Designer harem pants | Your guide for edgy avant-garde style pants

Die Haremshose und Baggy Hose bei eigensinnig wien


Designer harem pants - Guide for edgy pants in avant-garde style

Discover designer harem pants in unconventional styles for avant-garde fashion lovers.


Who hasn't heard of him? From Aladdin. Aladdin and the magic lamp. A story from a thousand and one night. The French translator Antoine Galland added it to the history collection in the 18th century, referring to the treatise of the Maronite Christian Hanna Diyab.

Although Aladdin (Arabic for "grandness of faith") and his life are set in Baghdad, he is actually from China. His story was probably recorded with his African magician and adversary in 1001 Night. The latter work is based in Indian and Persian regions and was probably translated into Arabic in the 8th century with the spread of Islam. Therefore, the prevailing opinion is that Aladdin came from the Middle East.

Be that as it may, we are charmed by the idea of ​​having a magic lamp at our disposal. An almighty, good friend who stands by our side and fulfills our wishes. There are small and big wishes, important ones and less important ones. Everyone has to define that for himself.

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Djinn, the genie from the magic lamp,
conjures up harem pants

The importance of clothing as a wishful thinking should not be underestimated. People don't dress just because it has a practical and social component. They dress to be comfortable.

eigensinnig wien in this respect is a magic lamp. You rub it, carefully or vigorously, and wishes come true. Every time you touch this magic lamp, a new model is created. Always made of fine fabrics and with that incomparable touch of avant-garde fashion that seems inexhaustible.

Let us take you into the world of harem pants. Aladdin wore them - therefore the name Aladdin pants - and undoubtedly liked them because of their lightness and comfort.



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Designer Harem Pants

In our world of avant-garde fashion, a style has emerged that is both unique and elegant. We're talking about designer harem pants in avant-garde styles.

These exceptional pants for both men and women offer an intriguing blend of comfort and style. Whether in the form of black cotton pants or linen Drop Crotch Pants, these cozy yet extravagant trousers are always a part of our collections.


What are harem pants?

Harem pants, or pants with a low crotch, originated in the urban dance scene and quickly became a part of avant-garde fashion. The drop crotch provides freedom of movement, while slim or wide legs add an elegant touch. The pants can be crafted from soft, flowing fabrics to create a special elegance.


Our styles of harem pants

  1. Very Low Crotch: The very deep version of Drop Crotch Pants for men and women offers a distinctive look, perfect for an all-black outfit. The black Drop Crotch Pants are an absolute must-have for lovers of black.

  2. With Slim or Wide Leg: Whether with a slim leg for an elegant look or a wide leg for a relaxed fit, our designer Drop Crotch Pants offer various options. The linen Drop Crotch Pants, for example, are a stylish choice for summer and spring.

  3. From Soft, Flowing Fabrics: For those looking for high-quality Drop Crotch Pants, our elegant fashion for men offers fabrics like linen and cotton. The flowing exclusive fabric gives the women's pants with a low crotch and the men's pants with a low crotch a luxurious feel.

Exclusive harem pants at eigensinnig wien

Our showroom is more than a fashion store in Vienna. Our flagship store at the picturesque Saint Ulrich's Square is a hidden gem. Away from the traditional shopping streets, high-quality avant-garde fashion is more than just luxury shopping.

We are known for our unique men's suits with harem pants. As men's outfitters, we offer custom tailoring for harem pants, as well as exclusive black men's suits.


The Aladdin trousers - wide leg pants for ladies and gentlemen

We all have some idea of ​​oversize pants. Nevertheless, it makes sense to briefly explain this designation. Originally it is an English translation of harem pants or harem trousers. In German, the terms Pluderhosen or Pumphosen are also used.

These are long, wide-cut trousers with an oriental touch. In the occident they are mostly worn by women, although these exceptional trousers are also a suitable choice for fashion-conscious men.




Unique designer harem pants for men and black pleated pants for women. Zephyr online at eigensinnig wien. Fashion shop for black avant-garde fashion. express delivery




Comfortable wide leg pants for men and women

The harem pants for men and women, also known as loose sarouel pants, are in most cases wide from the waistband to the knees and rather slim below. At the ankle there is an elastic band or a ribbon for closing.

These harem pants came to Europe from the Orient at the beginning of the 17th century and replaced the Spanish fashion for padded, shorter pants. The padding became less important, but basically the loose fit that characterizes today's oversize pants was retained.




Features of the oversize pants for women and men

Characteristic of these wide leg pants from the eigensinnig wien atelier is the use of light Belgian linen and fine cotton. These high-quality fabrics underline the extravagant character of these trousers with a low crotch for men and women.

The extraordinary harem pants for men and women, which are also available in plus-size, envelop every body, be it slim or with curves. If you have special wishes, there is also the possibility of having harem pants made to measure in plus-size in our in-house tailoring shop.

Djinn enchants her favorite piece, the custom-made harem pants or baggy pants, in such a way that they wear like a second skin. Or like a third skin, because the airiness of the oversize pants for men and women is shown when walking by the fact that the wide material only briefly touches your legs. This creates a pleasant feeling of well-being on hot days, especially in summer. The air caresses your body and covers it at the same time. This protects you from excessive exposure to the sun.




Aladdin wants one for his princess
Averroes wide leg pants

He could also have conjured up Japanese pants for men, but for his love, whom he kidnaps to Moorish Andalusia, he wants unique, oversize pants for women. He almost adores these extravagant pant skirts in large sizes, in which every woman, especially his idiosyncratic princess, comes into its own.

As if by a creative miracle, rubbing against a eigensinnig wien lamp, the iconic wide-leg pants "Averroes" were born, whose unique design was inspired by the 12th century Andalusian philosopher and Muslim scholar.




Elegant black wide leg harem pants for women. Discover Averroes in the eigensinnig wien online shop. Fashion shop for black avant-garde fashion for women and men. Express delivery worldwide.




Wide Leg Pants for women and men

This designer oversize pants, which can be purchased in the fashion shop in Vienna or conveniently in the online shop, is one of the extravagant pants for women that bring movement into play. That lightness when walking, the vibrations of the fabric that hugs the body... It's like not walking up the steep path to the Alhambra, but floating upwards.

Aladdin looks at his princess, who is walking in front of him in these wide leg pants for women made of fine rayon. He is enchanted by the subtle structure of the fabric, which shines elegantly and makes his lover with the sonorous name Jasmine appear even more beautiful. The Alhambra is simple on the outside and a magnificent jewel on the inside. But when it is illuminated in the dark, an incredible fascination arises for the Moorish culture, which was characterized by tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

The young man is excited. He mostly wears men's harem pants anyway, but now he feels some kind of identity. Although he originally comes from the Far East, he feels connected to the history of the Orient. Beyond the social aspect of clothing, he sees the development of the individual who expresses and realizes himself.




The harem pants jumpsuit - a designer overall

The jumpsuit with harem pants, a word combination borrowed from the English word "jump" for jumping and "suit" for suit, is defined as a designer overall for women. It was originally developed for parachute and formation jumps and was particularly useful in sports.

Originally located in functional sports fashion, the practical one-piece suit also found its well-deserved place in the world of high-end fashion from a wide variety of avant-garde fashion designers.

eigensinnig wien deliberately brought the magic lamp into play and conjured up a festive wedding jumpsuit made of fine black silk. Our silk jumpsuit has many extravagant details and a low crotch with wide legs.

Generous, asymmetrically cut panels of fabric deconstruct terms such as “gender”, “age” and “shape” – a characteristic that is also attributed to the traditional Japanese kimono. This makes the silk jumpsuit a companion that dresses obstinate people of all genders, ages and figures in a modern and suitable way for many occasions.




Elegant jumpsuit with harem pants for women and men in black. Rilke in the eigensinnig wien online shop. Black avant-garde fashion for women and men. Worldwide express shipping
Fancy jumpsuit with harem pants for women and men in black. Mallarme in the stubborn wien online shop and fashion store for black avant-garde fashion. Express delivery worldwide



Fancy harem pants and baggy pants in different styles

In our fashion shop and online shop of eigensinnig wien there is a wide variety of different harem pants and baggy pants. They were designed in the in-house studio and made from high-quality fabrics in a small factory.


Baggy Pants for Men

Baggy pants were particularly popular in the second half of the 1990s. The difference to the classic harem pants is mainly that they are consistently wide and not like some harem pants models on the lower leg.

These wide-leg trousers usually had many pockets and were worn low on the hips. The baggy jeans for men in black in particular were often related to the hip-hop and rap scene of the time.




Black baggy trousers for men and women with a low crotch and wide leg. Discover Marshall online at eigensinnig wien. Concept store for avant-garde fashion in black. express delivery
Black baggy trousers for men and women with a low crotch and wide leg. Discover Marshall online at eigensinnig wien. Concept store for avant-garde fashion in black. express delivery

Baggy Jeans for women and men or would you prefer a different fabric for this characteristic skater jeans model?

