Drop Crotch Pants for Men and Women

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Designer Drop Crotch Pants im Avantgarde Mode Stil von eigensinnig wien





Designer Drop Crotch Pants

What are Drop Crotch Pants? Where do they come from? Which variations of these unusual Drop Crotch Pants are available? Discover the many facets of the extraordinary Drop Crotch Pants at eigensinnig wien.



The Drop Crotch Pants. A garment that transcends the boundaries of conventional fashion. They are far more than just trousers with a low crotch, as the name suggests. They are a statement, an expression of individuality and can be a reflection of the soul.

Like a work of art in a gallery, they are waiting to be seen, felt and interpreted.






The Origins Of The Unconventional Drop Crotch Pants


A women wearing a drop crotch pants in black with a wide leg in an extravagant pose  

Drop Crotch Pants are a testament to cultural evolution. Their history is deeply rooted in the traditions of the nomads of the Orient and the Middle East. For these cultures, everyday life was characterized by physical work and long trips. The combination of comfort and functionality was therefore of crucial importance.

The Drop Crotch Pants are an echo of these needs that still resonates today. They embody freedom and independence. These values have always been an integral part of human history. 


In the modern fashion world, they have established themselves as a bold and unconventional design element. It has set new aesthetic as well as functional standards. They are clearly different from conventional trouser styles and offer a unique silhouette that immediately catches the eye.






The Innovative Design Of The Drop Crotch Pants And Their Advantages


The innovative design of the Drop Crotch Pants and their advantages


The Drop Crotch Pants redefine the boundaries of modern fashion. They are the result of a careful design philosophy that harmonizes aesthetics and functionality. The drop crotch is not only an eye-catching design element, but also serves a practical purpose. It offers freedom of movement that conventional trouser models often lack.

The innovative design is complemented by the use of high-quality materials. These not only ensure that the trousers are comfortable to wear, but also guarantee their durability. In combination, these elements create a both comfortable and stylish experience.




The Drop Crotch Pants at eigensinnig wien


The drop crotch pants at eigensinnig wien and their versatile silhouettes



From sophisticated wool pants for women in winter with drop crotch to black baggy trousers for men in fall. Whether unconventional linen trousers for women or comfortable men's trousers with an elastic waistband. We have a wide selection of Drop Crotch Pants, Low Crotch Pants and Harem Pants for men and women.




Designer Drop Crotch Pants for Men




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The Extravagant Harem Pants


Harem Pants for men and women are of the most eye-catching versions of drop crotch pants. They have their roots in the clothing of the nomadic peoples of the Middle East.

The low crotch and wide legs were designed for maximum freedom of movement. They also offered protection in hot, dry climates. In modern fashion, they have established themselves as a statement of individuality and freedom.

Our extravagant styles include 3/4-length harem trousers for women. In warmer months, they can be worn with sandals for a casual look. But this style is also comfortable in the colder months. Wear them with our knitted wool leg warmers to prevent your ankles from freezing.



The extravagant harem pants

Would you like to buy an unconventional pair of Harem Pants? We recommend the black harem pants "Russell". Made from the finest Belgian linen, these cropped trousers hug the calves from the knee down. The upper leg, on the other hand, has the greatest possible freedom.







The Comfortable Sarouel Trousers


Sarouel trousers are another interesting variation that originated in the Arab world. The name "sarouel" is derived from the Arabic word "sirwal". These trousers are traditionally worn by men and women in Middle Eastern and North African countries.

Compared to harem pants, sarouel pants are usually made from finer materials and have a slightly more structured cut. This makes them a more elegant option.



The comfortable Sarouel trousers


We recommend our black sarouel trousers or Aladdin trousers "Tuareg" made from the finest cotton. The low crotch trousers have a wide elastic waistband at the hips and a wide hem. This can be individually adjusted using a black and white patterned horn button with a delicate loop.






The Elegant Low Crotch Pants


The low crotch pants are the sophisticated and stylish member of the drop crotch family. They are less eye-catching than harem pants or sarouel pants, but still offer the characteristic low crotch.

These pants are ideal for more formal occasions. They can be combined with elegant shirts or festive blouses and elegant shoes.



The elegant low crotch pants


For more elegant looks, we recommend our black low crotch trousers "Allegro" made from the finest cotton. With their simultaneous airiness and voluptuousness, these low crotch trousers combine alleged contradictions. They are "allegro irato", cheerful and furious at the same time. They are ideal if you want to buy matching trousers for unconventional men's suits or pant suits for women.







Casual Baggy Fit Trousers With A Low Crotch


Baggy trousers with a dropped crotch are the relaxed and uncomplicated alternative for everyday wear. They are very comfortable to wear thanks to their loose fit and low crotch. This style originally comes from the world of streetwear.

Today, these trousers have managed to establish themselves as a comfortable and stylish option.



Casual baggy fit trousers with a low crotch


If you are looking for baggy trousers, the black linen trousers "Goethe" might be the right choice. The low crotch of the baggy trousers offers space when walking, while the pleats give the leg a comfortable width. If you don't want to wear these unusual trousers casually and hip-hugging, you can add a belt for more support.







The Extraordinary Jumpsuit With Harem Pants


The jumpsuit with harem trousers combines the elegance of a one-piece garment with the unmistakable, comfortable fit of harem trousers.

It offers a seamless transition from a relaxed everyday look to a sophisticated evening outfit. This makes it a must-have for those who value a versatile and stylish look.


The extraordinary jumpsuit with harem pants


Whether you're looking for an extravagant or a casual everyday look: Our extravagant, black "Mallarmé" cotton jumpsuit is always an artistic statement.

It can be worn in any season and situation. The asymmetric seams and extravagantly placed zippers are important elements that define the extraordinary style of this jumpsuit.



