Linen clothes for women at eigensinnig wien

Leinen: Das Naturmaterial für hochwertige Designermode für Damen




Linen: Designer women's fashion made of high-quality natural fabrics

Why the women can wear linen not only in summer but also in winter. And what extraordinary linen clothing we create in eigensinnig wien. And how linen is related to avant-garde fashion.

eigensinnig wien elegantly bridges the gap between traditional tailoring and innovative fashion. Our passion is relentlessly poured into the creation of avant-garde designs, predominantly showcased in the classic and ever-elegant shade of black. The assertive allure of our pieces epitomizes the spirit that has been shaping our label for over a decade, cementing our status as a trailblazer in the fashion world.

But what precisely sets our designer creations apart in this saturated realm of fashion? The secret lies in our unwavering commitment to the use of natural materials, with a particular emphasis on one standout fiber—linen.

This piece endeavors to bring our readers closer to the rich tapestry of history and utilitarian elegance that linen has to offer. We also explore how eigensinnig wien, through a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation, breathes life into this luxury natural fabric, creating truly exceptional fashion pieces.


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Linen in clothing: The sustainable natural material


Linen, celebrated as the oldest known natural fiber, is a bona fide wonder of nature. Revered for its versatility and environmental friendliness, it originates from the cerulean blooms of the flax plant and has held a treasured place in our world for millennia. Its esteemed reputation endures, securing its status as one of the most adored natural materials in the contemporary era.

At eigensinnig wien, we are drawn to materials that echo our avant-garde ethos. Hence, our long-standing collaboration with Libeco, a distinguished linen manufacturer hailing from Belgium. So, why Libeco and why Belgian linen?

Achieving a CO2-neutral status since 2014, the Belgian linen mill resonates with our deeply-held beliefs in sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Furthermore, the linen produced by Libeco is renowned for its robustness, comfort, and understated elegance—qualities perfectly aligning with eigensinnig wien's aesthetics.

Belgian linen reaps the benefits of optimal climatic conditions and superior soil quality. The temperate maritime climate marked by mild winters and cool summers, coupled with nutrient-rich soil, fosters the growth of more robust and enduring fibers. The result is clothing that offers a deeply gratifying sensory experience, while making a positive impact.


But how does this process unfold?

The journey from plant to fabric is a careful blend of artisanal craftsmanship and advanced technology. Flax plants are harvested, steeped, dried, and combed—a meticulous and labor-intensive endeavor that results in fine, supple fibers. These are then spun into yarns and ultimately woven into fabric of unparalleled quality. At eigensinnig wien, we honor the journey of each linen thread, allowing the intrinsic beauty of this sustainable material to shine in our designs.



Linen - What is the process?


Why do we use linen for exclusive women's fashion?

Linen's numerous benefits make it an ideal choice for high-end women's fashion. This natural fabric is breathable, hypoallergenic, and possesses inherent cooling properties—keeping you fresh in the summer while offering warmth in cooler months. In addition, it boasts immense durability, becoming softer and more comfortable with each wear.

At eigensinnig wien, we champion a unique elegance in our fashion. We adore linen's authentic, naturally crinkled aesthetic. The fabric "lives," evolves, and gathers wrinkles over time. This raw authenticity and the dynamic nature of the material are the heart of eigensinnig wien's appeal.


What types of linen garments can you find at eigensinnig wien?

Our collection includes women's linen trousers, ranging from extraordinarily breezy, relaxed silhouettes to slim-fit cuts—all, of course, in our signature black. We also offer extravagant, unconventional linen blouses, as well as linen jumpsuits for women, and lightweight summer jackets and blazers.

The allure of eigensinnig wien's linen collection extends beyond the fabric's innate elegance—it's also its versatility that enchants. The range of styles and looks one can create with our linen pieces is boundless, further elevating the appeal of this timeless, sustainable material.



How do you wash and care for linen?

The natural allure and breathability of linen are not its only qualities—it's also simple to launder and maintain. With the right care, linen remains robust and durable, preserving its unique characteristics for years to come.

For optimal upkeep, we recommend utilizing the delicate or hand-wash setting on your washing machine. Use cold water—up to a maximum of 30°C—and limit the spin to 400 revolutions.

Employ a good-quality liquid detergent, which is preferable for low-temperature washes and leaves no residue on the fabric. This method gently cleanses your linen, keeping it pristine and as good as new for an extended period.

Contrary to popular belief, it's best to avoid hand-washing linen garments. The even agitation of the washing machine provides a more uniform cleaning process, whereas hand-washing can result in uneven pressure and potential damage.

Also, it's wise to avoid tumble-drying linen. While it may be tempting to hasten the drying process, air-drying naturally is the way to go.


