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Silk clothing in black

Luxurious designer clothes from high-quality silk fabrics is more than a mere fashion statement. It's a tangible expression of distinction, uniqueness, and exclusivity. Such creations lend themselves flawlessly to an all-black women's suits. Extending from an avant-garde jumpsuit to an elegantly minimalist black silk dress.



Silk – it's hard to find a fabric more noble than this. Silk, in its radiant splendor, could arguably be the world's most luminous natural fiber. As delicate as a whisper, it doesn't merely shimmer in the sunlight; its pliant fibers tenderly envelop the skin.

Silk is the quintessence of organic materials; nobility is woven into its very DNA. Instantly evoking thoughts of weightlessness, joie de vivre, and timeless elegance, silk is a paragon of refined textiles. Uncover the treasure trove of premium silk apparel for women available here.


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The Origins of the Illustrious Silk Fabric


Yet where does silk truly originate, and how deep does its history run? Silk, swathed in an aura of enchantment, its beginnings largely veiled, stands as an esteemed fabric bursting with tantalizing mysteries. Silk is indeed a tiny enigma.

Historical conjecture suggests its emergence in Asia as early as the 3rd millennium BC. According to folklore, silk's creation dates back to the legendary Chinese Emperor Fu Xu, reputed to have conceived the innovative idea of using silkworms for textile production. The rudimentary silk apparatus used for this process is often attributed to the ingenuity of Emperor Fu Xu.

However, another emperor, Shennong, is frequently entwined with the genesis of silk. He is famed for having planted mulberry trees, upon whose leaves silk moth caterpillars were cultivated.

Another influential figure closely linked to the inception of silk is Empress Leizu of Xiling, consort of the Yellow Emperor, Huang Dì. As per historical accounts, she is credited with educating her subjects on the art of extracting silk from cocoons and transforming it into wearable garments. The intriguing narratives surrounding this exquisite fabric are plentiful, each more captivating than the last.





The Silk Road


Yet, not all is cloaked in conjecture. Historical records affirm that silk was an immensely coveted fabric of its time. A luxury commodity from the Far East, individuals were prepared to exchange significant wealth for it. The world's most renowned trade route is a testament to its value.

The Silk Road, a staggering 4,000-mile pathway, charted a course from China to Venice via Rome. During ancient times and throughout the Middle Ages, traders journeyed along the Silk Road to transport this invaluable commodity from the Eastern world to the West, often relying on the sturdy endurance of camels. This route wasn't merely a pathway for goods; it served as a significant conduit for cultural exchange, intertwining the destinies of civilizations along its course.



Silk Road from China to Europe



It's an image to behold: thousands of miles traversed on foot, all to satiate the opulent societies of ancient Rome with this treasured natural material. This precious fabric wasn't simply a medium of clothing, but a potent symbol of status and affluence. Individuals adorned themselves in velvet and silk, visually demarcating themselves from the masses.

For millennia, the production of silk remained an exclusive craft of the Chinese. The laws of the time were unsparing - smuggling silkworms or mulberry seeds was met with the harshest of penalties: death. This was a testament to the immense value attributed to silk and a measure to safeguard its monopoly and mystique.




Silk production in Europe

It wasn't until the waning days of the Middle Ages that Europe began its own production of silk fabrics. Iconic cities such as Lucca in Italy, Lyon in France, Zurich in Switzerland, and Krefeld in Germany emerged as the nerve centers of European silk production.

Interestingly, some of these regions did not commence their silk enterprises until much later - as tardy as the 17th to 19th centuries. The advent of silk production in these areas marked a turning point in the European textile industry, adding a new layer of richness to its tapestry.






What is silk?


What makes Siede? Silk production in Europe.




The most renowned silk is derived from the cocoon of the larva of the silk moth. This living butterfly is also known as the mulberry silk moth, its larvae subsisting on the richly nutritious mulberry tree - hence, the frequent references to mulberry silk.

What truly sets silk apart is the unique fact that it is the sole continuous fiber - or filament - found in nature. Filaments are fibers of virtually limitless length. In fact, an entire cocoon is constituted of a single filament.

It is truly remarkable to realize that this filament can stretch up to a kilometer in length. Filaments facilitate the creation of silk fabrics that are simultaneously soft and sturdy. These fabrics embody both flexibility and motion, as well as durability and resilience.

Silk merges an array of desirable qualities. It is a high-caliber fabric that is soft and incredibly lightweight, almost ethereal in its presence. While traditional silk is cool and smooth, there are also organic variants available.

Its versatility is remarkable; easy to work with and enduring in nature. The sleek surface of classic silk rejects all contact - it repels dirt and neutralizes odors. Additionally, it is effortless to maintain and dries quickly. It provides cooling relief in the summer and warm insulation in winter.

