Forme d'Expression Flaired Shirt DS042 Exceptional, asymmetric women's blouse made of light cotton in black

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Loose-fitting avant-garde blouse with playful detail. A rare obstinacy in poetic black.

This unusual blouse by the avant-garde label Forme d'Expression is made of a strong cotton fabric. The loose cut is enhanced by the special pleating on the front: a lot of fabric is used here and it is also gathered on the back. Probably the most striking detail is the playful fabric insert on the front, right side, while the left side remains classically straight: a play on contrasts. The high collar looks official, but can also be unbuttoned. The poetic-looking black is matched by the buttons in an organic-looking melange of white-brown and beige. A subtle creation for special occasions, but also perfect for everyday wear.

In combination with the 'DP036 Baggy 5 Pocket Pants' in grey linen, the asymmetric women's blouse becomes an extravagant, versatile ensemble. The elegant, slim-fitting trousers 'Didion', on the other hand, ground the obstinacy by putting its extravagance into perspective in an special way.

Brand: Forme D'Expression
Color: black
Material: 100% cotton

eigensinnig wien presents: Forme d’Expression

Koeun Park is behind the avant-garde label Forme D'Expression. Born in Seoul and living in Italy, the designer studied in Paris and Milan, designed for Armani and Donna Karan, among others, and now creates designs that are reduced to the essentials and at the same time strict and playful. Her focus is on slow, careful production, which includes many revisions and is intended to make the garment in question familiar to the wearer before he or she even touches it. The unique pieces created by Koeun Park are only available in our showroom and online store throughout Vienna.



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