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Faliero Sarti


Unique Wool Scarf with Forest Print in Brown
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Color: Brown
material: 90% Wool, 10% Cashmere

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    This designer scarf for both men and women brings to mind a relaxing forest walk with its autumn leaves and branches.

    Experience warm comfort in cooler times with the chunky scarf for men and women Forest. Its color accents refine your outfit with special elegance.


    Forest – A Faliero Sarti Scarf as an Ode to the Beautiful Autumn Time

    With its creation Forest, the Italian traditional house pays homage to nature as it changes in the fall. The motif of this wool scarf depicts scenes of this season.

    Brown-colored leaves, small and larger branches seem to be carried by the wind. This designer scarf for men and women ushers in the winter. As if the leaves whirl wildly in the forest. This look is not randomly created but consciously designed by creative, quirky minds.


    What Care Instructions Should You Consider for This Large Wool Scarf for Men and Women Made of 90% Wool?

    Forest is made up of high-quality wool. The latter is a material that emits warmth and is long-lasting. The term cashmere scarf is also used, as the cashmere content in the scarf makes up 10%.

    The special thing about wool is its breathable and water-repellent properties. Remarkably, wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without you noticing it when wearing. It is ideal for the cold season. Sweating is not a problem either.

    This winter wool scarf for men and women should be hand-washed. If a slight itch occurs when dressing, it is enough to add two teaspoons of white vinegar to the washing water. It works wonders.


    How Can You Wear the "Forest" During the Stormy Autumn and Winter Seasons?

    • Simply wrap it around your neck. This is a classic method of wearing a wool or cashmere scarf for men and women. Fold Forest in the middle and put it around your neck. Finally, pull the ends through the loop formed.

    • Wrap it loosely around your neck. Due to its size, Forest can also be used as a loop scarf for men and women or a tube scarf. It can be wrapped around the neck at least once, but also several times. This corresponds to a casual way of wearing loop scarves or tube scarves for men and women.

    • Opt for a knot. You can also fold the scarf in such a way that it almost becomes a triangle scarf. Loop it around your shoulders and knot it in the front. The knot of the triangle scarf for women can be placed as you wish.

    • Throw the noble cloth over your shoulders. This movement alone brings swing into the wind-tossed Forest. Put the brown winter scarf over your shoulders so that it loosely lies on your back. This is a stylish and elegant way of wearing it.

    • Loop the warm, chunky scarf around your neck. Brave the autumn storms and wrap yourself up to protect your neck and ears from the cold. Thanks to the high-quality wool, you will experience a wonderfully soft feeling.

    • Wear the women's winter scarf as a warm women's stole for your evening dress. If you want to highlight your evening wardrobe, reach for this elegant stole. Forest not only keeps you warm but also underlines your extravagant style.

    With What Clothing Can "Forest" be Best Worn?

    This question is easy to answer, especially if you prefer avant-garde fashion from eigensinnig wien. Unconventional pants for men or extravagant jumpsuits for women. Extraordinary dresses or classic blouses and shirts. These high-quality products shape our range.

    Try out our casual and light chino trousers "Veblen" in brown for men. Or the elegant, festive blouse "Curie" in brown made of viscose.


    Whether you prefer a casual appearance or rather search for an elegant scarf for your evening dress. Forest is offered as a women's stole, a wool shoulder scarf for women. A shoulder scarf that can also be worn festively.

    Or simply as a warm scarf for your winter look. The winter scarf for men and women adapts to every situation.

    If you are looking for men's scarves for the winter. Or after elegant scarves for women. Don't rack your brains. The brown wool and cashmere scarf fits seamlessly into your wardrobe.


    Brand: Faliero Sarti

    Color: Brown

    Material: 90% Wool / 10% Cashmere

    Scarf-Style: Unique wool scarf with forest pattern


    Faliero Sarti at eigensinnig wien. High-quality, Italian designer scarves and shawls in our showroom and online shop

    Faliero Sarti has gained renown for creating high-quality scarves with innovative designs for both men and women. The company has its base in Tuscany, the heart of Italy, since its foundation in 1949. The fabric factory located there creates the masterful pieces from the finest natural materials.

    Just like with us in eigensinnig wien, each of our products is a narrative in itself. A testament to craftsmanship and passionate devotion. Our creations reflect these elements in their design and manufacture.

    Whether you are looking for an elegant, long scarf for men in winter. Or a fine silk scarf for women. A warm wool scarf in black, or a high-quality pashmina shawl. Faliero Sarti offers shawls and scarves for men and women that excel in quality and sustainability.

    From an oversized scarf to a fancy scarf like a women's stole, all the way to a cozy scarf for winter. Wear Faliero Sarti scarves anywhere and anytime as an expression of your sense of elegant comfort and unparalleled luxury.

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    Faliero Sarti | Forest | