Designer denim outfits for men and women

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Ausgefallene Designer Jeans Outfits für Damen und Herren


Outstanding denim outfits

Jeans pants and jeans jackets. These signature pieces has truly shaken up the fashion world. They are seen as the most adaptable style items in contemporary fashion. 

But how has the evolution of jeans unfolded? And what significance does denim apparel hold in our designs? How do we utilize denim materials, and what unique creations do we craft from them?

In this article, we delve into our jeans collections. We'll explore a vast range of stylish jeans, from relaxed, baggy fits to sleek, slim fit chino jeans. We'll also delve into distinctive denim jackets for both men and women.

Next, we'll guide you through various ensemble possibilities with our denim garments. We're talking about unconventional suits crafted entirely from jeans. Dive in as we unlock the unlimited potential of denim.






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History of Denim

Donned by everyone from laborers to rock stars and presidents, jeans trace their roots back to the 19th century. They were originally designed as rugged workwear for gold miners, cowboys, and railroad workers.

Over time, however, jeans have undergone an extraordinary evolution, becoming a blank canvas for designers and fashion houses. Let's cast our minds back to the 1990s.

In the hip hop scene, rappers strutted the streets of New York in their black baggy jeans. Girl bands like the Spice Girls graced MTV in their bootcut jeans. And then there was Steve Jobs, who sought to blend in with his blue jeans and black turtleneck sweater.

Fast forward to today, the realm of fashion knows no bounds in terms of creativity and craftsmanship. With jeans, you can transition seamlessly between worlds, according to your personal comfort and preference.



eigensinnig wien and its Denim Wear: How does the Avant-Garde Influence our Denim Clothing?

At "eigensinnig wien", jeans transcend their simple garment status. Instead, they serve as a conduit for confident self-expression and distinctive style. Our denim collection marries the robustness and adaptability of traditional denim fabric with the creativity and uniqueness embodied in avant-garde design.

In our denim collection, avant-garde serves not just as a stylistic element, but also an overarching philosophy. In line with all our fashion creations, we emphasize unconventionality and deconstruction, married with high-quality denim and sustainable production.

We endeavor to question and deconstruct the norms and conventions of conventional denim fashion. Our ambition is to manifest something fresh, unexpected, and exhilarating. By leveraging innovative cutting techniques, unconventional silhouettes, and superior fabrics, we produce garments that are both comfortable and resonate with our philosophy.

The avant-garde approach we adopt at "eigensinnig wien" forms the backbone of our philosophy when it comes to denim. Each piece is a blend of the past and future, tradition and innovation, minimalism and opulence. In our denim collection, these seeming contradictions meld into a harmonious whole.

Striking a balance between traditional tailoring and inventive fashion design always presents a challenge—one that we gladly accept. This methodology is evident in every denim garment we design and produce. We believe fashion is more than mere attire—it's a medium for communication, a way to express ourselves, and showcase our personalities. Hence, every pair of jeans we craft serves as a statement—an expression of individuality and creativity.




Jeans - A Voyage Through the Collection by eigensinnig wien

We're excited to introduce you to the unique denim collection by "eigensinnig wien". Let us embark on a brief journey through our current selection. Each piece encapsulates our vision of fashion as a catalyst for individuality and self-expression.




Unusual jeans and denim jackets for men and women in obstinate vienna



Women's and Men's Denim Shorts - A Classic Redefined

The "Levinas" shorts are a modern reinterpretation of the classic Bermuda jeans. These shorts meld the classic, relaxed demeanor of denim shorts with a contemporary, unique silhouette. The asymmetric design and precision fit around the waistband are quintessentially "eigensinnig".

These shorts exemplify how we at "eigensinnig wien" deconstruct and reinvent classic fashion paradigms. The result is a set of distinct and remarkable jeans.

In the summer, pair the denim shorts with sandals or sneakers. The light, thin summer jeans offer an unconventional option for men. During the fall and winter months, women can layer the shorts with tights, preferably black, for added warmth. Coupled with high, black leather boots, the result is a striking denim outfit for women.



The Grey Baggy Jeans - Our Iconic "Goethe" Pants

Our grey baggy jeans exemplify our unique take on pants design. We've modernized the classic pleated trousers by dropping the crotch. Not only does this provide you with freedom of movement, but it also grants the pants a signature style. These low-waist baggy jeans feature a wide leg for added comfort.

You may be wondering, "Is this a pair of baggy jeans for women or men?" The answer is both. These baggy jeans are designed for both women and men. We lean towards creating pieces that can be worn by all genders.

