Tagliovivo Pocket Wallet L Big leather wallet with card and coin slots in black

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Elongated wallet for cards and coins made of fine black horse leather. True craftsmanship for people who are looking for something special.

The modern man carries around many cards. In this handmade wallet from Tagliovivo they find, along with coins, their place and order. The minimalist designed, oblong wallet is made of fine, black horse leather. The coin compartment can be opened and closed by means of a sturdy zip, while the cards are safely stored in their compartments on the front: a small, individual collage.

Brand: Tagliovivo

Color: black

Material: 100% Horse Leather
Size: 20 x 8,5 cm (BxH)


eigensinnig presents: Tagliovivo, handmade leather pieces from Italy.

Designer Giordano Lapegna's unique leather bags are a tribute to nature: the leather from which his hands craft the extremely exquisite bags is natural and correspondingly imperfect - with a rough surface marked by the weather. Only vegetable-tanned leather is used for Tagliovivo products - the brand also makes special, individual belts - which is always a byproduct of meat production and thus has a very small ecological footprint. Each piece is different, just like their wearers. Each piece changes over the years - and gets even more personality.



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