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Unique Designer Hats, Caps and Beanies for Men and Women by Reinhard Plank, Mühlbauer Hüte, and eigensinnig wien.

Made from high-quality materials. From soft cotton to textured linen, warm wool to summery straw, the distinctive hats, caps, and beanies by eigensinnig wien, Mühlbauer, and Reinhard Plank stand out. Each piece is a handcrafted original.

Whether it's a summer hat from linen oder straw. Or a wool beanie for winter. A Florentine hat or bucket hat. Wide-brimmed hats, or summer beanies made of linen. And many more.

Discover an exclusive collection of limited-edition designer hats suitable for every occasion.

Designer Hats by Reinhard Plank from Italy

Discover a wide array of exquisite hats for both men and women at the distinct eigensinnig wien online shop and concept store located in Vienna's Neubau district. Crafted by various artisans and from our very own atelier.

Whether you're seeking designer hats, chic caps, refined straw hats, or contemporary bucket hats, explore handcrafted designs perfect for any occasion and season.

Reinhard Plank's unique hats and caps, meticulously handcrafted near Florence, showcase the artisan's dedication. Each hat is hand-finished using specialized techniques, resulting in distinctive coloration for each piece.

Every design is an exclusive piece, subtly to conspicuously accentuating the individualistic character of its wearer.

Plank's collections, a blend of playful, minimalist, and provocative styles, remain consistently lavish and unconventional. Yet, Plank never loses sight of the essence: high-end hats for women and men

Central to his design philosophy is how an individual navigates personal space: whether to subtly blend in or make a dramatic statement. This ethos underpins Plank's craftsmanship, design, and artistry.

Discover Reinhard Plank's designer hats at eigensinnig wien. From the Fedora to the Porkpie, Bowler, Cowboy Hat, and Bucket Hat, and many more.

Handcrafted Hats by Mühlbauer Hüte from Vienna

In 1903, the esteemed atelier of Julianna Mühlbauer was established in Vienna's Floridsdorf district. Once a modest hat workshop and store, it's now in its 4th generation, led by Klaus Mühlbauer.

These unique creations are meticulously crafted, shaped, dried, and finally, adorned and finalized at the modistery. The brand harmoniously merges tradition with innovation.

Klaus Mühlbauer's innovative hat designs have been sported by luminaries like Meryl Streep and Brad Pitt and those who favor individualism away from the spotlight.

From avant-garde caps and relaxed bucket hats to distinct hats crafted from luxurious materials like fur, straw, felt, or fabric, Mühlbauer caters to distinct tastes.

Black Beret from Fine Angora Wool

This delicate beret, crafted from fine black angora wool, is a must-have for every sophisticated lady. Soft and comfortable, it adds that touch of elegance to any outfit.

Handcrafted with premium quality, this beret enhances your feminine and chic style, making it an ideal accessory for autumn and winter.

Linen Bucket Hat for Men

Perfect for summer, this lightweight bucket hat for men, designed in the eigensinnig atelier, provides protection from the sun while maintaining a stylish flair.

Pair this minimalist yet stylish linen Chaplin hat with a tailored linen suit, be it for men or women, to craft your personalized summertime look.

Beanies for Women and Men

Perfect for spring and fall, this one-of-a-kind beanie lends your ensemble a touch of originality. Made from lightweight materials like linen or viscose, they're comfortable and accentuate your extraordinary style.

Elegant Men's Summer Hat

This elegant men's summer hat, not only stylish but also protective, is your ideal companion for city days or beach outings. This handcrafted hat, blending classic with quirky, awaits you in our online boutique.

Extravagant Straw Hats for Men by Reinhard Plank

These standout straw hats by Reinhard Plank are essentials for the fashion-forward gentleman. Each piece, handcrafted by the artisan, is a unique work of art, epitomizing the wearer's distinctive style.

Designer Black Hat for Men

This timeless men's hat in black embodies elegance and style. Choose between a Bowler, Porkpie, or a deconstructed Fedora in sleek black felt, each a handcrafted masterpiece, perfect for the individualistic wearer.

Cool Caps for Men and Women

Designed for spring and autumn, these unique caps keep you warm while making a statement. For those who favor a bold look, our designer cap, Till, created in our atelier situated above our concept store in Vienna's heart, is an ideal choice. For a more conventional style, opt for our lightweight Beanie Balint in viscose.

Hats from Burnt Wool

These hats, designed by Reinhard Plank, crafted from burnt wool in shades of black and brown, are a highlight of our collection. Their burnt texture offers a singular appearance, ensuring every piece stands out.

From casual men's caps and robust cowboy hats to non-traditional bucket hats, discover your favorite in eigensinnig wien's online store.

Venetian-Flair Women's Beach Hat

Named after the Greek god, Zeus, this hat evokes the charm of Venice and mirrors the iconic hats worn by Venetian gondoliers. Ideal for the beach or a day in the city, it's not just fashionable but also sun-protective.

Stylish Men's Caps

These stylish caps for men are essentials for every fashion-forward gentleman. Boasting distinctive designs, they are the perfect headwear for spring and summer.

Classic Black Bowler Hat by Mühlbauer Hüte

Timeless in design, this Bowler Hat in noble black by Mühlbauer Hüte elevates your style. Handcrafted from premium materials, it promises longevity.

Leather Balloon Cap

This soft leather Balloon Cap, a collaborative creation of Mühlbauer Hüte and eigensinnig wien, is as unique as its wearer. Ideal for spring and autumn, it keeps you warm in style.

Extravagant Fedora Hat

Named Rembrandt, this extravagant Fedora hat is a must-have for the fashion-savvy gentleman. Carefully handcrafted from sturdy black felt at Mühlbauer Hüte's atelier, it's a stylish and enduring accessory for both men and women.

Men's Cap for the Relaxed Gentleman

This cap, crafted for men who prefer a casual style, embodies comfort and style. Handcrafted from burnt wool by Reinhard Plank in Italy, it's sturdy yet stylish, the perfect accessory to accentuate a laid-back look.

Shop Unique Designer Hats Online at eigensinnig wien

From bucket hats, Florentine hats, to broad-brimmed straw hats, our collection has everything to perfect your ensemble. Crafted by hand from premium materials, our accessories promise both quality and longevity.

Benefit from our express worldwide shipping and adorn yourself with our unique pieces at the earliest.