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Hoctagon Belt Black leather belt with large buckle

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Color: Black
material: 100% hand-dyed calf leather

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    This belt with a silver buckle by Tagliovivo showcases an exquisite example of Italian craftsmanship. The high-quality black belt for both men and women features a hand-forged belt buckle and presents a distinctive touch to any ensemble. A handcrafted luxury accessory for those seeking something special.


    Custom leather belts for men and women by Tagliovivo

    The exclusive custom black leather belt for both men and women is notable for its fusion of lightness and ruggedness. The avant-garde character emanates from the combination of hand-dyed calf leather and a hand-forged iron buckle. This metal belt buckle perfectly complements a Dark Avantgarde look. Thus offering an option for ladies and men who appreciate avant-garde fashion.


    High-quality leather belt for women and men made from calf leather

    Every meticulous detail of this black leather belt with silver buckle is tangible in the material. Vegetable-tanned and hand-dyed in deep black, the leather and buckle surface showcase a distinct patina. Draping gracefully around the hips, this genuine leather belt seamlessly integrates with various fabrics, offering a body-contoured touch.


    Men's black leather belt for an All Black Look

    This designer belt with an iron belt buckle harmonizes effortlessly with delicate fabrics like cashmere or merino wool. Whether strolling in the red evening sun with short sleeves or seeking to emphasize the midsection. This black belt with a silver buckle proves its versatility. It is a handcrafted leather belt with an obstinate touch.

    The men's luxury leather belt with a buckle serves as a brilliant centerpiece, complementing eccentric outfits. This italian leather belt for men and women underscores the ensemble's gentle and unassuming character. Furthermore it fits perfectly for the Dark Avantgarde style.


    Vintage silver belt with a large buckle

    Due to its craftsmanship this high-quality leather belt for men and women stands as a standalone work of art. The genuine hand-dyed calf leather is processed at the highest level and artistically refined. It acquires an incomparably smooth structure through creative handwork. The black leather belt with vintage silver belt buckle imparts a body-contoured touch to extraordinary black wardrobes.

    This belt for men and women pairs well with the unconventional and extravagant women's knit sweater "Rosa". When combined with the linen tunic dress in patterned gray "Maruf", ladies draw attention to themselves with this elegant belt.



    Brand: Tagliovivo

    Color: Black

    Material: 100% Hand-Dyed Calf Leather

    Length: 111 cm

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    Tagliovivo | Hoctagon Belt | Ledergürtel in Schwarz mit großer Schnalle
    Tagliovivo | Hoctagon Belt | Ledergürtel in Schwarz mit großer Schnalle
    Tagliovivo | Hoctagon Belt | Ledergürtel in Schwarz mit großer Schnalle
    Tagliovivo | Hoctagon Belt | Ledergürtel in Schwarz mit großer Schnalle
    Tagliovivo | Hoctagon Belt | Ledergürtel in Schwarz mit großer Schnalle
    Tagliovivo | Hoctagon Belt | Ledergürtel in Schwarz mit großer Schnalle
    Tagliovivo | Hoctagon Belt | Ledergürtel in Schwarz mit großer Schnalle
    Tagliovivo | Hoctagon Belt | Ledergürtel in Schwarz mit großer Schnalle
    Tagliovivo | Hoctagon Belt | Ledergürtel in Schwarz mit großer Schnalle

    High-quality leather belts for women and men in eigensinnig wien

    Which belts last the longest?

    The higher the quality of the material the belt is made of, the better. Leather belts are particularly recommended when it comes to durability. Professional workmanship is important.

    What is the highest quality leather?

    Calf leather is firm and even. It has a fine grain and is considered to be of particularly high quality. It is durable and goes with many outfits, including a dark avant-garde style and an all-black outfit. This premium material is known for its supple texture and softness, which increase comfort.

    It offers a fine structure that makes it ideal for elegantly cut belts. Calf leather combines elegance, comfort and durability and is often found in exclusive belt collections.

    What makes a good leather belt?

    A high-quality leather belt for men is a combination of many factors. The quality of the material, workmanship, design and style, size and fit, buckle and flexibility. All of these contribute to the production of a luxury belt for men and women.

    How do you recognize good leather?

    Good quality leather should not have any cracks or breaks. Good leather is tear-resistant and sturdy. In addition, the seams, ends and cut edges of real leather are always rough. A real leather belt for men and women is a long-lasting companion.

    How do you properly care for leather belts?

    Leather belts with buckles remain particularly durable when properly cared for. Here are some care tips for designer leather belts:

    Regular cleaning: Clean the belt regularly to remove dust and dirt. Use a soft, damp cloth to gently wipe it and protect the leather.

    Use leather care products

    Special cleaning and care products for leather products maintain the quality of the business belt for men and women. These products nourish the leather, make it supple and prevent cracks and dryness.

