Silk clothing for women in summer

Außergewöhnliche Seidenkleidung für Damen im Sommer im eigensinnig wien Modegeschäft und Online Shop.


Exceptional silk clothing for women in summer

Explore our silk clothes from exquisite fabrics, perfect for those hot summer days. Dive into the elegance of our silk blouses, embodying an effortless flow that resonates with the season's vibe. Experience the seamless blend of style and comfort in our fluid silk dresses.

Indulge in the extravagant appeal of our designer silk trousers, crafted with a flair for the extraordinary. And don't forget to complement your outfit with our featherweight silk scarves, adding a touch of breezy elegance to your summer look.

Silk is the quintessential summer fabric - lightweight, airy, and surprisingly cooling. Its superbly smooth texture plays delightfully with the wind and sun, moving with a poised elegance and sparkling radiantly. There's a sense of silk soaking in the summer, almost as if it's rejoicing in its own lightness, mirroring a beautiful smile.

Silk encapsulates charm and sophistication, an emblem of style and grace. Its inherent characteristics make it supremely comfortable to wear in the heat. From silk pantsuits to blazers, the fabric's versatility enables you to fashion an ensemble for any occasion. Even an all-black silk outfit is feasible, given silk's unique ability to repel heat and keep the body cool.

At eigensinnig wien, we present to you avant-garde clothing, designed meticulously in our studio from natural silk. This clothing line embodies a blend of innovation and elegance, with a distinctive personal touch. It's quite possible you might find yourself falling in love.


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When should you wear silk in summer?

On sweltering summer days, genuine silk stands out as an unbeatable choice for your ensemble. Be it for everyday wear or special occasions, casual or elegant settings, a silk outfit always makes a striking impression. Silk attire is ideal for the beach, business meetings, and al fresco dining experiences.

Summer ushers in an array of festivities and celebrations. From outdoor concerts and cultural festivals to summer parties and more, there's a whole lot of joy in the air. And of course, it's the much-anticipated wedding season.

A stylish women's silk suit can add a distinct flair to these celebrations of love. Whether you're the one tying the knot or a guest joining in the celebrations, silk adds a touch of elegance to the occasion.

If you're the bride, a special silk dress could be your perfect pick. As a guest, you have the choice between an elegant silk jumpsuit or a black summer trouser suit made of silk. Notably, the silk suit is also available as a bespoke piece, tailored just for you.






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We're here to guide you on the high-quality silk women's fashion pieces you can explore with us here.









Silk blouses for women in summer

A high-quality black silk blouse can add a touch of elegance to your summer, making the season even more delightful. Just like its white counterpart, it is a must-have piece in a capsule collection. It boasts versatility and can be easily paired with an array of garments. A silk blouse is equally suited for office wear as it is for evening outings or special events.

At eigensinnig wien, our range of high-quality silk blouses is diverse and distinct. From festive silk blouses adorned with playful details to avant-garde kimono blouses featuring wide sleeves, our collection caters to varying style preferences.

What sets apart the blouses from Eigensinnig Wien? Each piece is marked by a unique charm, subtly reflecting your distinctive personality. These are not your typical blouses; they are an exploration into the realm of extraordinary women's fashion.


Black silk blouse for women and men in obstinate vienna


Black silk pants for women in summer


Black silk trousers for women in summer


Imagine silk pants that flow gracefully around your legs, wide summer trousers from silk that seem to play and lightly caress your skin as you walk. Even in the summer's heat, this lightest of materials feels as refreshing as sipping a cool drink with friendly ice cubes clinking in the glass.

Long women's trousers such as airy silk palazzo trousers, pleated silk women's trousers or culottes also protect against the sun. And in no way burden.

Silk harem pants offer an unusual but subtly standout choice. Then there's the high-quality, black silk skirt that effortlessly transforms into a summer dress.

This is high-quality designer fashion that allows you to stand out without being overly conspicuous. This is the essence of understatement. This is avant-garde.





Women's silk jackets and blazer for summer


Silk jacket for women in the eigensinnig wien online shop


One of the many marvels of silk in summer is its dual nature - offering a cooling sensation while providing protection from the sun. This is why silk jackets, silk blazers, and silk overshirts with long sleeves make ideal companions for hot days and summer evenings.

