Harem pants for men in autumn

Haremshosen und Baggy Hosen für Herren im Herbst



Harem pants and baggy pants for men 

Baggy pants, harem pants, and harem jumpsuits. In this article, we want to introduce you to three exceptional men's pants. We also delve into the history of harem pants and baggy pants, exploring their origins. And we'll show you how we at eigensinnig wien love to integrate these pants into our avant-garde clothes.


In this article, we showcase three defining men's pants styles from eigensinnig wien: the extraordinary Tuareg harem pants, the luxurious Rilke harem jumpsuit , and the distinctive Sloterdijk baggy pants.

With roots embedded in North African, Middle Eastern, and American cultures, these designs embody a rebellion against convention, the exhilaration of artistic liberty, and the indulgence of comfort. At eigensinnig wien, we employ these styles to reimagine boundaries and to craft a unique and unconventional expression of fashion that transcends tradition.







The extravagant men's harem pants: Tuareg - a masterpiece of avant-garde fashion

The unique harem pants for both men and women: A particularly extravagant specimen for expansive men's pants, they embody individualism and a rebellion against conventions. The avant-garde design originates from our atelier in Vienna, characterized by its unconventional cut and broad silhouette.

These trousers are crafted from sustainable Italian cotton, which feels comforting against the skin, making them ideal for transitional seasons. The expansive legs ensure optimal freedom of movement, while the low crotch accentuates the unique design. Open fringes on the hem infuse these designer harem pants with a casual look, which still exudes an aura of luxury and superior craftsmanship.



Extravagant men's harem pants in black made of cotton



As the ultimate wide pants for the bold men who yearn for the extraordinary, these luxurious harem pants can be seamlessly paired with a slim men's blazer made from the same fabric and in the same color. For those who favor a more flamboyant approach, these pants can be paired with a kimono jacket in a Japanese style. This unconventional men's suit is a perfect manifestation of avant-garde audacity and refined rebellion.



The baggy pants for men: Sloterdijk - an extraordinary oversize trousers

With the Sloterdijk baggy pants for men, we have crafted a unique men's trouser design. The deep navy hue emphasizes the complexity and depth of the design, which experimentally bridges the gap between classic form and innovative reinterpretation.

These trousers, sewn from sustainable Italian fabrics in a small, owner-operated workshop in Slovenia, stand as a symbol of quality and luxury. The soft-flowing material, a blend of linen and wool, is exceptionally fine and soft. The wide cut fosters a casual look that remains of high quality and exclusivity. Quintessentially avant-garde.



Baggy pants for men made of linen and wool in navy blue in the eigensinnig wien online shop



Whether for an evening in an upscale restaurant or a visit to an art gallery, these baggy pants are the perfect attire for style-savvy men who operate beyond the conventional. Paired with a shirt or t-shirt and the matching oversized kimono jacket "Sayaka," it forms a men's suit that is as distinct and unorthodox as the men who don it.



The harem jumpsuit: Rilke - A luxurious silk harem pants

The Rilke Harem Jumpsuit, a premium men's harem pant, defies the traditional concept of luxury, redefining it in a striking manner. Fashioned from fine, black silk, this jumpsuit melds elegance and comfort in a matchless way.

Leveraging our years of experience and proficiency in crafting remarkable harem pants, the jumpsuit's design is extravagant yet refined. The ample cut of the trousers and the intricate design of the top yield a flowing, harmonious appearance that captivates at first sight.



Black jumpsuit with harem pants made of silk in the eigensinnig wien online shop



The Rilke jumpsuit is a statement piece for summer and autumn, impressing with its uniqueness and exclusivity. Paired with the coordinating shirt jacket and standout accessories, it becomes the perfect ensemble for the cooler days and nights of the transitional seasons.



Men's plus-size harem pants and baggy pants

At eigensinnig wien, we believe that fashion knows no boundaries - not in terms of expression, creativity, or size. That's why we also offer our extraordinary men's fashion in plus-size, including trousers in XXXL and beyond. We recognize the individuality of each person and believe that clothing should express this, irrespective of body size.