From extravagant harem pants to elegant low crotch pants and baggy jeans with drop crotch: Our designer pants for men and women cover a wide range of needs.







The Drop Crotch Pants: An Ode To Natural Materials.


Whether lightweight linen trousers, cotton trousers with a drop crotch or loose-fitting trousers made of fine silk: the high-quality materials used in these comfortable pants for men and women hug the body as if they were part of it. They therefore offer a comfortable feel that is second to none.




Linen Drop Crotch Pants  


A material that has been prized for centuries for its breathable and cooling properties. At eigensinnig wien, we use the finest Belgian linen, which is known for its high quality and durability.


Our linen pants with a low crotch are not only an expression of style, but also of functionality. They are natural and airy. They offer timeless elegance that manifests itself in every detail.


Discover Men's Linen Collection




Wool is the material of choice for the colder months. The warming fabric protects against the adversities of winter. Merino wool, which is known for its fine and soft fibers, fits particularly well. At eigensinnig wien, it is processed in a way that is both luxurious and functional.

Our wool pants for men and women with a low crotch are not only warming, but also breathable and moisture-regulating. Perfect for fall and winter.


Discover Men's Wool Collection


Discover Women's Wool Collection

 Wool Drop Crotch Pants


 Cotton Drop Crotch Pants


Cotton is at the heart of many of our drop crotch pants. This versatile material is soft and feels good, like a hug from a loved one. We rely on high-quality cotton that is second to none in both texture and durability.

It is the material of choice for those looking for comfort and style all in one. It's also a breathable fabric that's perfect for everyday wear.


Discover Men's Cotton Collection


Discover Women's Cotton Collection




The ultimate luxury material. A flowing fabric that is almost as old as time itself and has a permanent place in the history of fashion. We use fine silk for pants that are not just beautiful to look at. They are a sensual experience.

The texture and subtle glow make them both visually and haptically impressive.


Discover Men's Silk Collection


Discover Women's Silk Collection

Silk Drop Crotch Pants


Denim Baggy Pants  


Jeans are the material of rebellion, freedom and independence. This robust and durable fabric has its origins in workwear. Over time, it has become a symbol of revolt.

The jeans at eigensinnig wien are of a particularly robust quality. At the same time, our material of choice radiates a sense of style. Our drop crotch style jeans are an expression of individuality and independence. They offer a durable and versatile option for any wardrobe.


Discover Men's Denim Collection

Discover Women's Denim Collection








How Do I Style Drop Crotch Pants?



Sporty-Elegant For Everyday Wear


Sporty-elegant for everyday wear

Do you want a sporty-elegant look? Combine your drop crotch pants with an extravagant sweater and high-quality sneakers. A chic watch or a discreet bracelet can complement the outfit. This style is ideal for everyday wear and harmoniously combines comfort and elegance.




Casual Chic


Casual chic

For a casual look, we recommend combining your drop crotch pants with an oversized T-shirt. You can wear them with a light jacket or a luxurious cardigan. Accessories such as a leather bag or an elegant belt can complement the outfit. This style is perfect for casual occasions and radiates a sort of relaxed yet sophisticated elegance.




Elegant For Festive Occasions


Elegant for festive occasions

For festive occasions or formal events, you can combine your drop crotch pants with a festive blouse or shirt. Complete the outfit with elegant shoes and a matching leather handbag. This style radiates elegance and sophistication and is perfect for special occasions.




All Black Everything


All Black Everything


For all lovers of the color black, we offer a wide range of black pants for men and women. For a monochrome look, you can combine them with other black clothes such as a black top. Wear them with black boots for an extravagant all-black look.

This look is both expressive and sophisticated. It is perfect for a variety of occasions, from casual to formal.








How Drop Crotch Pants Influence The Fashion World


Against Conformism – Redefining Style Boundaries

Drop Crotch Pants are not only a fashion statement, but also a political one. They challenge the status quo and break with traditional ideas of gender, form and function.

They are the stuff revolutions are made of. A symbol of liberation from the chains of society. Like a rebellious artist breaking the boundaries of traditional art forms. These pants also push the boundaries of what is considered acceptable in the fashion world.



Androgynous Texture – Breaking Gender Norms

Drop Crotch Pants are a textbook example for the deconstruction of gender norms. They have neither male nor female connotations.

Like a work of art that questions the duality of human existence in the sense of yin and yang, these pants question gender duality in fashion. They are an expression of freedom, individuality and human diversity.



Individuality – Expressing Fashionable Freedom

Drop Crotch Pants are more than just pants. They are a canvas for individual self-expression. They offer space for creativity and individuality in a world that is often uniform and monotonous.

These extraordinary trousers are like a blank sheet of paper. One that is waiting to be filled with words. So these pants are waiting to be filled with your personality.



Body Positivity – Feeling Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Drop Crotch Pants are a commitment to your own body. They are made for all body shapes and sizes and promote a healthy body image. Like a loving mirror that only reflects beauty, these pants emphasize the beauty of everyone. They are a safe home, a space of comfort and acceptance.







The Drop Crotch Pants As A Manifesto Of Fashion Freedom


The Drop Crotch Pants as a manifesto of fashion freedom  

Drop Crotch Pants represent far more than just a fashion choice. They are an expressive statement of freedom, individuality and creative self-expression. Almost like a blank canvas waiting to be painted by you.

At eigensinnig wien, we offer a carefully curated selection of these extraordinary pants. They impress with their stylish design as well as their incomparable comfort. Our collections are designed to give you the opportunity to push the conventional boundaries of fashion. We want you to be able to develop your own unique style.

It's time to free yourself from the constraints of traditional clothing norms. Discover the many possibilities opened up by the variety of Drop Crotch Pants.