eigensinnig wien Mallarmé Avant-garde jumpsuit with diagonal zip and special details in black

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Extraordinary jumpsuit with eye-catching details in black. An extravagant rarity for obstinate individualists of any gender.

Stéphane Mallarmé's symbolist poetry is considered untranslatable and groundbreaking. From fragments of the real world, the French writer creates an obstinate kind of beauty, which is also reflected in the fragmentary avant-garde design of the eponymous jumpsuit for each gender. Asymmetrical seams and extravagantly placed zippers in the spirit of Mallarmé's poésie pure define the extraordinary style of the one-piece, which is fitted with a tie belt. Mallarmé sought perfection in the suggestive, and so the casually cut jumpsuit with a low crotch is also in suggestive black.

The one-piece made of soft wool can be worn individually: Obstinate wear the special designer model high-necked, with open zip top or tied with the tie belt to a stylish tie. Like Mallarmé's symbolism, the eponymous creation features refined details that focus on the beautiful, the good and the true:

The stand-up collar, cut on one side, is punctuated by a diagonal zipper that opens to mid-body for a casual wear
A second zipper runs from the center decorative seam to the right pant hem. A decorative zipper also runs from the hip to the hem of the pants on the left pant leg
Two roomy front seam pockets can be worn open or closed. In the back, a patch pocket accentuates the hip area
The low crotch and wide cut fit give the jumpsuit French serenity
The three ochre-colored bars typical of wayward decorate the right sleeve hem and the right seam pocket

Brand: eigensinnig wien
Color: black
Material: 42% wool, 28% viscose, 23% polyester, 6% polyamide, 1% spandex 

eigensinnig wien: special avant-garde fashion for men and women.

Under our avant-garde fashion label eigensinnig wien, we manufacture unique fashion pieces for obstinate characters. We design our collections in an experimental process, enriching them with thoughts and ideas from the fields of philosophy, art and literature or drawing inspiration from philosophy, art and literature. That is why our trousers and jackets, blouses and dresses bear the names of philosophers, literary figures and sociologists. We work with materials from nature, which we like to combine in asymmetrical, avant-garde cuts. Our aesthetic is based on the Japanese wabi-sabi concept: “Pare down to the essence, but don’t remove the poetry.”



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