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Designer pants in unconventional styles for modern humans. Time and exclusive luxury pants from high-quality fabric blend.

Exclusive Designer pants - Elegance in design and luxurious fabrics

At eigensinnig wien, fashion connoisseurs find extraordinary designer pants that impress not only with their exclusive materials but also with their craftsmanship perfection.

Our designer pants collection emphasizes high-quality natural fabric blends such as linen, cotton, wool, silk and the finest knitwear. Each piece reflects a perfect fit and timeless elegance, evident in both simple and elaborate designs.

Classic to avant-garde - Diversity of pants styles

The pants styles at eigensinnig wien is diverse, featuring elegant designer pants that captivate with their simplicity and grace. From Designer loose fit pants to slim fit models and custom-made tailored fit pants, our collection offers a range that meets every taste. For those seeking the extraordinary, we also offer designer suit pants and high waist as well as low waist pants.

Color and form - Black and unique

The collection is predominantly black, giving each pair of pants a dramatic yet subtle flair.

Black designer pants are not only fashionable statements but also express a deep understanding of the power of restraint. They embody the philosophy of eigensinnig wien, found in every detail of the clothing, from the choice of fabrics to the last stitch.

Fabrics and innovation - The foundation of our designs

At eigensinnig wien, we put great efforts on the quality and origin of our fabrics. Our designer cotton pants, wool pants, and silk pants speak for themselves.

Each fabric is carefully selected and processed not only to impress visually but also tactically. The designer knit pants demonstrate how innovative and original knitting can be when combined with visionary design and technical finesse.

Modern cuts and cool details - Trend-conscious and style-defining

Today's modern fashionistas seek designer pants that are stylish yet chic. Our collection features cool designer pants characterized by asymmetrical cuts, original details, and innovative silhouettes.

Each pair of pants is a work of art in itself, reflecting the spirit of avant-garde fashion and simultaneously paying homage to craftsmanship. High fashion at its finest.

Uniqueness in every thread

Designer pants from eigensinnig wien are more than just garments. They are expressions of a deep passion for fashion and art. Whether you are looking for luxurious pants or unique cuts and styles, our collection offers unparalleled quality and unique designs that add an extraordinary touch to any outfit. Visit us in our fashion store in Vienna and experience fashion that moves. Or you can order in our online shop. We ship worldwide.