Linen inherently possesses an unpretentious charm, mirrored in its characteristic creases. These folds come naturally and contribute to the fabric's distinctive aesthetic.

For those who prefer their linen a touch smoother, there's an easy fix: simply iron the fabric while it's still slightly damp. Set your iron to a high heat setting with steam, and start with the garment's inside. This straightforward method allows you to add an extra touch of individuality to your eigensinnig wien linen pieces.



Linen for all seasons: A fabric for every weather


Linen for all seasons: A fabric for every weather


Spring brings with it a gentle awakening of nature, and linen is the perfect fabric to usher in this change of seasons. With unpredictable shifts from cool to warm, and everything in between, linen's thermo-regulating properties truly shine.

The fabric keeps you comfortably warm when the weather is a bit nippy, and as the sun emerges, it provides a cooling effect due to its breathability. A women's linen pantsuit or an inventive linen blouse can form a stylish foundation for your spring ensemble.

When summer comes around, linen's cooling properties become a godsend. As the temperatures rise and days grow longer, linen maintains its comforting freshness. With the ability to absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture before feeling damp, it's an ideal choice for hot summer days.

As autumn rolls in, unfurling a riot of colors and cooler temperatures, linen proves to be a loyal companion. Use linen garments as layering pieces with insulating materials such as wool or cashmere for added warmth. An oversized linen shirt or tunic under a cozy sweater is perfect for this transitional season.

Even in the harshest cold of winter, linen holds its own. While not as insulating as wool, linen can help retain body heat, making it an ally in warding off the winter chill.


As we've illustrated, linen is a remarkably versatile material that caters to every season and climate. While often associated with summer and warmth, linen is a fabric that adaptively responds to the wearer's needs and can be worn in any season.

At eigensinnig wien, you'll find high-quality linen clothing for women tailored for every season. Precisely designed to align with your requirements and personal style, our linen collection is an ode to the enduring elegance of this sustainable material.



Exceptional linen outfits for women

Exceptional linen outfits for women

Linen offers endless potential for creating innumerable looks that accentuate your individuality while placing you stylishly in the spotlight. Allow us to offer some suggestions for assembling your exclusive linen ensemble.

We have dedicated an entire piece to discussing quality women's linen clothing for the summer. In this in-depth article, we elaborate on our linen summer garments, providing inspiration on how you can craft your personal linen look. At eigensinnig wien, we're eager to guide you on your journey to discover the timeless allure and transformative potential of linen in summer. Read our recommendations here.



The sporty, elegant linen look for women: from business looks, festive occasions to everyday outfits

Regardless of whether you are looking for an ensemble for a festive occasion. Or put together your office dress code. With obstinate looks made of linen, the 'eigensinnig' woman finds the perfect balance between sporty nonchalance and timeless elegance.

  • A narrow linen trousers with a simple linen blouse in white. Complemented with a women's summer blazer, this outfit can easily be worn from office to dinner.
  • A minimalist black linen pantsuit paired with a linen t-shirt. Modern women like to opt for this interplay of contemporary and extravagant elegance.



Loose linen looks: specially prepared for hot days

As temperatures climb, the allure of relaxed women's linen clothing truly comes to the fore. Consider an oversized outfit incorporating elements of Japanese style, designed to allow the breeze to flow through the fabric. Such an ensemble enables you to navigate the day with both cool comfort and distinguished style.

  • A breezy linen dress with sandals and sunglasses. A look that is summery and light and elegant at the same time.
  • A combination of wide-cut baggy linen trousers and an oversized linen t-shirt. A suitable choice for your vacation.


Casual linen styles for women in summer

Linen proves to be a remarkable partner for a laid-back, leisurely aesthetic. The versatility and comfort of this natural fabric lend themselves beautifully to casual styles, underscoring the charm and ease of your off-duty looks.

  • Whether casual linen pants or short Bermuda shorts for women made of linen with a loose linen top. This creates a casual look.
  • A linen poncho or scarf can provide extra warmth and style when needed. And completes the outfit, which is perfect for a casual stroll through town or a relaxed weekend.



Linen in boho style: a touch of free spirit

The boho style is a testament to individuality and independence, and a bohemian linen look fits right into this aesthetic ethos. This style, characterized by its free-spirited and artistic undertones, is beautifully complemented by linen's natural texture and breathability.

  • Loosely cut linen trousers combined with oversized linen blouses express the obstinate aesthetics of the boho style.
  • Linen coats and linen accessories complement the overall look of every stylish woman.


Oversized Linen Looks: All Black Everything

For those who appreciate an avant-garde, artful aesthetic, the oversized black linen look is an exceptional choice. Drawing inspiration from Japanese fashion, this style is defined by its generously proportioned silhouettes. These designs not only provide ample freedom of movement but also ensure a comfortable fit.

