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Designed by eigensinnig wien, handmade by Mühlbauer Hats: Extraordinary limited edition hats from the traditional manufacturer in the heart of Vienna.

Eigensinnig not only creates avant-garde fashion, but also merges it with philosophy and art in a distinctive way. The vision is to make a person's own essence visible and to emphasise his or her individuality. Well, hardly anyone would dispute that the head is by nature the most visible part of the human body - so why not place 'Eigensinn' right there?

Together with the traditional Viennese manufacturer Mühlbauer Hats, founded in 1903, unique hats and special caps from hair felt, wool and lambskin in black were therefore created on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of eigensinnig wien, which were handmade in the hat maker's atelier.

10 years of avant-garde fashion flirts smilingly with 120 years of the hat maker's craft. Experimental design goes hand in hand with established history. Tradition salutes innovation. A contradiction? Those who know 'eigensinnig' already know the answer.

The extraordinary results of this unique cooperation are called Bowie, Simone, Steed and Rembrandt. Sounding names, with an obstinate character and full of poetry - for instance, the special Fedora hat, the soft balloon cap, the unconventional bowler hat or the artistic and rebellious men's barrel hat. The exceptional hats of this 'eigensinnig' quartet are rare, precious and confidently grace obstinate heads of all genders. They are cosy, faithful partners for autumn and winter and playfully lend their wearer an individual charm.

Mühlbauer Hüte x eigensinnig wien – Design Cooperation

Mühlbauer is an Austrian company that has been crafting hats and accessories for over 100 years. The brand is renowned for its handmade hats and headpieces made from premium materials, focusing on timeless design and the highest quality.

In 2022, to mark the 10th anniversary of eigensinnig wien, a limited edition hat collection was created in collaboration with the traditional hat maker.

Handcrafted Hats for Men and Women

The company was founded in 1903 by Julianna Mühlbauer in Vienna. At that time, they exclusively made felt hats in a small workshop. Over the years, the company expanded, establishing itself as one of Austria's most prominent milliners.

Mühlbauer products are renowned for their high-quality materials and artisanal craftsmanship. All hats and accessories are handmade using only the best materials. They employ only natural materials like wool, straw, silk, cotton, or leather, focusing on eco-friendly production.

Timeless Men's Black Hat

Mühlbauer offers a vast array of hat types and headwear. This includes classic hats like the Fedora, Trilby, and Panama hat. Caps, beanies, and headbands also feature in the range. Mühlbauer emphasizes creating designs that are timeless and versatile, allowing them to be worn over many years.

A hallmark of the brand is its tailored approach to fit each hat to the customer. During a visit to a Mühlbauer store, each hat is adjusted and tailored to fit the customer's head perfectly, ensuring a snug fit that complements the wearer.

Mühlbauer now has stores in various cities across Europe and globally, including Paris, London, Tokyo, and New York. Vienna also hosts several outlets of this storied milliner.

Porkpie or Bowler - A Distinctive Hat

Another highlight of Mühlbauer is the collections reimagined every year. These collections integrate contemporary trends and colors into classic hat designs, always prioritizing high quality and attention to detail.

The limited-edition hat collection, co-designed with eigensinnig wien, draws inspiration from eminent artists and iconic personalities: Nina Simone, David Bowie, Rembrandt, and John Steed from the famous TV show 'The Avengers'. However diverse these figures might be, they all share one commonality: Black, the favorite color of the Viennese avant-garde fashion label.

Beyond hat and accessory production, Mühlbauer is also active in the art scene, regularly collaborating with artists and designers to create unusual and innovative hat collections. These collaborations sometimes incorporate unconventional materials like paper or glass.

Elegant Leather Balloon Cap

Overall, Mühlbauer is a company deeply rooted in tradition, with a passion for hats and accessories. The brand emphasizes quality, sustainability, and timeless design, securing its position in the world of hat-making. With tailored hats and innovative collections, Mühlbauer continues to enchant customers worldwide, always remaining true to its core values and traditions.

Internationally, Mühlbauer has garnered acclaim, adorning celebrities like Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, and various nobilities. Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain wore Mühlbauer hats for official events in the 1950s. Collaborations with renowned designers and artists continued, including the architect and designer Adolf Loos.

Today, the company is led by Klaus Mühlbauer, the fourth generation, headquartered in Vienna. Mühlbauer's range includes a wide variety of hats and cap styles for men and women. The hats and caps are still handmade using premium materials like rabbit felt or wool felt, with attention to eco-friendly aspects, including the use of recycled materials and sustainable production methods.

Throughout its history, Mühlbauer has received numerous awards and accolades for its superior craftsmanship, including the Austrian National Award for Design in 2013. Today, the brand enjoys international acclaim, retailing in select boutiques and department stores worldwide.

In essence, Mühlbauer epitomizes timeless elegance and superior craftsmanship, evident in every hat and cap. The brand seamlessly blends tradition with modernity, always evolving to meet contemporary demands.

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