Faliero Sarti Ginevra Large exceptional scarf from silk in green

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Flowing soft, light summer scarf in soothing shades of green. A rarity for nature lovers.

This light and airy, delicate scarf made of the finest modal-silk blend can be understood as a homage to the poetry contained in nature: It plays with nuances of green, exuding something very calming. Its texture is also relaxing, it also consists mainly of modal, a cotton-like fabric made from natural cellulose that remains soft even after many washes. The silk content, in turn, makes the really great and versatile scarf as light as a breeze in spring. An exceptional creation for those who are fascinated by nature and the elements.

Brand: Faliero Sarti
Color: green
Material: 85% modal, 15% silk
Size: 135x195cm

eigensinnig wien presents: Faliero Sarti, italian traditional fabric manufacturer.

 The Italian fabric manufacturer based in Italy is a true traditional company: Faliero Sarti founded it and now his granddaughter Monica Sarti continues it in the third generation. The passion for sensual fabrics is also in her blood. Cashmere, linen, silk, virgin wool - only the best natural materials are used in experimental processes to create extraordinary, exquisite, poetic fabrics in the Italian manufactory. They feel light and airy and pleasantly warm.



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