eigensinnig wien Exceptional avant garde clothing for women and men

Avant-Garde Fashion for Men and Women from Vienna based Fashion Brand

Exceptional designer avant-garde clothing for men and women: enriched with ideas from philosophy, art and literature and based on the Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic.

Unconventional designer pants, jackets, T-shirts, shirts and accessories made from natural materials that make obstinacy visible. Through asymmetrical cuts and subtle details.

eigensinnig wien | Bingen | Ausgefallene Designer Balaclava aus Mohair in Schwarz eigensinnig wien | Bingen | Ausgefallene Designer Balaclava aus Mohair in Schwarz
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eigensinnig wien - Avant-Garde Fashion Brand for Women and Men from Vienna

The Avantgarde fashion label was co-founded in 2012 by Toni Woldrich. For more than a decade, the creative mind behind the fashion brand has made the most intrinsic aspects of humanity visible. Fashion, art, and philosophy go hand in hand.

The extraordinary fashion are crafted from fine fabrics, mostly in black, and bear artistic names like Piaf, Kafka, Goethe, or Averroes. The latter was an Andalusian philosopher who uniquely inspired the creation of the popular harem pants with a low crotch and wide leg.

Fashion Store in Vienna - our flagship

The exclusive concept store is located in the heart of Vienna. On the picturesque Ulrichsplatz in Vienna's Neubau district, the premises in an old, listed building, which once housed a pharmacy, were lovingly restored and designed by Woldrich and his team.

The designer fashion in black hang on transparent threads from the high ceiling and dance when the wind blows through the open windows and doors. The airy and fresh ambiance of the showroom invites you to take a stroll. It's as if you're wandering through a fashion gallery, discovering one piece of art after another.

Exceptional and Handcrafted Fashion in Vienna

The models are intricately handcrafted directly above the showroom, where the atelier, photo studio, office, and in-house tailor shop are located. Every prototype is hand-sewn upstairs, crafted only from the best materials like Belgian linen and fine cotton.

The 'eigensinnig' designer fahsion are produced in small quantities in a family-owned factory in Slovenia near the Austrian border. Thus, the extraordinary Avantgarde fashion of the small label, which received the 'Best Designer Men's Avantgarde Fashion' award in 2022, is rare and precious.

The fashion for women and men come in various styles, from classic-elegant to minimalist, from sporty-casual to extravagant. After all, there is not just one eccentricity. And many of the exceptional garments can be worn by both men and women.

Avant-Garde and Elegant Fashion in Black

But there is a common denominator: Black. A non-color and simultaneously the favorite color of the fashion label. Yet, black is not always just black. Powerful deep black forms one end of the spectrum, while summery black at the other end can be interpreted as a light grey.

Tailor-shop in Vienna for Avant-Garde Fashion

A special service is the alteration tailoring and custom-made creations on the first floor above the fashion boutique. Men and women with specific wishes for fit, size, material, or color can have their very own unique piece made there. With just a few touches, the master tailor on the team takes measurements and usually creates the desired model within a few days.

Many clothes are also available in plus size up to 4XL, as the belief is that Avant-garde fashion should not be reserved for standard sizes only.

'eigensinnig' characters who are not in the city or prefer to shop online can find all designer fashion in the online shop. With just a few clicks, orders can be placed online, and delivery is available worldwide via express shipping with UPS.