Our designer silk jackets, lovingly handcrafted in our in-house workshop, softly envelop you, impressing with their effortlessly casual elegance. True to the spirit of eigensinnig, they come with a few unexpected details, akin to a sudden heavy summer rain followed by the warmth of the sun, and sometimes, the exquisite sight of a rainbow.



Black silk dress for women in summer


Real silk dresses in the eigensinnig wien online shop


The quintessential black silk dress is an indispensable part of your perfect summer style. Whether long or short, an oversized silk dress or an extravagant wrap dress, the silk garment adds an airy, lightweight charm to your wardrobe. It complements your business outfit, adds flair to your festive look, and makes a statement at the beach.

eigensinnig wien's designer dresses each possess an extraordinary quality. Some designs embody a laid-back and casual feel, while others exude elegance and extravagance.

Pairing them becomes the fun part. Combined with a silk jacket, the airy silk dress transforms into an elegant ensemble. Paired with sneakers, it becomes a chic yet practical outfit for a bike ride or a leisurely summer stroll.

For balmy summer evenings, a long evening dress or a silk cocktail dress serves as a superb choice. Consider teaming it with an airy black silk coat for an added touch of sophistication.

We invite you to visit our fashion boutique in Vienna for inspiration and personalized advice. Alternatively, explore our online shop and envisage your perfect all-black silk outfit.





Long silk coat for women in summer


Silk coat for women in the eigensinnig wien online shop


Just as a scarf isn't confined to winter wear, a coat isn't either.

A lightweight long summer coat crafted from silk makes for a delightful companion on cooler evenings or breezy days. A silk coat flutters beautifully in the wind, reminiscent of a butterfly in flight. Donning a black avant-garde silk coat paired with a black silk dress and a light genuine silk scarf creates a particularly striking impression.

Alternatively, you can pair it with light and wide silk trousers for an all-black style that radiates elegance. A silk coat, in any situation, is a statement piece. It adds a touch of uniqueness and style to the Eigensinnig wearer, dressing them exceptionally well.



Silk jumpsuit for women in summer


Silk jumpsuit in black in the eigensinnig wien online shop


The black silk jumpsuit featuring harem pants stands as one of the most refined attire for the summer. A silk onesie invariably draws attention, yet in a subdued and understated manner. The oversized silk jumpsuit with harem pants from eigensinnig wien exemplifies such a style.

Depending on how you choose to style it, the silk overall can exude a casual or an elegant vibe. Emphasize a casual style with rolled-up trouser legs, or aim for a sophisticated look with a narrower leg width. It's the perfect summer outfit for the distinctively eigensinnig style, offering a wonderfully light and flowing feel.




Silk tops for women in summer


Black silk top for women in the eigensinnig wien online shop


Undeniably, high-quality silk tops in a timeless design are essential summer staples. Paired with wide silk trousers, crop tops, black silk T-shirts, and long-sleeved silk shirts evolve into an elegant ensemble. For a more laid-back summer look, pair Eigensinnig Wien's avant-garde silk tops with shorts or harem pants.

Summer tops made of 100% natural silk are incredibly versatile. They are like little chameleons, defying categorization. When a breeze gently stirs the air, the silk shirts seem to ripple with joy.



Silk scarves for women in summer

A silk scarf is an exquisite piece of clothing, transcending the realm of mere accessories. Most of the Italian silk scarves in our fashion shop originate from the renowned fabric manufacturer Faliero Sarti, where high-quality fabrics promising unbelievable comfort are meticulously handcrafted.

Airy silk scarves can be draped as women's stoles over elegant evening dresses, offering a chic alternative to a blazer. Paired with casual designer trousers and an oversized shirt, they contribute to a relaxed everyday look.

Worn traditionally around the neck, the silk scarf exudes elegance and sophistication, especially when casually thrown over the shoulder. For a more laid-back appearance, you can simply drape the real silk scarf around your shoulders. On cooler evenings, it serves as an airy, lightweight blanket providing just the right degree of warmth.

At eigensinnig wien, we offer silk scarves in a diverse array of designs, and exceptionally not just in black. Visit us, your favorite scarf is almost certainly waiting for you here, eager to accompany you elegantly through the summer.




Silk scarf by Faliero Sarti for women in the eigensinnig wien online shop