Japanese harem pants for men in summer

Leichte und luftige Sommerhosen bei eigensinnig wien




Light Japanese harem pants for men in summer

Harem pants and baggy pants in summer for men

Spring has already begun, the sun's rays are getting stronger, and many are already dreaming of summer. However, in many countries, temperatures are high all year round, which is why people have adapted their clothing accordingly.

The harem pants, which can hardly be surpassed in terms of comfort, come from the Orient. Their cut is unique and the fabric is breathable, so that the greatest possible wearing comfort is given even in high heat.

As it's well known, people from hot countries do not expose themselves to the direct sun, but cover themselves with turbans and long dresses. The light harem summer trousers were initially created for purely practical reasons. In the West, she became known through stories and film adaptations of Middle Eastern themes. This also includes the fairy tales from 1001 Night with Aladdin and the magic lamp. The harem pants are therefore also called Aladdin pants.

Eigensinnig wien has taken a creative look at this style and designed airy, light and elegant summer trousers in the style of avant-garde fashion. Some of them are named after Western writers such as Goethe, Rilke or Kafka. This is how the harem pants are integrated into western culture.







Light harem pants for women and men

It is often an art to feel the moment, because we usually think about the future or remain mentally in the past. The here and now, i.e. the present, is of inestimable importance.



Every moment is of infinite value.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Clothing makes a significant contribution to enjoying the moment. Only those who feel good can feel this. An ideal contemporary companion are the exceptional harem pants "Goethe", light jeans for the summer made of elastic cotton, which are also available in a version made of black linen.

The model designed by eigensinnig wien, the avant-garde fashion label from Vienna, has a straight leg and a low crotch. It is worn casually on the hips, but can also be adjusted higher by using a belt.



Black harem pants and baggy pants with low crotch and pleats for men and women. Goethe online at eigensinnig wien and in the fashion shop for avant-garde fashion. express delivery




Since these light summer trousers for men and women are neither too wide nor too tight on the leg, this results in a look that can be easily combined with a wide variety of tops such as the narrow “Popper” jacket or the loose “Nevermind” T-shirt.

These idiosyncratic designer trousers are also available in large sizes and therefore also appeal to people who do not wear a standard size. If you are unsure about the fit, you have the option of having your harem pants made individually in our in-house tailoring shop according to your personal preferences and measurements.




Black overall for summer

Those who internalize the consciousness of Rilke will find their place on earth. The meaning of life that is often sought is already there and simply has to be lived. Through birth, a new being comes into the world that will go its own way. Personality is expressed externally in the way you choose your clothes.

The choice can fall on a fancy harem pants outfit. "Rilke" is an baggy overall made of fine silk in black for festive events such as weddings. This luxurious jumpsuit, whose modern design corresponds to the harem pants trend, can be purchased in the fashion shop in Vienna Neubau, but also in the online shop.




Extravagant jumpsuit with harem pants and low crotch in black for men and women. Rilke in the online shop of eigensinnig wien. Avant-garde fashion for men and women. Express delivery worldwide




This designer fashion in black is not only available in standard sizes, but also up to size 3XL. The high-end fashion overall can be worn excellently in combination with the black coat "Athena" or the casual shirt jacket "Thoreau".



Anyone who preserves the ability to see beauty
will never grow old.

Franz Kafka



Lightweight summer pants with a low crotch

If you apply Kafka's wisdom, it becomes clear that beyond the inner beauty of the human being, what surrounds us, what envelops us, also counts. If we are dressed well, this promotes our well-being and we become more mature rather than older.

The harem pant styling is anything but superficial. Buying summer trousers called “Kafka” is even less so. We go the new way of positive metamorphosis. We transform ourselves into attractively dressed souls who go through the day in light, airy summer pants made of high-quality cotton. An experience that enchants us and our surroundings.



Fancy harem pants with low crotch and narrow legs for women and men in black/blue. Discover Kafka online at eigensinnig wien. Avant-garde fashion in black for women and men. express delivery




If you prefer classic cuts, you will find airy trousers with normal step height and straight legs in the fashion shop in Vienna's new building and in the online shop. These models go particularly well with elegant men's jackets or women's blazers and dress you up stylishly for business appointments, a visit to the theater or festive occasions.




Baggy pants outfit for women and men

The baggy pants trend evolved with the hip-hop scene of the 1990s. This form of harem pants is characterized by its continuously wide cut on the legs.

Eigensinnig wien offers airy and light summer trousers such as "Marshall", "Zephyr", "Leontion" or "Sloterdijk" for men and women that correspond exactly to this casual style. These baggy jeans with wide legs represent freedom and airy elegance and are best worn with fitted tops. The interplay of wide and narrow proves to be particularly attractive here.

However, if you like it more casual, you can also be inspired by the oversize trend. Wide T-shirts and tops such as "Zizek" harmonize just as well with the idiosyncratic baggy pants.


Casual summer pants for men and women - Harem pants, overalls and baggy pants

Spring has already begun, the sun's rays are getting stronger, and many are already dreaming of summer. The harem pants, the jumpsuit or the baggy pants prove to be excellent companions for this warm season. You can find an overview of all the new models for women and men right here.

The use of fine fabrics such as high-quality cotton or silk and eye-catching details in the processing (large pockets, special seams, asymmetrical arrangements) make the designer pieces unique.

The avant-garde summer pants are characterized by high wearing comfort and also put the individuality of the individual in the foreground. This is also the vision of eigensinnig wien: to make the individual in people visible. If you want it individually, we also offer tailor-made harem pants and all other models.