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Chiara Soft Pashmina Scarf Made of Cashmere-Silk-Wool in Mauve

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Italian Designer Scarf for Men and Women in Mauve. A Genuine Cashmere Scarf for Men and Women with a Wool-Silk Blend for Autumn and Winter.

The Soft Pashmina Scarf Made of Cashmere-Silk-Wool

This exquisite blend of cashmere, silk, and virgin wool is more than just a combination of high-quality materials. It's a symphony of the senses. This genuine cashmere scarf for men and women offers unparalleled softness that feels like a second skin.

The high-quality silk adds a subtle shine to this cozy scarf. While the wonderfully soft virgin wool provides not only the necessary warmth for the cooler months but also a breathable quality.

The Italian Designer Scarf for Men and Women in Mauve

The color mauve in this Italian designer scarf is not just a visual experience but also an emotional journey. It evokes the soft hues of twilight, thereby giving this fancy scarf for men and women a mystical aura.

How to Wear this Fancy Scarf with Fringes for Autumn and Winter

Chiara offers you a wide range of wearing and combination options. Whether as a long scarf, large winter scarf or blanket scarf, find your inspiration here:

As an Elegant Men's Scarf

This elegant scarf for men is not just a fashionable accessory but a statement. Wear it as a protective winter scarf with an elegant men's suit. We highly recommend pairing it with the extravagant wool blazer "Argo" in black. Complemented by the elegant, black wool baggy suit trousers "Allegro" made of the same material.

For Your Sporty-Elegant Look

For a sporty-elegant look, combine this chunky scarf with the special denim jacket "Popper." For a total denim outfit, we recommend the tapered cotton jeans "Feuerhaken." This look is suitable not only for men but also as a denim outfit with baggy jeans for women.

A Touch of Luxury

For women, this designer scarf is more than just an accessory. It's an expression of individuality and elegance. Wear this luxurious, soft scarf with the exceptional mohair winter coat with hood "Heraklit." To avoid cold ears, pair it with the unconventional mohair beanie "Ehrenfels" made of the same fabric.

The Monochrome Accent

As a color accent to your all-black outfit, this oversized scarf for women is the perfect complement. Pair it with the long, black wool knit coat "Rhea." Want a complete black knit set? Complete the look with the black oversized knit wool sweater "Rosa" and the black wool knit trousers "Medea."

Whether as a women's stole for your avant-garde dress or properly tied as a balaclava scarf. As a loop scarf for men and women or as a large winter scarf to drape around. Discover our selection of elegant luxury pashmina scarves and shawls from Faliero Sarti and eigensinnig wien.

Our range of unique avant-garde designer fashion for men and avant-garde clothing for women offers you even more options.

How to Care for Your Luxurious Cashmere-Silk-Wool Scarf

The care of this luxurious Faliero Sarti scarf requires special attention. We recommend hand washing with a mild wool detergent to preserve the integrity of the fibers. To dry the soft scarf for men and women you should lay Chiara down flat, away from direct sunlight.


Brand: Faliero Sarti

Color: Mauve

Material: 38% Cashmere / 35% Silk / 27% Virgin Wool

Scarf-Style: Soft pashmina scarf

Faliero Sarti in eigensinnig wien. High-quality, Italian designer scarves and shawls in our showroom and online shop.

Faliero Sarti has gained renown for creating high-quality scarves with innovative designs for both men and women. The company has its base in Tuscany, the heart of Italy, since its foundation in 1949. The fabric factory located there creates the masterful pieces from the finest natural materials.

Just like with us in eigensinnig wien, each of our products is a narrative in itself. A testament to craftsmanship and passionate devotion. Our creations reflect these elements in their design and manufacture.

Whether you are looking for an elegant, long scarf for men in winter. Or a fine silk scarf for women. A warm wool scarf in black, or a high-quality pashmina shawl. Faliero Sarti offers shawls and scarves for men and women that excel in quality and sustainability.

From an oversized scarf to a fancy scarf like a women's stole, all the way to a cozy scarf for winter. Wear Faliero Sarti scarves anywhere and anytime as an expression of your sense of elegant comfort and unparalleled luxury.

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