eigensinnig wien Brentano Wide women's trousers from wool - wearable with wide and slim leg in anthracite

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Women's wide-leg trousers with a low crotch in a wool-viscose blend. An idiosyncratic reinterpretation of harem trousers.

Clemens Brentano was an important writer of the Heidelberg Romantic period: he wrote poetry and prose, fairy tales and stories.
 The wide women's trousers with the low crotch from the in-house atelier are similarly versatile. They are handmade from a wool-viscose blend.

The women's trousers are full of obstinate details:

the casual elastic waistband
the two discreet buttons on the trouser legs: This allows the trousers to be worn tight and wide
the ochre yellow edging on the inside of the trousers, which becomes visible when you roll up the trouser legs
the asymmetrical detail seams
the two side pockets with the detail of the three lines, which can now be found on many wayward creations

'Brentano' is also available in other colors and fabrics.

Brand: eigensinnig wien
Material: 42% wool, 28% viscose, 25% polyester, 1% polyamide, 1% spandex
Color: anthracite

eigensinnig wien: Special avant-garde fashion for men and women.

Under our avant-garde fashion label eigensinnig wien, we manufacture unique fashion pieces for obstinate characters. We design our collections in an experimental process, enriching them with thoughts and ideas from the fields of philosophy, art and literature or drawing inspiration from philosophy, art and literature. That is why our trousers and jackets, blouses and dresses bear the names of philosophers, literary figures and sociologists. We work with materials from nature, which we like to combine in asymmetrical, avant-garde cuts. Our aesthetic is based on the Japanese wabi-sabi concept: “Pare down to the essence, but don’t remove the poetry.” 




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