One might think the obstinate spirit Djinn was running out of ideas. But his creativity knows no bounds. Designer fashion knows no boundaries and is of infinite creativity, which is mostly expressed in details such as seams, cuts and the choice of material.

Many black baggy pants are made from denim, i.e. denim, a strong, tightly woven, durable cotton fabric invented in France. eigensinnig wien, on the other hand, also offers baggy trousers for men and women in particularly fine fabrics. This can be flowing wool fabric for autumn and winter models or light Belgian linen for spring and summer. Like the special creation "Marshall", whose design was inspired by the famous musician Eminem aka Marshall Mathers from the hip-hop scene.

Linen Baggy Pants for Women and Men

Inspired by Eminem, the designer model from the eigensinnig wien atelier is like comfortable sweatpants with a drop crotch and almost surpasses itself in terms of wearing comfort. Therefore, there is also the opportunity to experience sporting activities such as skating together with him.

The wide leg linen pants, which are aimed at both women and men, are ideal for movement artists who want special clothing for their obstinate, active lives. The comfortable fit of the wide leg linen pants in the retro style of the 90s is worn on the hips and is not only sporty but also elegant due to the asymmetrical decorative seams and its hem with open edges.

Now Djinn may not care what he looks like in the end, but what matters is his effect. As a modern being, he puts his smartphone in the large Marshall pockets, tucks away his wallet or plays with the black horn buttons that replace a zipper, then he feels contemporary. Then he feels that he lives here and now in the present. Being with yourself, capturing the moment and always experiencing new moments. You can only do that if you don't just cover yourself with clothing. No, you have to feel one with it.




Oversize pants for men - as baggy jeans
or light summer pants for men

"Oversize" describes a fashion trend that is deliberately worn "one size too big". "Big is beautiful". Just like the enormous genie that rises from the magic lamp. If he wanted to get dressed, he definitely chose oversized pants for men.

Why shouldn't good spirits also be fashion-conscious? We all have a spirit, maybe several, within us. Why shouldn't we be allowed to play with him and have fun? The penchant for beautiful things, extravagant men's pants who prefer fine cotton fabrics, or women's wide-leg pants made of fine linen, makes us glow from within.




Low Waist Baggy Jeans oder Loose Fit Jeans for Men

Dschinn is spoiled for choice, because the range of wide-leg pants for men is large. Luckily, the avant-garde fashion label of eigensinnig wien stands by him and makes his wishes come true.

As a gift for helping in the realization of the models, loose-fit pants or low-waisted baggy jeans are proposed to him. The latter has a low rise and is worn low on the hips. In contrast, the loose fit pants are characterized by their wide cut around the hips, knees and ankles. However, some models taper tightly at the ankles, so that the designer pants no longer rest loosely on the shoes, but touch them down.




Baggy trousers with a low crotch and wide legs for men and women in grey. Buy Goethe online at eigensinnig wien. Black avant-garde fashion for women and men. Worldwide express shipping

Drop Crotch Pants in Plus-Size

The story of Aladdin and his magic lamp from 1001 Night is certainly only a fictional story. But Scheherazade stayed alive thanks to her stories. A kind of elixir of life made up of sentences. Even if the local words about harem pants, oversize pants, drop crotch pants or baggy pants are not nearly as dramatic, they still have something to say.

Every object, every piece of clothing carries values ​​that gain meaning through a story. For this reason, eigensinnig wien attaches great importance to naming and history when presenting its designer fashion. This goes hand in hand with the creation of new avant-garde clothes, as shown by the range of unique harem pants, jumpsuits or baggy pants for men and women.

As I said, it is almost mystical how this wave of wishes and dreams works. It's as if Aladdin had actually lent his magic lamp so that the spirit for eigensinnig wien could create high-quality, wide leg pants with an airy character for men and women.

The very wide pants with a low crotch made of linen or cotton are loose and comfortable to wear. Obstinate men and women appreciate the breathable properties of the fine fabrics, especially on hot days in spring and summer. In autumn and winter, on the other hand, light wool fabrics provide cozy warmth.

Depending on the occasion and your personal style, you can wear loose fit or figure-hugging tops with your harem pants. The selection in the fashion store and in the online shop of eigensinnig wien is almost limitless and more and more pants are also available in plus-size up to 4XL.

Long-sleeved or short-sleeved black T-shirts, blouses or shirts with avant-garde flair can interact with the special harem pants and baggy pants. Narrow and wide harmonize with each other and, in addition to functionality and wearing comfort, also create a style or even an identity that is more than extraordinary. Self-willed.