High quality linen clothes for women in summer

Hochwertige Leinenkleidung für Damen im Sommer im eigensinnig wien



Linen clothes for women in summer

Discover your summer look with the exclusive linen fashion for women from eigensinnig wien. Exceptional avant-garde clothes: sophisticated and unconventional.

Summer, often metaphorized as a voyage, marks the era of adventures, liberty, and indelible memories. It is a season when the sensations of warmth and solace harmoniously mingle with the uniqueness of fashion. It's a pivotal moment to bid farewell to the heavy attire of winter and bask in the lightness of summer clothing.

Linen serves as the exemplar of this transformation, particularly for women who cherish a blend of comfort and style in the sunny season. We would like to illuminate why our designer fashion with a primary focus on linen paves the way for an exceptionally comfortable summer wardrobe. And, allow us to introduce the spectrum of linen garments we have intricately crafted for you this season, covering an extensive range of premium women's linen clothing.

Our offering features breezy linen summer pants, complemented by Bermudas and other stylish shorts for women. We have extravagant summer blouses and luxurious oversized T-shirts, each crafted from the finest Belgian linen. Be it a statement-making linen jumpsuit or a chic linen women's suit you're seeking, we've got you covered. An enduring summer staple in our collection is the quintessential linen dress.

At eigensinnig wien, we take pride in delivering distinctive plus-size linen clothing and a myriad of other unique pieces. You can explore and shop our array of superior women's linen clothing online. Alternatively, we would be delighted to welcome you in person to our fashion boutique nestled in the heart of Vienna.

You're invited to purchase from our curated selection of superior linen apparel for women through our online shop. Alternatively, we warmly welcome you to visit us at our fashion boutique in Vienna for a more personalized experience.

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Why opt for linen clothing in the summer?

The uniqueness of this material lies primarily in its natural cooling effect, making it ideal for hot days. It drapes loosely on the body, thereby promoting pleasant air circulation between the skin and fabric. Simultaneously, fashion crafted from linen exudes an elegant aura of freshness.



Why do you wear linen in summer?



Additionally, high-quality linen is distinguished by its exceptional moisture absorption capacity. It can retain up to 20 percent of its weight in water without imparting a damp sensation. Consequently, it ensures dry comfort, whether it's your hands or feet, even amidst soaring temperatures. Altogether, these features underscore linen's status as the exemplary fabric for summer.



The linen pants for women: timeless, lightweight, and perfect for summer

There are few things as delightful in summer as the sensation of linen against the skin. Be it for a sporty-chic casual look or everyday business attire, a comfortable and breezy pair of high-quality linen pants is a quintessential element of every stylish woman's capsule wardrobe.



The linen pants in summer for women in obstinate vienna



Explore our diverse array of distinctively styled linen trousers suited for varied occasions:

  • Linen Harem Pants: Embrace the lightness of our airy summer pants featuring wide legs and a low crotch. Choose from extravagant oversize styles or opt for the classic black. Whether extravagant in oversize style or more classic black.
  • Linen Baggy Pants: Catering to different preferences, we offer skater pants as well as loose, hip-cut linen baggies.
  • Classic Black Linen Pants: Available in both slim and straight-leg options, these pants are versatile essentials for the eigensinnig lady, adaptable to a sporty or elegant look.
  • And of course, our collection expands to include many more women's trousers. Unearth your perfect pair of summer pants under the "Women / Pants" category.


You may wonder, "How should I style the linen trousers?" We are here to assist you in curating your personalized linen ensemble for the summer. Don't miss out on the following section about linen pantsuits.

Pay us a visit at our fashion store located at Sankt-Ulrichs Platz in Vienna, and we would be delighted to offer our expert advice.



The linen shorts and bermudas for women - Our ideal summer shorts

With sunny days and rising temperatures, light and airy attire becomes a necessity. From linen shorts to Bermudas to short summer pants, we've got you covered. Depending on how you style them, these pieces can easily transcend from casual to elegant, crafting versatile summer looks.


Linen shorts and bermudas for women in obstinate vienna



Discover our diverse array of summer shorts for women and curate your personal summer aesthetic:

  • The Classic Linen Shorts: A timeless staple for women, these shorts offer the versatility to effortlessly dress up or down.
  • Linen Bermudas: Ideal for those seeking a bit more coverage for their legs, without compromising the breezy luxury that short linen trousers provide.


Linen shorts, specifically tailored for the strong-minded eigensinnig woman, often feature a slightly low crotch to ensure freedom of movement and comfortable wear.

Have you ever considered a women's shorts suit? Read on to discover how uniquely chic a summer suit with shorts can appear.




The Linen Jumpsuit for Women - A One-Piece Wonder for Your Linen Ensemble

The jumpsuit, a summer staple for women, has long secured its place as an indispensable item in designer fashion. What sets it apart is not only its versatility but also its capacity to reveal different facets of the wearer's personality.



