Rigards x The Viridi Anne RG1022TVA Unusual sunglasses in black

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Expressive stainless steel aluminium glasses with special clip. Material examination of the past, present and future.

The Viridi Anne is an avant-garde fashion label that goes back to the Japanese designer Tomoaki Okaniwa. His creations dealt with questions of transience and the concept of time. The theme also manifests itself in the collaboration with Rigards: the triple nose bridge alludes to the temporal dimensions of past, present and future, which are sometimes perceived in sync, creating an evocative whole - after all, humans are capable of memory, of experiencing the here and now, and of imagination.

The frame consists of clear lenses without strength, which can be replaced by opticians. It is handmade from surgical steel. The clip with the mystical glass and 100% UV protection is made of gray aluminum, reminiscent of freshly laid asphalt and the heat of the city in the summer.

Like all Rigards models, the glasses have no gender preference and are suitable for both men and women.

Brand: Rigards x The Viridi Anne
Material of frame: 100% stainless steel, 100% aluminium
Color eyeglass frame: vintage black
Farbe sunlenses: gray

'eigensinnig wien' presents: Rigards Eyewear, non-conformist sunglasses from the studio of artist Ti Kwa.

A very unique aesthetic and quiet elegance are inscribed in the sunglasses of the avant-garde label from Hong Kong. In the handmade unique pieces, past and future manifest themselves into something enigmatic, mystical, which seems to be ahead of its time as well as referring to past eras in a nostalgic manner. Natural and organic-looking materials contribute to this aesthetic, which wants to remain inscrutable to a certain extent.



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