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Gournay Oversized Muslin Sweater Made from Japanese Cotton

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Black oversized sweater with high collar made from the finest Japanese cotton. With its fluidly soft fabric, this is an extravagant, loose-fitting women's sweater for the obstinate.

Marie de Gournay was a French writer and philosopher of the 16th and 17th centuries. She had a close relationship with Michel de Montaigne. And a frequent visitor to the court of Henry IV in Paris. She was particularly progressive in matters of women's rights.

As early as 1622, she advocated for equal access for women to education and power centers. In her quest for autonomy, she remained unmarried despite having many admirers.

We have dedicated this eponymous oversized muslin sweater in black to this extraordinary personality. In it, extravagance and comfort merge in the most obstinate way, accentuated by several refined details.

Muslin Sweater Made from High-Quality Japanese Cotton

The fluidly soft sweater for autumn and winter is made from a very special muslin cotton fabric. It is a soft and lightweight fabric that offers extraordinarily high wearing comfort. Japanese muslin also warms and feels very good on the skin. You can therefore wear it directly on bare skin.

Further down this page, you will find all the information about our high-quality Japanese muslin cotton fabric.

Loose Sweater for Autumn and Winter

You can also wear the oversized sweater over other designer tops. Due to its loose cut, the black sweater with the high collar is perfect for the layering look. Here are some inspirations on how you can combine the muslin sweater with our luxury fashion:

Unconventional Black Outfit

When it's particularly cold, we recommend combining the loose sweater with the women's long sweater "Davis". This black outfit goes perfectly with the black merino wool leg warmers "Pan".

All-Black Casual Outfit

Or with "Rosa", the black oversized wool sweater. Pair it with "Medea". With these black wool knit trousers, you create a cool casual look. One that is as progressive as Marie de Gournay's thoughts.

Looking for more outfit inspirations that reflect your individual style? Discover our luxurious designer clothing for men and women in our showroom and online shop.

Distinctive Women's Sweater with High Collar

A refined detail is the high collar of the oversized muslin sweater for women. It protects the neck in the cold season and is by no means just functional. Because the style of the loose women's sweater is quite distinctive and special. Ideal for women who are ahead of their time, just like Marie de Gournay was.

The collar can also be folded down. Then the black women's sweater looks particularly cool and casual. Extravagance is also inherent in it.

This is ensured by the asymmetrical cut and the central seam. These divide Gournay into two parts of different lengths. A metaphor for the fact that there are several aspects within a person that want to be shown.

Black, Extravagant Women's Sweater: Perfectly Suitable for Plus Sizes Due to Its Width

Style is neither a question of age nor body shape. We are convinced of this in our avant-garde fashion for men and women. The oversized women's sweater made of muslin cotton is particularly suitable for women who wear large sizes.

We therefore offer Gournay in sizes up to 3XL. Detailed information on the dimensions can be seen in the size chart below.

Discover our curated collection of extraordinary women's fashion in plus sizes.

If you have special size requirements or individual styling wishes, do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks to our in-house tailoring, we can ensure that you receive an individual garment. One that not only fits perfectly but also emphasizes your personal style.


Brand: eigensinnig wien

Color: Black

Material: 100% Cotton

Sweater-Style: Oversized Sweater with High Collar

The model is 178 cm tall, weighs 52 kilograms and wears size Small.

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In our in-house tailor shop we make your custom size for you. From a different material or in a different color? Do you need something unique for weddings, official appearances or other special occasions? We create and tailor to measure. Just contact us.


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Distinctive Designer Fashion for Men and Women in High-Quality Japanese Muslin at eigensinnig wien

Interested in purchasing our products made of high-quality Japanese muslin fabric but have questions?

We provide answers to: What is muslin cotton? What is unique about Japanese muslin? Does muslin keep you warm? How do you wash muslin?

For all these queries and more, we have compiled comprehensive information to aid you in your decision:

What Makes Japanese Muslin Special?

Our Japanese muslin, crafted from 100% cotton, is a synthesis of artisanal craftsmanship and top-grade materials. Thanks to its dense cotton structure, muslin provides excellent thermal insulation, effectively protecting against the cold.

The fibers are woven tightly, forming a natural insulation barrier while simultaneously allowing the skin to breathe. A subtle sheen lends the fabric a muted elegance that pleases the eye and flatters the skin. Muslin offers a high level of comfort that you will appreciate in any weather.

The quality of the pure cotton is so high that even those with sensitive skin can wear this fabric without issue, providing a comfortable wearing experience. Especially for those who cannot tolerate wool.

Where Does Our Exclusive Japanese Muslin Originate?

Our muslin cotton is manufactured in a traditional factory in Nagoya, founded in 1864. From its inception, this factory has stood for extraordinary craftsmanship and the highest quality. This long-standing tradition of excellence is woven into every thread that passes through the looms of this prestigious factory.

Sustainability as an Art Form

Sustainability for us is more than a promise; it is a steadfast principle. Our Japanese cotton is cultivated in limited quantities and under strict ecological conditions. Reflecting perfectly our philosophy that highly values sustainability and respectful engagement with nature.

How to Care for High-Quality Muslin Clothing

How Do I Wash Muslin?

Muslin is not just a luxurious fabric; it is also easy to care for. It is best cleaned in a washing machine under a wool-silk or hand-wash program at 30°C.

How Do I Care for Muslin?

To dry, the garment should be laid flat to maintain the form and structure of the muslin. Additionally, light ironing at low temperatures can restore the fabric's original sheen.

Our exclusive muslin collection, made from Japanese cotton, seamlessly integrates into your all-black wardrobe. From distinctive muslin blouses for women to elegant black shirts for men. Perfect for complementing men's suits and women's pantsuits.

Preferring a casual vibe? Opt for black sweaters for men and women made from muslin. For an extravagant all-black outfit, we recommend oversized pullovers crafted from muslin cotton.

In each of our unique designs crafted from Japanese muslin, you'll experience a fusion of tradition, craftsmanship, and modern aesthetics. Thanks to its properties, muslin can be worn year-round.

eigensinnig wien: Extraordinary avant-garde designer fashion label for men and women from Vienna.

eigensinnig wien stands for extraordinary avant-garde fashion for women and men. Our focus is on the creation of unusual fashion that brings out the character of the individual. We combine unconventional designs with perfect craftsmanship in the tradition of tailoring.

All designs are created in our own studio above the showroom in Vienna and handmade in a small manufactory in Slovenia. The partly extravagant fashion for men and women is sometimes elegant, sometimes sporty. Sometimes with a narrow silhouette, sometimes with wide styles. And much more.

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