But how does it manage this? Silk functions as a form of protective barrier. In winter, the body-warmed air is trapped beneath the fabric, thus keeping the body warm. In contrast, during summer it doesn't allow heat to penetrate easily.

Moreover, silk threads are endowed with microscopic holes that absorb moisture from the skin, a phenomenon known as the capillary effect. Consequently, silk is a popular choice for sportswear.

Silk stands as a symbol of high-quality, luxury material that allows the wearer to make a bold statement. It retains its distinguished and exquisite allure, just as it did in bygone days. The comfort it provides is extraordinary, its gentle touch flattering the skin, almost caressing it, whilst subtly shimmering. It seems as if it is gently winking in affection.

Indeed, silk is the lover among fabrics.





Why do we make our clothes with precious silk?


1. Silk as a natural material

Silk is an ideal fabric for eigensinnig wien due to its natural origins. In crafting our avant-garde fashion, we almost exclusively utilize high-quality natural materials. Exceptional designer fashion coupled with exquisite natural fabrics makes for a harmonious blend, forming a perfect synergy.



2. The High Quality of Silk

Silk is a fabric of high quality, aligning perfectly with our ethos of crafting unique fashion pieces designed for long-term use. In an era where durable clothing is increasingly coveted, owning fewer but higher quality items is becoming more common.

The textile industry is grappling with a considerable waste problem - fast fashion must become a relic of the past while slow, sustainable fashion paves the way for the future. Our designer fashion does not merely follow trends, but rather embodies timelessness, thereby ensuring its longevity.



3. Silk is also a special fabric

Transforming silk into bohemian dresses, jumpsuits, and harem pants is an innate process for us. With their unique cuts, designs, and silhouettes, these garments become a bold statement for those with a high aesthetic standard.



4. Silk is the stuff summer is made of

Although silk is a versatile fabric wearable throughout the year, it truly shines in summer. Free from the concealment of thick sweaters and jackets, silk becomes the sole barrier between the skin and the world - a gentle veil of nothingness between the individual and their surroundings.

It is such a fine, delicate fabric that playfully interacts with the breeze, glistens in the sun, and offers a refreshing coolness amid high temperatures.

At eigensinnig wien, we place immense value on the fine, selected, and exquisite when curating our exclusive women's fashion. Our high-quality designer fashion draws inspiration from philosophy, art, and culture. Our predominantly black fashion serves as an homage to remarkable personalities.

We meticulously select fabrics based on the messages we wish to convey. Silk represents subtlety, lightness, and freedom, while black silk exudes a certain noble and sophisticated aura.

Wearing silk is an act of self-indulgence. In this sense, it can be seen as nothing less than an expression of self-love.




Silk is the stuff summer is made of.






What types of silk are there?

Silk, in its various forms, is far from uniform. Different silk moths yield distinct types of silk, and furthermore, the creation of diverse fabrics can occur from the use of silk. Each silk type boasts its unique personality and character, much like each individual piece in our avant-garde fashion line.

For our extravagant jumpsuits, dresses, tops, blazers, blouses, scarves, and trousers, we exclusively utilize natural silk.

There are four primary types of natural silk. The most well-known and prevalent is Mulberry silk, produced from the fibres of the mulberry silk moth, a species historically employed for silk production in ancient China.

Although Mulberry silk is frequently referred to as "cultured silk," nearly all natural silk varieties are, in fact, cultivated products. Mulberry silk fibres are notably shiny and fine, even in their raw form.

Wild silk originates from wild silk moths. While it retains the elegance, lightness, and airiness of other silk types, it possesses a more original, rigid character. This silk embodies a wabi-sabi-esque beauty, exhibiting a slightly bohemian flair. As its production volume is less compared to Mulberry silk, it is more challenging to procure. The key types of wild silk are Eri silk, Muga silk, and Tussah silk.

Eri silk, considered the highest-quality wild silk, is primarily manufactured in Thailand and India. Monks often wear robes made from this particular silk. Muga silk, exclusively produced in Assam, India, is the priciest variety of wild silk. Revered for its sacred connotations, partly due to its golden hue, Muga silk is utilized in creating shiny, durable fabrics. Historically, wearing this wild silk was an exclusive privilege of the nobility.

Muga silk is the most expensive wild silk. It is produced exclusively in Assam, India, and is considered sacred there, partly because of its golden hue. Fabrics made from muga silk are shiny and durable. In the past, wearing this wild silk was reserved for the nobility.