The linen jumpsuit for women in obstinate vienna



Our extravagant linen jumpsuits, designed with harem pants, are ideally suited for the scorching summer months. Featuring unique details such as a low crotch, wide legs, and asymmetrical seams, it encapsulates style without sacrificing comfort, thanks to its breathable and lightweight texture.

Whether you gravitate towards a laid-back dungaree style or a refined jumpsuit, our black jumpsuit allows you to showcase your Eigensinnig ethos on the outside.




The women's linen suit

We strongly believe that a pantsuit deserves a place in every 'eigensinnig' woman's capsule wardrobe. Contemporary women often opt for linen pantsuits in the summer, which, when fashioned in a chic, elegant black, makes for a powerful ensemble.

Our women's linen suit radiates a particular finesse and confidence, encapsulating the persona of a modern woman ready to break boundaries and assert her individuality. A pantsuit allows women to strike a balance, accentuating their femininity and strength in equal measure.



The linen trouser suit for women in the summer in obstinate vienna



Our assortment of women's linen suits isn't limited to just one style, mirroring the notion that there isn't just one type of Eigensinnig woman. We've fashioned a variety of linen ensembles that echo the 'Eigensinn' (i.e., obstinacy or headstrong spirit) of the wearer.

Ranging from elegant and timeless to extravagant and modern, and from classic and sporty-elegance to oversized or slim fit styles. Whether it's for your everyday attire, a modern business look, a summer wedding (as a bride or a guest), or simply a beach vacation, we've got you covered.

  • The Classic Black Suit: The timeless classic for a summer business look. The slim-cut linen trousers serve as elegant suit trousers. Headstrong women might prefer it as a festive linen pantsuit, a stunning alternative to the traditional wedding dress. Coupled with a waistcoat, it forms an extraordinary three-piece suit, embodying both elegance and extravagance.
  • The Modern Linen Pantsuit for Women: Linen pantsuits exuding a refined "old money" aesthetic are particularly popular. This style merges vintage allure with timeless elegance, lending an aura of sophistication and luxury to the wearer - even in the summer heat.
  • The Extravagant Suit with Harem Pants: An avant-garde linen suit featuring harem pants or an oversized blazer epitomizes pure eigensinnig spirit. Unconventional, eye-catching, and a statement piece for the headstrong woman, it goes without saying that the relaxed cut also promises utmost comfort.
  • The Shorts Suit: We always advocate that rules are not always meant to be followed. Hence, we recommend pairing the right Bermuda shorts with your summer blazer on hotter days.
  • The Androgynous Pantsuit: In an era when gender roles are increasingly fluid, our pantsuits seamlessly play with both feminine and masculine cuts.


These unique combinations express individuality and current trends, adding an exceptional touch to your look. In this way, the pantsuit serves as a manifestation of the bold and original style inherent in every Eigensinnig woman.




The Linen Blouse for Women: Distinctively Elegant and Extravagant

The blend of sophisticated cuts and timeless elegance renders the linen blouse an ideal partner for everyday wear or even for upscale evening events.



The linen blouse for women in the summer in obstinate vienna



At eigensinnig wien, we offer an assortment of linen blouses, whether you're seeking an elegant blouse or a linen blouse-jacket.

  • The Distinctively Elegant Linen Blouse: Be it a sleek black or summery white blouse, you'll find our unique interpretations in both slim and relaxed silhouettes. Details such as an asymmetrical cut are often characteristic of our distinctively elegant blouses for women.
  • The Oversized Linen Blouse: With its relaxed cut, it imparts an effortlessly casual vibe to your ensemble, perfect for embracing the oversized style.
  • The Linen Shirt for Women: Ranging from oversized to slim fit, a linen shirt always keeps you at the pinnacle of fashion.


Visit our showroom to discover the perfect linen blouse that complements your personal style.




The Linen Dress for Women - The Epitome of Summer Comfort

The lightweight linen summer dress for women personifies both elegance and comfort, even amidst the searing heat. Our designer dresses are sometimes sleek, sometimes extravagant, at times tailored slim and then at others, in an oversized cut.

  • The Breezy Linen Summer Dress: Comfortable and imbued with timeless aesthetics, it accentuates the individuality of every woman. Minimalist lightweight dresses for all occasions.
  • The Elegant Black Linen Dress: Transition seamlessly from day to night, perfect for moving from the office to after-work soirees in the summer.
  • The Linen Shirt Dress: A classic choice for ladies who value a timeless look.
  • The Linen Tunic: With its airy, lightweight, and relaxed cut, it's ideal for hot days. Black tunic dresses provide a summery, elegant look suitable for all summer events.


High-quality linen dresses are not only a fashion statement but also deliver superior comfort to the wearer. The cooling effect of the linen makes it the ultimate choice for those who appreciate breezy summer dresses.




