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Rigards x The Viridi Anne

RG2003TVA Luxurious, round clip-on sunglasses in black

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Color: Black
material: 100% Steel 100% Titanium

    14 Days Money-Back-Guarantee

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    Stylish small, round clip-on sunglasses made of stainless steel and titanium that can also be worn as optical glasses. Black luxury sunglasses that Rigards has developed with the avant-garde label The Viridi Anne. The handmade round sunglasses for men and women are pure dark avant-garde.

    These small clip-on sunglasses with the round shape are a very special example of sophisticated craftsmanship. A handmade designer piece that won the German Design Award 2022 for good reason. The unique sunglasses for women and men look like they have fallen out of time and seem to be ahead of their time at the same time. An obstinate statement piece that alludes to science fiction.

    Steampunk sunglasses from Rigards and The Viridi Anne

    The Viridi Anne is an avant-garde fashion label that goes back to the Japanese artist and designer Tomoaki Okaniwa. His creations are inspired by the wabi-sabi aesthetic. A philosophy that correlates perfectly with that of Rigards. This can only result in something extraordinary.

    Like these steampunk sunglasses in black, which consist of two parts. The goth sunglasses are a limited edition.

    Black clip-on sunglasses with dark gray lenses

    The past and future merge in these black clip-on sunglasses. The round clip-on with dark gray lenses is reminiscent of the symbol for infinity. The frame of the designer metal frame sunglasses with the clear lens has an organic, insect-like appearance. The antenna-like temples and nostrils are particularly obstinate.

    Which face do round glasses suit?

    Round glasses usually suit a square face. In principle, they also look good on a heart-shaped face. Sometimes they also suit an oval face. Or even a round one.

    You can find more information on glasses and face shapes below.

    Stylish sunglasses for men and women for an extravagant look

    These black frame sunglasses from Rigards and The Viridi Anne are sure to turn heads. They can be used to complete and enhance all kinds of looks.

    Do you love the all-black look? Are you looking for accessories for your goth style? Does your heart beat for dark avant-garde and dark aesthetics?

    Then you might find the right model in these black designer shades for men and women. The black designer glasses are the perfect choice for the obstinate ones.

    In combination with extravagant avant-garde fashion for men and extravagant women's fashion, they look like an amplifier. Sporty-elegant looks for men and casual fashion for women look a touch more extravagant thanks to these stylish sunglasses.

    High-quality titan sunglasses with stainless steel clip-on

    In terms of materials, these designer glasses are extremely modern sunglasses for men and women. The clip-on is handmade from the best stainless steel. The frame with the transparent lens is made of pure titanium. A particularly lightweight and high-quality material that make these black designer sunglasses a reliable companion.

    Stylish sunglasses with a special texture

    The surface of these stylish sunglasses has been applied by hand. There are two shades of the color black. One vintage black and one deep black. Timeless like avant-garde fashion in black.

    The black sunglasses are therefore a designer piece that outlasts sunglasses trends. Round sunglasses for men and women that are made to last. A statement piece with which you can make your obstinacy visible in an extravagant way.

    Black UV sunglasses with 100% protection against UV rays

    The gray lenses of these black UV sunglasses are made of nylon. Nylon is shatter and scratch resistant. They are also UV400 sunglasses, which provide 100% protection against UV radiation. There is no better sun protection.

    You can find out more below.

    Are you still looking for the right glasses for spring and summer?

    Then these round sunglasses with the clip-on made from high-quality materials may be the right choice for you. You can buy the round black sunglasses for women and men conveniently online on the website of eigensinnig wien. Or you can drop by our fashion store and try on your potential favorite piece on the spot.


    Material: Stainless steel (clip-on), beta titanium (frame)

    Color: Vintage black (frame) / clear (lenses frame) / black (frame clip on) / dark grey (lenses clip on) / matt (finish)

    Dimensions: frame width: 140mm, bridge width: 37mm, lens diameter: 30mm, temple length: 140mm

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    Rigards x The Viridi Anne | RG2003TVA | Extravagante, runde Clip On Sonnenbrille in Schwarz
    Rigards x The Viridi Anne | RG2003TVA | Extravagante, runde Clip On Sonnenbrille in Schwarz
    Rigards x The Viridi Anne | RG2003TVA | Extravagante, runde Clip On Sonnenbrille in Schwarz
    Rigards x The Viridi Anne | RG2003TVA | Extravagante, runde Clip On Sonnenbrille in Schwarz
    Rigards x The Viridi Anne | RG2003TVA | Extravagante, runde Clip On Sonnenbrille in Schwarz
    Rigards x The Viridi Anne | RG2003TVA | Extravagante, runde Clip On Sonnenbrille in Schwarz
    Rigards x The Viridi Anne | RG2003TVA | Extravagante, runde Clip On Sonnenbrille in Schwarz
    Rigards x The Viridi Anne | RG2003TVA | Extravagante, runde Clip On Sonnenbrille in Schwarz
    Rigards x The Viridi Anne | RG2003TVA | Extravagante, runde Clip On Sonnenbrille in Schwarz

    What you should know about designer sunglasses 

    You can read more about designer sunglasses in our magazine.