Moreover, the dimensions of each size are meticulously defined to correspond with body requirements. And if it doesn't fit, we'll make it fit. With our in-house tailoring service located directly above our Vienna fashion store, alterations can be swiftly and easily made.



 The "Popper" Men's Denim Jacket - A Blend of Sporty and Elegant Men's Outerwear

Our men's grey denim jacket, dubbed "Popper", is our tribute to the denim tradition, while simultaneously serving as a biker jacket that embodies both elegance and sportiness. We crafted this designer jacket from high-quality denim sourced from the Netherlands, offering a firm texture yet maintaining an incredible softness.

The lines of the men's denim jacket convey a strictness reminiscent of military attire, subtly juxtaposed with the relaxed feel of a sporty, elegant denim ensemble. High-contrast decorative seams run in a straight line on both the front and back of the jacket, symbolizing a spirit of stubbornness. Open fringes in a distressed look lend a sporty, elegant design.

Pair the men's denim jacket with the distinctive "Feuerhaken" men's jeans to create your own denim suit. Military severity meets an artistic statement, forging a harmony of contrasts.

The Plus Size Denim Jacket: We also craft all of our men's jackets in plus sizes. This is true for our unique "Popper" jacket. If your size is sold out, we can custom-fit the jacket to your body in our in-house tailoring shop.



The Perfectly Fitting Jeans for the Modern Man - The "Veblen" Chino Trousers

The "Veblen" slim fit jeans represent our fusion of chinos and jeans and are a testament to modern denim design in terms of fit and superior craftsmanship. They meld the durability and comfort of denim with a slender and elegant silhouette.

They can be worn low on the hips as slim leg jeans, making them an ideal everyday skinny jean, but without the overly tight fit. Excessively tight clothing doesn't quite align with the free-spirited nature of the individualistic person.

Interested in a unique denim men's suit? Pair the "Veblen" jeans with the "Popper" denim jacket or the "Popper" short denim coat. Alternatively, the jeans can be paired with a black jacket for a sporty, elegant look. With these trousers, you demonstrate that jeans can not only be casual but also refined and elegant.

And indeed, the "Veblen" jeans are designed to fit well, even in larger sizes. We offer these jeans in sizes up to 58 (XXXXL) as standard. If you desire, we can create bespoke jeans for you in our in-house workshop.



The Women's Low Waist Jeans "Kierkegaard"

Are you looking for unusual jeans that you can still wear in an uncomplicated way at work and in your free time? Our low waist jeans for women are exactly those women's jeans.

It has a slim leg without being a skinny jean. It can be worn casually on the hip. And thus conveys a sporty, elegant style.

If you are now wondering whether we also create high waist jeans for women? - Yes. You can also wear any of our lady jeans higher on the waist.

Please also note our measurement tables. Here you can see the waist size, hip size and leg length. If you are unsure about the size, please get in touch. We will help you choose the right size.

You can also combine them with a women's jeans outfit. With the elegant denim jacket for women "Sontag" you are elegant on the go. With the fancy denim jacket for women "Camus" you show extravagance and stand out.

Thus: A fancy women's jeans for every day.



The Extravagant Jeans for Men and Women "Feuerhaken"

These jeans are designed to make a statement. You might be wondering, what kind of jeans are these?

Are they baggy jeans for men? Harem jeans for women? Drop crotch jeans? Wide leg jeans? Oversized jeans? Boyfriend jeans for women? Skater jeans for men?

Our answer to all: Yes. They combine a myriad of styles into one pair of trousers.

These jeans feature a hip cut and amalgamate various elements to create something entirely new. Thus, they embody the essence of "eigensinnig wien" in a way that aligns with our vision.

Customers interested in these jeans are initially unsure about categorizing them, which is quite fitting with our brand's individualistic character.

Both men and women can craft various baggy jeans outfits and denim suits with the "Feuerhaken".

For women's outfits, these jeans can be combined with the asymmetrical "Camus" jacket or the minimalist "Sontag" denim jacket. The "Popper" denim jacket is the perfect companion for a men's denim suit, as its design lines echo those of the trousers. Alternatively, we recommend the short "Wotruba" denim coat.

No matter how you combine your outfit, the possibilities for expressing your unconventional denim style are limitless.

Tailor-Made Jeans in Vienna: Our master tailors can also craft these trousers to your specifications, including color preferences. Do you fancy black baggy jeans? Visit us, or contact us by phone, email, or chat in our online store. We'll guide you through the process of selecting materials to create your individual jeans model.