Extravagant Women's Linen T-Shirts - Boundless Styling Possibilities

The linen T-shirt has been a timeless staple since its inception and is the ideal summer ally. Easy to wear and effortlessly versatile. Paired with our baggy linen trousers or slim-cut linen pants, it achieves a relaxed summer look. Or, when combined with black suit trousers, it creates a sporty yet elegant appearance for the woman.



Extravagant linen t-shirts for women in summer



At eigensinnig wien, we offer a diverse range of women's linen T-shirts:

  • The Oversized Linen T-shirt: A must-have for every summer wardrobe. With its relaxed fit, the oversized T-shirt is perfect for cultivating an individualistic look.
  • The Classic Linen T-shirt: A true summer specialty due to its pleasant feel and durability. The unyielding character of the classic linen T-shirt often manifests itself in asymmetrical decorative seams.
  • The Black Linen Long Shirt: Transverse, diagonal seams lend these long linen shirts a distinctive, unconventional style that is quintessential to us.


The timeless fashion designs in black and the exceptional quality define our summer linen T-shirts. Whether oversized or long, these T-shirts can transition seamlessly across seasons thanks to their versatility.




On Linen Jackets and Blazers for Women

We've all experienced it – despite the summer heat during the day, a cool breeze often greets us in the evening. For such times, we recommend opting for an elegant linen shirt jacket. It epitomizes the perfect fusion of comfort and style.


From linen jackets and linen blazers for women in summer



To ensure you're equipped for all scenarios, we craft both linen jackets and blazers for women:

  • The lightweight linen summer jacket: This can often double up as an elegant women's linen blazer. Paired with matching linen trousers, it can be seamlessly combined to create a stylish women's linen pantsuit.
  • The women's linen blazer: Be it an oversized linen blazer or a lightweight summer blazer, it offers endless possibilities. A uniquely designed long blazer promises an exceptionally extravagant look.


Linen blazers and shirt jackets blend timeless elegance with summer comfort, offering versatile wearability. Whether as a component of a linen suit or combined for a sporty, chic linen look, our collection includes 'eigensinnig' blazers for women in plus-size too.

Visit our showroom and let us guide you in discovering your perfect summer look.




Linen Ponchos and Oversized Linen Coats

Linen is not only exceptional as a foundational piece, but also impresses with its potential for unique silhouettes. At eigensinnig wien, we enjoy exploring the unfamiliar, the extraordinary, the 'eigensinnig' that pervades our everyday life.



Linen ponchos and oversized linen coats for the summer in obstinate vienna



Here are a few tops for women that mirror our obstinate mindset:

  • Linen Ponchos and Capes: Distinctive style for distinctive women. With a linen poncho, you are well-prepared for mild summer nights. Even in summer, mornings and evenings can sometimes be cooler. The cape is therefore perfect to always have on hand and to throw over when needed.
  • Linen Coats: A linen coat provides the perfect transition from high daytime temperatures to cooler evening temperatures. Whether you're looking for an oversized coat or a light summer coat with a hood, we've got you covered.


Are you in search of a linen coat for women? We're glad to assist you in finding the perfect one at eigensinnig wien.




Linen hats and beanies for women

The sun is shining and women want to protect herself. That being said, our right headwear is more than just an accessory.


Linen hats and beanies for women in summer


Linen hats for women are ideal for hot summer days. Not only do they offer protection from the sun, but they are also breathable and lightweight. Apart from the protective function, our hats are a suitable accessory for every woman's linen outfit.

Whether it's a linen bucket hat or a fancy long beanie, they give every outfit a special touch. They allow women to keep a cool head in summer. And they perfectly complement your personal, 'eigensinnig' look.

Discover our selection of unconventional headwear in our online shop.



Linen Clothing in Plus Size

We think extraordinary clothes is not a question of body shape. Just as style is not a question of age. That's why we always make our designer clothes in plus size for women. After all, Prêt-à-Porter means "made to wear".

What kind of plus size clothes can you find here in eigensinnig wien?

  • Women's suits and festive two-piece suits in plus size
  • Extravagant blouses in plus size
  • Fancy t-shirts in plus size
  • Linen dresses in plus size
  • Extraordinary jackets and unique blazers in plus size
  • And of course 'eigensinnig': harem pants and baggy pants in plus size
  • and many more


As you can see, at eigensinnig you will find designer linen clothes in plus size.



Linen clothing in large sizes for the summer in obstinate vienna



If your size is already sold out or you have a special request for your personal garment in your size. Please Contact us. We always strive to create your personal clothing. We are specialized in custom-made garments and also respond to special customer requests.

Read more about our exclusive tailoring in our studio in Vienna in our magazine.

Visit us in our showroom at Sankt-Ulrichs-Platz and let us advise you.