    How can you tell if sunglasses are high quality?

    Good sunglasses offer 100 percent UV protection and protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. Ideally, they filter out all UV rays up to a wavelength of 400 nanometers. All Rigards glasses have this highest level of sun protection.

    How much should I pay for good sunglasses?

    The price of a good pair of sunglasses varies depending on the brand, design, manufacturing method and technological features. It is important that the sunglasses offer UV 400 protection, regardless of the price. Low-priced options offer basic UV protection, while mid-priced models offer better quality materials, workmanship and optics. High-priced ones like Rigards can incorporate luxurious materials, special manufacturing techniques and advanced technologies. Rigards eyewear is handcrafted from the highest quality materials in limited quantities.

    What is the most important thing when buying sunglasses?

    Above all, make sure they offer adequate protection against harmful UV rays. Glasses labeled "UV 400" offer 100 percent UV protection. They block all UVA, UVB and UVC rays and therefore offer the best possible protection. Also make sure that the sunglasses fit well so that they do not develop pressure marks. On the beach and in the water, it is particularly important to protect your eyes from intense sunlight. The light does not just come from above, but is reflected from all sides by the water surface.

    What Is a UV400 Lens?

    UV 400 sunglasses offer protection against ultraviolet rays, i.e. UV rays. The term "UV 400" refers to the ability of the sunglasses to block all UV rays with wavelengths of up to 400 nanometers. This includes both UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays and UVB rays are forms of ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun. If the eyes are exposed to excessive or direct UV radiation, various eye problems can occur. UV 400 sunglasses minimize these harmful effects by providing comprehensive protection against UV rays.

    How do I know what sunglasses are best for my face shape?

    People with an oval face can wear practically any shape of glasses. Square models are more suitable for round faces. Round sunglasses, on the other hand, go particularly well with angular and heart-shaped faces. In general, the motto "the proof of the pudding is in the eating" also applies here. Obstinacy can be expressed in many different ways.

    Discover unique luxury sunglasses available at eigensinnig wien here.

    Eigensinnig wien presents: Unique luxurious sunglasses from Rigards  

    Are Rigards sunglasses also available with prescription lenses?

    The clip-on models from Rigards consist of two parts. The actual glasses have an optical lens. You can have this replaced with prescription lenses by your trusted optician. The clip-on is the sunglasses. The other Rigards models have non-prescription lenses.

    What makes Rigards sunglasses so special?

    Rigards stands for craftsmanship, quality, sustainability and innovation. Rigards glasses are unique works of art that impress with their beauty and attention to detail. The brand has managed to combine traditional craftsmanship techniques with modern eyewear fashion to create a unique aesthetic. With its commitment to diversity and social responsibility, Rigards is a brand that is appreciated not only for its products, but also for its values.

    Why are Rigards sunglasses so lightweight?

    Rigards sunglasses are made from particularly high-quality, lightweight materials such as titanium or copper. The lenses, which are made from high-quality polyamide, are also particularly lightweight. They provide 100 percent protection against UV rays. The lenses are labeled "UV 400". They offer the highest possible protection against harmful UV rays.

    Are Rigards sunglasses produced sustainably?

    The brand places the highest value on sustainability and ethical production. It only uses materials from responsible sources. Many are of natural origin, such as wood and horn. Plastic and synthetic materials are avoided as much as possible. Another important pillar of Rigards is its commitment to diversity and inclusion. The brand works with artists and designers from around the world and promotes an open and tolerant attitude towards different cultures and lifestyles.

    Which brands and designers does Rigards work with?

    Rigards is known for its collaborations with other brands and designers. The brand works with well-known avant-garde brands such as Ziggy Chen, Uma Wang or The Viridi Anne to create special collections. These collections are often available in limited quantities and offer unique designs that reflect the creative vision of the partner brands.

    Discover designer sunglasses for men and women from Rigards, available at eigensinnig wien.