The Unconventional Jeans for Men and Women "Walking Man"

Drawing inspiration from Alberto Giacometti's artistic masterpiece "The Walking Man," these jeans are a small work of art in their own right. Their exceptional lines pay homage to the creative genius of the Swiss artist.

These relaxed-fit jeans for both men and women feature a slightly dropped crotch, which will be more or less noticeable depending on how high or low you wear the pants. The silhouette of the jeans is loose, yet slender and minimalist.

What makes these pants truly unique is their cut. From the intersecting lines that traverse the trousers and seem to never end, to the unusual pocket shapes on the sides and back, these pants are a fashion masterpiece in their own right.

With their unorthodox cut, these high-quality designer jeans challenge traditional forms and lines.

For a remarkable denim ensemble, pair the "Walking Man" with the "Wotruba". We'll elaborate why in the following paragraph.



The Extravagant Short Denim Coat "Wotruba"

This denim short coat is also inspired by the works of a notable artist, Fritz Wotruba. A sculptor by trade, Wotruba was one of Austria's most riveting artists, and like Giacometti, he is recognized as a key figure in modern sculpture.

The lined denim coat is exceptional, presenting a balance between minimalist design elements and unconventional details, culminating in surprising finishes at the hemline. The lines incorporate robust, linear elements as well as graceful curves. The stand-up collar of the long denim jacket is a dual collar, sometimes strikingly prominent and at other times subtly blending in.

This short denim coat is our avant-garde reinterpretation of the classic denim coat design. Crafted from fine denim, it features quirky details and unusual silhouettes, which makes it distinctly stand out from traditional jeans designs.

How do the "Wotruba" and "Walking Man" mesh together, you may ask? They were conceived in design together. Even though they are two distinct models, they only fully express their potential when combined.

If you wish, take a closer look at the cut of the jeans and short coat. You'll discover astonishing details.



The Elegant Denim Jacket for Women "Sontag"

"Sontag" women's denim jacket is a minimalist design masterpiece, with an attention to detail that extends right down to the smallest seam.

Our goal was to design a unique denim jacket that women could don for leisure or business. An uncomplicated, special jacket that effortlessly pairs with just about anything. Moreover, when paired with the right jeans, it could constitute a part of a business jeans suit.

This jacket also transforms into a denim blazer effortlessly. All you need to do is turn up the stand-up collar, and voila, you have an elegant yet sporty women's blazer.

Whether you don this jacket in autumn or spring, or under a wool coat in winter, it always fits and is consistently understated. It's this understatement that truly sets the jacket apart.

In search of a fashionable jeans outfit for women? Pair the elegant denim jacket with the low waist jeans "Kierkegaard" for a sleek look. If you're after a baggy jeans outfit, you have even more options. It could be the baggy jeans "Goethe" or the low-crotch jeans "Feuerhaken".

We are more than happy to assist you in selecting your jeans suit. You are welcome to visit us in our designer fashion store in Vienna, or reach out to us via the online shop.



Jeans Pants and Denim Jackets in Plus Size

Eigensinnig Wien appreciates and celebrates the beauty of all body shapes with its jeans collection for plus-size fashion. Our philosophy is that every body, regardless of size, should have the ability to express itself freely and stylishly. Hence, we offer plus-size jeans that prioritize both comfort and style.


Designer Baggy Jeans for Curvy Women

Our plus-size fashion celebrates curves, offering a variety of stylish options for plus-size jeans fashion. One of our highlights is the collection of baggy jeans in plus sizes. These jeans are not just comfortable, but also extremely trendy, giving every outfit a cool, casual look.



Plus-size Denim Jackets for Women

Another statement piece in our oversize collection is our denim jackets in large sizes for both men and women. They offer a contemporary and edgy twist that emphasizes your personal style. Whether you need a denim jacket in size 44, 46, or 48, or even a custom-made one, we have you covered.

Our unique denim jackets are the perfect companion for a casual outfit, or they can be worn as a statement piece over a coat.



Plus-size Women's Fashion - for Every Size

The plus-size women's fashion at Eigensinnig Wien goes beyond the norm. We offer women's denim pants in a variety of styles and fits, ensuring the right piece of clothing for every woman.

Whether you're looking for an everyday outfit or a statement piece for a special occasion, our fashion in large sizes brings avant-garde style to the streets, letting you shine in every outfit.



Designer Men's Jeans in Plus Sizes

But we don't stop at women's fashion - we also offer something for men. Our collection of men's jeans, available in plus sizes, impresses with its rugged elegance. With their excellent fit and special design, they are the perfect piece of clothing for style-conscious men who don't want to be constrained by the conventions of the fashion world.





