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Explore high-quality, exclusive men’s designer T-shirts perfect for summer. Crafted from premium cotton or linen that offer style and sophistication.

Exclusive designer t-shirts feature creative cuts and shapes, utilizing high-quality materials for interesting textures and superior longevity. Committed to sustainability, eigensinnig wien produces these T-shirts in natural materials in the EU. Choose eigensinnig wien for your luxury T-shirt needs and create a fashion experience that combines quality, style, exclusivity, and individuality.

Men’s designer T-shirts: Summer luxury

High-end summer wear for the style conscious man

Explore our curated selection of men’s designer T-shirts at eigensinnig wien and get style, individuality and luxury. In summer they’re a must have in every wardrobe, a closet refresh with editor approved picks. We present you our men’s designer T-shirts and help you find the perfect T-shirt for you. Join the world of eigensinnig wien and see what makes our designer T-shirts so special.

What makes our luxury T-shirts for men so unique?

Quality that speaks for itself

Our men’s luxury T-shirts are all about quality. High-end materials like Italian or Japanese cotton or linen make for comfort and durability. These materials feel great and are super durable and keep their shape and colour even after many washes.

Precise craftsmanship - Artisanal touch

Precise craftsmanship is another feature of our men’s luxury T-shirts. Every seam, every cut and every detail is handmade within the EU. So the T-shirt looks good and fits perfect. We use artisanal techniques to give our products that special something.

Exclusivity and uniqueness

Our men’s designer T-shirts are avant-garde and made exclusive. Limited quantities only. No mass production. So when you wear one of these T-shirts, you’re wearing something special. Exclusively designed in our in-house fashion atelier in Vienna and handmade in EU turn these T-shirts into real statement pieces. In summer you’ll be the only one.

Uniqueness and originality

Our edgy men’s designer T-shirts are uniqueness and avant-garde. Our T-shirts have designs you won’t find anywhere else. Since 2012 eigensinnig wien is known for its extravagant and unconventional designs, characterized by uniqueness and creativity.

Avant-garde T-shirts - Fashion and art

Our avant-garde T-shirts for men are more than just clothing - they are like art pieces. In the design process we let our imagination run wild and draw inspiration from art and culture. This results in T-shirts that look great and have a deeper meaning or message. Perfect for men who love art and want to express their passion through their clothes.

Bold designs - Creative cuts and silhouettes

At eigensinnig wien our edgy men’s T-shirts are all about innovative and creative designs. From bold lines to unusual silhouettes - these T-shirts are for men who don’t want to blend in. Since 2012 we are known for our daring and unique designs, often considered art pieces in themselves.

Besides the bold designs, creative cuts and shapes play a big role in our design process. Asymmetrical cuts, sophisticated seams and details in unexpected places make these T-shirts real statements. These designer pieces are for men who want to express themselves and their creativity.

Material mix and innovative fabrics

Our men’s designer T-shirts are made from high-end materials like cotton or linen. The mix of different fabrics creates interesting textures and silhouettes. This makes the T-shirts look great and have a special touch.

Exclusivity comes at a price - High-end T-shirts for men

Style and Durability

Our men’s T-shirts are exclusive and high-quality. The premium materials come from small manufacturers in the EU or Japan and are known for their durability. These garments are made from the best materials and go through strict quality control. They keep their shape, colour and quality for many years and are more resistant to normal wear and tear.

Environmental awareness and sustainability

We care about sustainability so our T-shirts are made from natural materials and produced sustainably in the EU. So you’re not only buying a garment that looks and feels great but also contribute to environmental protection.

Designer T-shirts for men - Your fashion experience

Men’s designer T-shirts offer what plain T-shirts can’t: quality, style, exclusivity and individuality. Whether you’re looking for a luxury T-shirt that excels in quality and uniqueness or an extravagant T-shirt that expresses your creativity - at eigensinnig wien you’ll always find a men’s T-shirt that fits your taste.

A luxury T-shirt is worth it. Whether for prestige and durability or an extravagant T-shirt to make a real fashion statement. In any case designer T-shirts add to your wardrobe and you’ll always look great and self-assured. Browse and choose men’s designer T-shirts from eigensinnig wien to complete your style.