Tagliovivo Soffietto Wallet Handcrafted leather wallet with unique iron in black-blue

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Large purse made of the finest leather with unusual closure. Handmade unique piece for lovers of authentic craftsmanship.

The wallet from the studio of Italian leather craftsman-artist Tagliovivo is a small masterpiece in terms of craftsmanship: the black-blue horse leather, deliberately dyed irregularly by hand, makes each piece unique. The special metal clasp looks as if it came from another time and world - an obstinate detail. As simple and minimalist as the purse appears from the outside, it is complex, structured and generous on the inside. There, three compartments lined with light-colored linen with inserts as well as a separate zipper compartment offer enough space for coins, bills, cards and individual small items. A stubborn companion for anyone who needs a wallet with plenty of space and places great value on authentic, slow craftsmanship.

Brand: Tagliovivo
Color: black-blue
Material: 100% Horse leather, 100% Linen
Size: 20 x 11 x 2 cm (BxHxT)

eigensinnig presents: Tagliovivo, handmade leather pieces from Italy.

Designer Giordano Lapegna's unique leather bags are a tribute to nature: the leather from which his hands craft the extremely exquisite bags is natural and correspondingly imperfect - with a rough surface marked by the weather. Only vegetable-tanned leather is used for Tagliovivo products - the brand also makes special, individual belts - which is always a byproduct of meat production and thus has a very small ecological footprint. Each piece is different, just like their wearers. Each piece changes over the years - and gets even more personality.



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