    Avoid water

    Since leather belts are not usually waterproof, you should not immerse them in water or wear them in heavy rain. If the belt gets wet, let it dry naturally and avoid heat sources to prevent damage.

    Store correctly

    Store the belt in a cool, dry place and roll it up to avoid wrinkles. A cloth bag will protect it from dust and dirt when the belt is not being worn.

    No direct sunlight

    Excessive exposure to sunlight can dry out and discolor the leather, so protect the belt from direct sunlight.

    Use leather conditioner

    A leather conditioner keeps the leather soft, supple and prevents cracking. Apply the conditioner every few months.

    Discover here theDesigner leather belt, which you can buy at eigensinnig wien

    Luxury leather belts for men and women from Tagliovivo

    Each Tagliovivo belt is perfectly crafted, stylishly designed and comfortable to wear. The attention to detail and the pursuit of perfection make the Italian leather belts a first-class choice.

    A journey of perfection

    The process of designing and manufacturing each designer belt at Tagliovivo is a journey of perfection. Every detail counts, every step is important.

    From the selection of leather to the finishing – everything reflects the love of craftsmanship.

    Our high-quality leather belts for men in black represent the quintessence of what Tagliovivo stands for. The handcrafted masterpieces created in the renowned leather factory in Italy are more than just fashion.

    They make a statement. Whether you are looking for a leather belt in black or want the luxury experience of a slim leather belt for women. Whether it is a 150 cm belt for women or a longer one for men.

    Your way to the ultimate luxury belt

    Your genuine leather belt is waiting for you - a piece of luxury. Enjoy the luxury that only handmade products can offer. And let yourself be seduced by the quality and style of Tagliovivo.

    What should be taken into account when making leather belts?

    The process of making a high-quality leather belt is nothing short of art. At the Italian brand Tagliovivo, each genuine leather belt is made with an inimitable focus on quality and details.

    The handcraft, including the hand-crafted wrought iron metal buckle, reflects a fusion of tradition, innovation and aesthetics. The leather manufacturer in Italy has become a byword for excellence. Love of craftsmanship and centuries-old techniques characterize the luxury belts from Tagliovivo.

    What distinguishes Tagliovivo’s designer leather belts?

    The people behind Tagliovivo know how to combine art with fashion. Each high-quality leather belt for men and women is a unique piece. The hand-crafted wrought iron metal buckles give each designer belt a Wabi Sabi touch. The time and patience invested in each piece sets it apart from mass-produced goods.

    What leather are Tagliovivo belts made of?

    A genuine leather belt is only as good as its material. Whether horse, cow, calf or lamb leather - each leather has unique qualities and characteristics.

    Tagliovivo ensures that environmentally friendly and ethical sourcing of leather is a top priority. The high-quality leather belts for men and women also offer a comfortable feel. The dedication to quality and the desire to use only the best materials characterize the collection of high-quality belts.

    Is Tagliovivo a sustainable brand?

    Tagliovivo stands for responsibility and sustainability. The careful selection of leather and the respectful processing demonstrate an understanding of nature and beauty. This makes every leather belt a masterpiece. This philosophy goes beyond fashion and is reflected in the company culture and the aim of creating sustainable and aesthetically pleasing products.

    The black leather belt for men and women – more than just an accessory

    A black belt is much more than just an accessory. At Tagliovivo it is considered an elegant and versatile element that defines the silhouette and adds luxury.

    The leather belts for women in black focus on details and show the versatility of this classic piece. A designer belt from Tagliovivo is an indispensable piece for every woman. It represents elegance and aesthetics in perfection. The black leather belt exceeds expectations and becomes a symbol of timeless beauty.

    The black women’s belt as a statement

    The black leather belt is not just a style element; it is also a statement. As part of a modern woman's wardrobe, it embodies confidence, class and classic elegance. The selected materials and the outstanding craftsmanship make it an unforgettable piece.

    The high-quality leather belt for men as a symbol of strength

    The leather belt for men by Tagliovivo is a true embodiment of strength, confidence and sophistication. The leather belt with hand-forged iron buckle is a key element of the male wardrobe. The hand-made high-quality belts for men are not only stylish, but also an expression of character and individuality. This makes them an indispensable addition for every gentleman.

    The leather belt for modern men in black

    Tagliovivo's leather belts for men are designed for the modern man who values ​​quality and design. They are a sign of the independent and confident man. This selection of leather belts with hand-forged iron buckle conveys an attitude that puts quality and style above all else.

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    Shopping at eigensinnig wien's online store offers you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of handcrafted luxury belts, all made with the same passion and craftsmanship that has made Tagliovivo famous.

    Discover the world of luxury leather belts today and enter a world of elegance and style.

    Buy ithere all leather products from Tagliovivo.

    For more information about leather belts, read ourBlog post about high-quality leather belts for men and women.