Also known by the names Tussar, Tassar, Tasar, or Kosa silk, Tussah silk naturally has a golden-beige hue, though it can be dyed. The fabric derived from it is firm and stiff, and is popularly used to craft traditional sarees in India.

Bourette silks, such as noil or schappe silk, are created from the short silk fibers left over from the production of other silk types. Instead of being discarded, these leftovers are spun into silk yarn. Bourette silks are soft, lightweight, comfortable, breathable, and slightly less lustrous than classic silks. They bear a more organic appearance, being less fine and delicate, and are hence frequently used to manufacture everyday clothing.

Dupioni silk, despite deriving from the mulberry silk moth, is partly spun, resulting in an irregular thread structure characterized by small nubs. This silk type is highly valued for its unique aesthetic and remarkable ability to absorb dyes.






Which silk clothes can you buy at eigensinnig wien?

At eigensinnig, our boutique in Vienna and our online shop offers high-quality designer fashion made from precious silk. Our silk offerings cater primarily to women, but we also have selections for men.

We rarely think in terms of gender categories. Many of our designer pieces can be worn by all genders.

Our collection includes:

  1. Silk Suits: We make extraordinary women's silk suits from fine silk fabrics, mainly in black, for an all-black outfit, our speciality.

  2. Silk Scarves: Italian silk scarves from the high-quality fabric manufacturer Faliero Sarti can also be found in our avant-garde collections. You can also find fine silk scarves from our studio. They can be paired with anything and are a real treat for the skin. These are high-quality silk scarves for an elegant look.

  3. Silk Tops, Blouses, and Shirts: Our silk tops for women are perfect for summer. This also goes for our silk blouses and shirts, and our unique to extravagant silk dresses.

  4. Silk Dresses: Whether it's a midi silk dress or a long evening silk dress, we've got it. We also have silk wrap dresses for women that can be worn as a light coat.

  5. Pleated Silk Dresses: You can find elegant pleated dresses for women made of silk in black. We also offer casual black silk dresses for leisure and holidays that can be transformed into unconventional skirts.

  6. Silk Trousers: We also have offerings for airy silk pants. Pair it with a silk coat and an extravagant silk jumpsuit to transform it into an extraordinary trouser suit for women.

Our collection predominantly features black, our favourite color, which is often considered the color of the avant-garde.

To learn more about our summer outfits made of silk, read our article "Extraordinary Silk Clothing for Women in Summer". We guarantee that you will find your personal silk summer dress for your black look with us.

Read our article “Exceptional silk clothing for women in summer” here.





Our silk clothing service

If you're intrigued by designer fashion made from silk and want to explore more about this exquisite material, we invite you to visit our fashion boutique in Vienna. Here, you will discover high-quality women's fashion with unique designs.

Our knowledgeable team is available to assist you onsite, helping you find the silk clothing that best suits your style and needs. We specialize in crafting all-black outfits, as most of our designer clothing is predominantly black.

Whether you're looking for a sophisticated silk business outfit or an elegant summer suit, eigensinnig wien is the perfect destination. We're dedicated to providing personalized service and style advice to help you curate the perfect wardrobe that embodies your unique style and individuality.

So, come visit us at eigensinnig wien and explore the allure of silk fashion. We look forward to serving you.



Bespoke tailoring for silk clothing in Vienna


Bespoke tailoring for silk clothing in Vienna.


That's absolutely right. At eigensinnig wien, we pride ourselves on our continuous evolution and commitment to craftsmanship. The name "eigensinnig" in German means "obstinacy" in English and stands for our determination to create pieces that are truly distinctive and unique.

In addition to our ready-to-wear pieces, we also offer custom tailoring services in our in-house studio. We believe that clothing should be an extension of your individuality, and we strive to create silk garments that perfectly fit your style and silhouette.

Toni Woldrich, the mastermind behind Eigensinnig Vienna, is known for his commitment to unique and high-quality designs. His avant-garde fashion style surprises, impresses, and, most importantly, emphasizes your individual character. Toni’s designs are dominated by the color black, a testament to the sophistication and versatility of this classic color.

Whether you're shopping for silk jumpsuits, elegant blouses, or extravagant trousers, you can explore our collection online. We offer a comprehensive size table to guide your selection, and our team is readily available to answer any queries via chat, phone, or email.

However, if you happen to be in Vienna, we encourage you to stop by our boutique. There, you can touch and try on our silk clothing, experiencing its high quality and comfort on your skin.

Our boutique has been serving the fashion community for over a decade, and we remain as passionate and dedicated as ever. Through constant evolution and commitment to quality, Eigensinnig Vienna continues to set the standard for avant-garde, high-end fashion. Come, join us on this sartorial journey and let us help you express your unique personality through our silk creations.