  • An oversized linen blazer combined with baggy linen harem pants and minimalist accessories creates an attention-grabbing, artistic look.
  • A kimono jacket with baggy pants takes the Asian style to a new level.



Extravagant linen clothing à la Soho style: Urban elegance

The Soho style, born in the artistic districts of London and New York, exudes an urban edge that balances creativity with sophistication. Here, a fusion of minimalist and avant-garde linen attire fits seamlessly. With its sleek lines and modern silhouettes, linen proves its adaptability once again, catering to this urbane aesthetic with finesse.

  • A black linen trouser suit in combination with a simple linen blouse underlines the cosmopolitan flair of this style. Paired with flat shoes and a linen beanie hat, this look is both urban-chic and edgy.





Extraordinary linen trends: Natural aesthetics for the 'eigensinnig' woman

Linen is indeed a versatile material that integrates seamlessly into any style, while concurrently setting new trends in the world of fashion. Its adaptability, coupled with its timeless appeal and sustainable credentials, makes it a beloved choice for fashion enthusiasts and eco-conscious consumers alike.


The Old Money aesthetic is an expression of dignified luxury and quality that is never boastful. A linen pant suit for women combined with an extravagant linen blouse is a prime example of this style.

The classic color scheme and high-quality workmanship create an aura of understated elegance and timelessness. This is what makes the old money style so desirable.


Festive linen fashion for women

Linen not only makes an exceptional pick for daily wear, but it's also an ideal fabric for celebratory occasions. Be it a carefully chosen, elegant linen dress or a smartly tailored linen pantsuit, you're prepared for any event, from a garden party to an evening gala. The natural texture of linen lends an extraordinary, refined touch to your ensemble, elevating your appearance.


Linen in its rawest form

The natural texture of linen can indeed be highlighted in a more rugged style that underscores its raw materiality and simplicity.

Consider a simple linen jumpsuit or unconventional baggy linen harem pants. When paired with straightforward linen tops, the inherent beauty of the fabric is accentuated. This combination cultivates an authentic, minimalist look that is both effortless and striking.


Elegant women's linen fashion

For those seeking luxurious elegance, linen dresses and pantsuits provide a limitless palette of possibilities. With its natural draping and subtle sheen, linen exudes an inherent elegance, making it a perfect choice for formal or upscale events. Paired with select accessories and high-quality footwear, any linen ensemble transforms into a captivating spectacle.


Unusual linen fashion in large sizes for women

At eigensinnig wien, we uphold the belief that beauty doesn't adhere to a single size. This ethos informs our commitment to crafting women's linen fashion in larger sizes as well. The inherent softness and fluid drape of linen gently flatter the figure, while the material's versatility accommodates a spectrum of styles.

From oversized designs to tailored silhouettes that accommodate every woman, our offerings are as varied and unique as those who don them. Whether it's breezy linen trousers, distinctive linen blouses, or extraordinary linen dresses, our collection is designed to reflect and enhance the individuality of every woman.




Exclusive linen clothing in obstinate vienna: elegant, casual or extravagant


Exclusive linen clothing in eigensinnig vienna: elegant, casual or extravagant

At times, a single piece manages to embody these three aspects: the unique wearability of linen, its unique atmosphere, and an unconventional aesthetic.

From the classic linen blouse to the avant-garde linen pantsuit, linen brings a distinct charm to your wardrobe. We invite you to explore our comprehensive and multifaceted selection of linen womenswear at eigensinnig wien, where the diversity and adaptability of this natural fabric are fully celebrated.




Linen trousers for women: the embodiment of comfort and style


Linen trousers for women: the embodiment of comfort and style


Whether long or short, wide or narrow cut. Our breezy linen trousers for women are an absolute must-have in every wardrobe.

  • The timeless black linen trousers: The all-rounder with narrow, straight legs for sporty, elegant moments.
  • The extravagant linen trousers: whether harem trousers with the typically 'eigensinnig' low crotch. From Marlene pants to Palazzo pants. Unconventional or classic black.
  • The baggy pants made of linen: loosely cut at the hips or as skater pants for a cozy look.
  • The shorts for women: The classic. For casual or elegant combinations - e.g. for a pantsuit.
  • Linen Bermudas for women: For distinctive women who like to cover their legs a little more. But still want to enjoy the luxury of short linen trousers.
  • The linen jumpsuit for women: multifaceted and extraordinary. Whether with a low crotch or wide legs - the overall for women always achieves an uncomplicated look.



The fancy linen pantsuit for women


The fancy linen pantsuit for women


With us in eigensinnig wien there are limitless ways in which you can wear your pants suit. From timelessly elegant to unusually extravagant. Whether oversized or slim fit. It is suitable for the office as well as for a stroll through the city in summer. We have created a variety of outfits to offer you variety.

