Summer 2023 Unique Designer Avant-garde Fashion

Light, extravagant, and elegant summer fashion for men.

Discover unique avant-garde fashion for men that emphasizes the character of the wearer. And that always stands out as special. We hope you enjoy exploring our exceptional designer fashion for men.

Men's Designer Fashion in Spring and Summer Online

Avant-garde fashion for men and unique clothing and accessories for men for spring and summer. Explore our designer clothing for men online and put together a complete outfit. From unique pants like harem pants to extravagant jackets, blazers and coats to elegant suits and high fashion.

Summery chic designer men's fashion, in styles ranging from sporty, elegant, casual, casual, or Japanese-inspired. With our unique luxury men's fashion, you can create cool outfits for spring and summer, complemented by special accessories such as unique scarves and shawls, stylish sunglasses, fine bags, and more.

Linen Clothing for Men in Spring and Summer

Our spring and summer collection includes extraordinary linen jackets for men, black linen trousers, linen blazers, and linen jackets. From coarse linen shirts to unique linen hats, linen is particularly suitable for its lightness in summer jackets and light summer trousers.

Designer Pants for Men in Spring and Summer

Discover our designer pants for men in spring and summer.

Harem pants, black elegant pants for men, linen pants in black, wide suit pants, elegant jog pants, cropped pants, wide-cut pants, pleated pants, summer pants, drop crotch pants, wide men's pants, Japanese-inspired pants for men, black loose pants, baggy pants. At eigensinnig wien you'll find a curated selection of extraordinary spring-summer avant-garde pants for men.

Discover all men's pants here.

Men's Designer Jackets in Spring and Summer

The eigensinnig wien men's jackets for spring and summer are unique avant-garde creations in various styles.

There are linen jackets for men, blazers with stand-up collars, slim-fit short coats, light summer jackets and spring jackets, short coats in black, extraordinary transitional jackets, and shirt jackets.

The designer men's jackets cover a spectrum from sporty and casual to elegant and extravagant and are the perfect companions for spring and summer.

Extravagant Men's Fashion in Spring and Summer

Find particularly unique men's fashion for spring and summer with us. The asymmetrical jacket is one of eigensinnig wien's signature pieces. Stop by for style advice or browse our online shop, where you may discover additional designer clothing for men to combine.

Unique Men's Shirts in Spring and Summer

Everything a man's heart desires in terms of avant-garde shirts for spring and summer can be found at eigensinnig wien – from collarless men's shirts to soft cotton shirts to high-quality and elegant men's shirts. For the perfect street style – or more festive occasions such as weddings.

Black Men's Clothing in Spring and Summer

Black is our favorite color even in spring and summer. Discover elegant men's clothing and outfits in black that suits any occasion. Avant-garde fashion and All-Black-Everything at its best.

Unique T-shirts for Men in Spring and Summer

The selection of men's t-shirts for spring and summer from the in-house atelier of eigensinnig wien is quite remarkable. Find long, short, slim fit, asymmetrical, wide and oversize t-shirts for men in our shop and online. Made from the finest materials such as linen or finest cotton. Special designer t-shirts that sometimes appear cool, sometimes elegant.

Men's Designer Sweaters in Spring and Summer

Looking for men's sweaters for spring and summer? At eigensinnig wien, you'll find lightweight summer sweaters for men made of cotton and fine knit that go well with avant-garde designer pants from our avant-garde fashion label.

Designer Hats for Men in Spring and Summer

In summer, heads need protection from the sun. Our summer beanies for men are the ideal companions for particularly sunny days in spring and summer. We have hats for big heads, hats for small heads, and everything in between – stubborn and hard heads included.

Designer Men's Suits in Spring and Summer

Our summer suits for men come across particularly light. They are made of fine fabrics like soft, cool linen and look elegant and casual on summer evenings, at weddings, or in the office.

Plus Size Clothes for Men in Spring and Summer

At eigensinnig wien, there is designer fashion for all body sizes and shapes. Explore our remarkable selection of avant-garde plus size men's fashion for spring and summer. For men up to size XXL.

Men's Avant-Garde Fashion at eigensinnig wien

Avant-garde fashion is an experimental and innovative form of fashion. It is characterized by its artistic and often unconventional approach. It distinguishes itself from the mainstream through its focus on originality, creativity, and vision.

Avant-garde designers often work with unusual materials and techniques to create unique and experimental pieces, crossing boundaries and finding new expressions.

Avant-garde fashion has its roots in the art world, particularly in the modern art movement of the 20th century. It was influenced by great artists and designers and has since played a significant role in designer fashion.

Often presented in high-end fashion and on the runways of fashion weeks, its visionary aesthetics and avant-garde perspective are often celebrated.

Avant-garde fashion is not necessarily black. But there are certain design elements and reasons why black plays an important role in avant-garde fashion.

Black is a color seen as neutral and classic, and therefore easily combined with other colors. In avant-garde fashion, black is often used as a base color to draw attention to other design elements. Cuts, textures, and proportions thus receive more attention.
Furthermore, black is often used as a symbol of elegance, sophistication, and rebellion. Many avant-garde designers view black as a color that can convey messages like power, vulnerability, or strength.

Men's Black Avant-Garde Fashion

Finally, black is also often used as a symbol of minimalism, which is an important part of avant-garde fashion. By using black, designers can create minimalist and refined pieces characterized by clear lines and simplicity.
Discover black fashion for men here.