a T-Shirt: For a relaxed but stylish look, wear your black pants with a high-quality T-Shirt. Whether you choose a white
T-shirt or complete your all-black outfit with a black T-Shirt is up your
personal taste. Alternatively, we suggest a gray T-Shirt as a contrasting shade
for a neutral look.

- Smart-casual with a knitted sweater: A black knitted
sweater creates a smart-casual all-black look. This is suitable for casual
events or a formal dinner where you want to exude strength and professionalism.

- Avant-garde style with oversized tops - our personal
favorite: Do you want to make a statement and stand out? - Then combine black
men's pants with an oversized shirt or sweater in an asymmetric cut.
Extravagant, in a dark aesthetic style, you can make a statement in everyday

- Elegant with a black jacket: create an extraordinary men's
suit with a black men's jacket. Whether classic and minimalist or extravagantly
avant-garde. A black men's suit for your look that symbolizes style and

- A sophisticated layeing look: play with different layers
and show your courage and casual style. Combine a long T-shirt under a sweater
or wear a classic suit vest with it. Break up the formality of your outfit with
unconventional men's shirts and different layers.

- Men's accessories: A designer luxury belt always goes well
with black men's pants. Make a statement with an slim black tie, unique shoes
or boots and designer sunglasses. Top off the outfit with a designer hat.

Each of these combinations represents a different style,
making black men's pants a true chameleon in men's fashion.


What shirt to wear with men's black pants?

A men's shirt that suits black pants should be stylish,
exceptional and potentially appropriate for the occasion. Depending on how
unique you want to look.


- White shirt: a classic. A white men's shirt offers a clear
contrast to black pants and creates a timeless, elegant look. Perfect for
formal occasions, business meetings or as part of a suit.

- Dark gray shirt: For a monochrome look that exudes
elegance and modernity. Particularly suitable for evening events or smart
social gatherings.

- Linen shirt: For a casual but special look, combine a
linen shirt in black for the all-black look. You can wear this for a smart
casual style. Or wear a linen shirt in off-white for a summer look. Both colors
match perfectly with black pants for men.

- Shirt with distinctive details: For an extravagant look in
avant-garde style, we recommend: Asymmetrical cuts or unconventional collars,
sophisticated details and surprising cuts. Extravagant men's shirts are a
statement for an artistic or avant-garde style.