Our range of plus size harem pants provides a stylish and comfortable option for the fashion-conscious gentleman. Their relaxed design, fused with an artistic silhouette, makes them an ideal garment for men in larger sizes, offering a perfect blend of comfort and style.

Similarly, our plus-size baggy pants are perfect for the man who wishes to articulate his unique style in every facet of his life. Their generous cut ensures optimal freedom of movement, while their avant-garde design guarantees that style and elegance are never compromised.

We sell plus-size menswear because we believe that every man, regardless of size, has the right to express himself fashionably and wear clothes that mirror his personality. We aim to encourage the fashion industry to embrace and celebrate the diversity of human forms.



Our Tailor-Shop in Vienna

If your size is sold out or if the complete model is not available, we've got you covered. In our in-house tailor shop, we make custom-made harem pants and baggy pants for you, according to your measurements and preferences. Whether it's the harem pants in XXL or the men's baggy pants in oversized fits, we ensure a perfect fit tailored to your unique style.




The extraordinary harem pants in avant-garde fashion

At eigensinnig wien, we see men's harem pants not just as a garment, but as a medium to express individuality and creativity. The roots of harem pants can be traced back to the cultures of North Africa and the Middle East, where they were originally worn as a unisex garment. Their signature design, featuring a dropped crotch and wide legs that taper toward the ankles, inspires us to explore new silhouettes and forms in our fashion.

Harem pants made their way into Western fashion in the early 20th century, notably through the designs of Paul Poiret, an avant-garde French fashion designer. Poiret was known for his efforts to reshape the female silhouette, moving away from the constraints of corsets towards more natural forms. When he introduced his version of the harem pant in 1911, he challenged traditional fashion norms, presenting a radically new and comfortable option.

In our work at eigensinnig wien, we align with this rebellious philosophy. We often incorporate harem pants into our avant-garde fashion as they offer a creative platform to experiment with silhouettes and textures. With their unique shape, we have the opportunity to play with volume, draping, and proportions.

For us, harem pants symbolize a departure from traditional gender roles and conformity, concepts that form the core of our fashion philosophy. Moreover, the functionality of harem pants plays a significant role for us. With their extraordinary comfort and freedom of movement, they make a profound statement about our appreciation for sustainability, functionality, and comfort.

Harem pants recurrently feature in our collections, perfect for challenging the status quo and pushing fashion boundaries. They represent our passion, creativity, and commitment to creating unique and distinctive fashion that echoes the bold and individualistic spirit of our customers.



The History of Men's Baggy Pants and Their Origins

As an avant-garde fashion label, we at eigensinnig wien challenge ourselves to operate beyond the bounds of convention. We draw inspiration from various style movements, one of which is men's baggy pants. This trend originated from the American hip-hop culture of the late 1980s and early 1990s. The rebellious youth of the era embraced baggy pants as a symbol of their identity and resistance against established norms.

At eigensinnig wien, we appreciate baggy pants for their unique silhouette and their potential for stylistic experimentation. They offer a refreshing departure from traditionally snug-fitting men's pants, allowing us to play with shapes, proportions, and fabrics.

But baggy pants are more than just a fashion statement; they're characterized by their comfort and functionality. They provide ample freedom of movement, making them ideal for an active, urban lifestyle. For instance, we've reinterpreted the linen skate pants, inspired by the 1990s.

In our avant-garde fashion collection, we adopt the baggy pant, not merely as a fashion element, but as a manifestation of our desire to challenge traditional gender roles and clothing norms. It's a prime example of how we at Eigensinnig Wien strive to redefine fashion boundaries and create novel forms of expression.

We regard men's baggy pants as an indispensable part of a versatile wardrobe. They can be paired with a diverse range of garments, from casual t-shirts and sweatshirts to formal men's blazers and jackets. This makes them perfect for the modern, style-conscious man who dares to step beyond the norm and craft his distinctive style.