Jeans Outfits and Suits for Men and Women

At Eigensinnig Wien, we're great enthusiasts of outstanding outfits and unconventional suits. We are excited to present our unique denim suits and outfits. Whether you're looking for a baggy jeans outfit or a denim blazer paired with slim-fit jeans, the possibilities for women's combinations are endless.



Outstanding Designer Jeans Outfits at eigensinnig wien

We believe that fashion is more than just clothing - it's a form of self-expression, a reflection of your personality. Our jeans outfits for both men and women are characterized by their unconventional aesthetics and high level of comfort. Whether it's loosely-cut baggy jeans with a matching denim jacket, or elegant denim trousers paired with a chic top, our collection offers numerous ways to express your individuality.

From oversized denim suits to sporty, elegant jeans outfits, from women's denim two-piece suits to men's skater jeans outfits - we cater for all. From elegant denim suits to something more eccentric, visit our fashion store in Vienna or browse through our online shop.



Denim Suits for Men and Women - The Avant-Garde Approach of Eigensinnig Wien

Our denim suits represent avant-garde fashion and the utmost quality. They blend the casualness and comfort of denim with the elegance and formality of a suit. Our men's and women's denim suits are renowned for their unconventional style. With their unique cuts, and the subtle interplay of textures and colors, they're the perfect statement piece for those seeking the extraordinary.

Each outfit is a work of art that prioritizes your personal style and provides you the freedom to dress by your own rules.





Jeans Trends 2023

Current trends? 2022 trends? Honestly, we don't really keep track. That's just how we are at Eigensinnig. And our name, meaning 'stubborn' or 'willful', probably says it all.

If you want to know what kind of jeans are currently 'in' or which style is 'hip', there are plenty of other media outlets for that.

Sometimes gray jeans are 'trendy', other times it's black jeans. One expert might claim high waist jeans are the current 'must-haves'. Another might assert that low waist jeans are all the rage. Ripped jeans are the latest craze. - No, it's elegant jeans "that everyone wants this year".

As you can see, it's complicated. We don't have a crystal ball, and we're not in the habit of consulting horoscopes. That's why we don't bother with trend forecasts for jeans or any other type of clothing.

Instead, we create garments that are both trendy and timeless. We don't follow movements or trends. We simply create our fashion. And we hope you like it.



Jeans for Summer or Winter or for the Transition

Jeans are a true all-rounder and can be worn all year round, in both summer and winter. Their versatility makes them an essential part of any wardrobe. In the summer, lightweight, loose-fitting jeans can provide a comfortable breeze and help endure the heat. On the other hand, in winter, jeans offer good protection against the cold and wind, thanks to their dense weave.



Jeans: An All-Rounder for all Seasons

In autumn and spring, when the weather can be changeable, denim trousers and jackets come into their own. They offer the perfect balance between warmth and breathability, allowing you to remain comfortable, whatever the weather.

Moreover, they are tough enough to withstand the often stormy and rainy conditions typical of these seasons.

Jeans can also be perfectly combined. Whether with a chic blazer for a business look, a leather jacket for a casual outfit, or a sweater for a cosy everyday look, jeans are always a good choice.

At eigensinnig wien, we have a variety of styles and fits that you can mix and match to create your very own personal look.



What is Denim and How is it Made?

Denim, a type of fabric, has been a stalwart in the fashion industry, defining styles and functionality over the decades. Initially appreciated for its durability and strength, this material has transformed into a quintessential element of our everyday wardrobe. However, understanding the production of this iconic fabric necessitates a deeper look into its textile fibers.

Denim is primarily composed of cotton, which is transformed into a sturdy fabric through a weaving process known as twill weave. This unique weave gives the fabric a characteristic diagonal pattern, contributing to denim's typical appearance and ensuring its toughness.

The color of denim is usually determined by the yarn employed during the weaving process. Conventionally, the warp threads (the set of yarns extended lengthwise in the loom) are dyed with indigo, while the weft threads (interlaced with the warp threads) remain white. This results in denim's signature blue color, which develops its distinctive patina through washing and wear over time.

Various factors determine the quality of denim. One of these is the yarn's count or thickness—the thicker the yarn, the heavier and more robust the fabric. Another factor is the weave's density—a high density results in stronger, more durable denim.

Over time, different types of denim have evolved. One of the most well-known is raw denim, which, unlike most denim fabrics, is not pre-washed. This results in a stiffer and darker jean that develops a unique patina over time. Another popular type is stretch denim, which incorporates elastane threads in the weave, offering the fabric some elasticity.

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