  • The classic black trouser suit: ideal for a business look with narrow, tight trousers. Or as a festive pant suit for the modern woman who prefers a suit to a wedding dress.
  • The modern trouser suit: Old Money aesthetics are often reflected here. The vintage charm, together with the elegance of the pants suit, conveys a touch of luxury.
  • The extravagant pants suit made of linen: Whether with harem pants or jumpsuit. Together with a fancy blazer for women. This variant promises that you will draw everyone's attention. The loose cut naturally ensures maximum comfort.
  • The linen trouser suit with linen shorts for women: particularly obstinate women like to opt for this combination. To present yourself stylishly even in warmer temperatures.




The diversified linen blouse


The varied linen blouse


The linen blouse for women is a true all-rounder and offers a multitude of styling options. From casual chic to formal occasions. It convinces with its high wearing comfort and casual elegance.

  • The unusual blouse made of linen: we have created various models with a narrow silhouette or a casual, loose cut. So that you can add an extraordinary and elegant style to your ensemble.
  • The oversize linen blouse: Suitable for women who prefer an uncomplicated, casual look.
  • The linen shirt: A fashion statement par excellence. In oversize or slim fit.

Not forgetting that linen blouses are great for layering. In this way, you can effortlessly master the transition between the seasons.




The linen T-shirt for women: an essential piece that always works


The linen T-shirt for women: an essential piece that always works


A linen t-shirt is more than just an ordinary basic piece. It represents the ultimate comfort that linen offers. And transforms even the most everyday outfit into a remarkable look.

  • The oversized t-shirt and long shirt made of linen: perfect for an extraordinary look with the loose fit. Relaxed fit.
  • The classic linen T-shirt: Innovative design that is timelessly extravagant thanks to the asymmetrical seams.


With linen shirts for women you can express casualness as well as a touch of luxury. It is perfect for hot summer days, but thanks to its breathable properties it also offers sufficient comfort on cooler days.




The obstinate linen dress

Elegant, casual and incredibly comfortable - the linen dress combines many properties.

  • The black elegant linen dress: For the day as well as the evening. From the office to the after-work drink.
  • The breezy, loose dress: the quintessence of summery chic. Goes well with sandals and a linen hat.
  • The linen shirt dress: For women who value a classic outfit.
  • The linen tunic: an alternative to the airy summer dress. With the loose cut ideal for hot days. Under a linen jumper also as a transition piece for colder times.


The biggest advantage of a linen dress? With increasing wear and washing, it will become softer and acquire a beautiful, individual patina.




From linen jackets and linen coats: ready for every season


From linen jackets and linen coats: ready for every season

Linen jackets and linen coats are much more than just functional garments. They are an expression of an obstinate style and a pronounced love for high-quality materials. And, of course, provide warmth should a cooler wind blow.

  • The linen jacket for women: As a summer jacket for women, it brings an breezy lightness to your wardrobe. Often used as a blouse jacket, the linen jacket is ideal for combining with a trouser suit.
  • The linen coat: The perfect transitional piece of clothing from the first days of spring to the mild autumn. It's light enough not to overheat, but still offers enough protection against a cool breeze.



The linen blazer for women: versatile


The linen blazer for women: versatile


The linen blazer for women is more than just a piece of clothing. It is an expression of your style, your personality and your attention to detail.

  • The classic linen blazer: is timelessly elegant and yet extremely modern. It can be worn both casually and formally as a business blazer.
  • Unusual variations such as the oversize blazer, long blazer or short blazer for women made of linen lend a special dose of extravagance.


Whether combined with exceptional harem pants or narrow, classic pants with a trouser suit. At eigensinnig wien, we attach great importance to processing and material quality. Everything to bring you linen blazers that are both comfortable and stylish.

Discover the unconventional elegance of our linen blazers. Experience how they take your outfits to the next level with our creations.




Oversized linen coats and linen ponchos


Oversized linen coats and linen ponchos


The deliberately generous cut of these avant-garde styles stands for independence and self-confidence. The joy of experimenting with shapes and volumes is part of the daily schedule at eigensinnig wien. It is these extraordinary fashion elements that give your look a unique, remarkable appeal.

  • The oversized linen coat: not only looks casual but also endlessly elegant. It can easily be combined with narrow, classic trousers to create an exciting play of proportions.
  • The unconventional linen poncho: A true all-rounder. Obstinate ladies can wear them over a dress, for example, to protect themselves from a cool breeze. Or combine them with baggy pants for a relaxed, unusual look. Gives the wearer a touch of boho chic in her outfit.

In our collections you will find oversized linen coats and linen ponchos. These stand for an unconventional style and a unique quality.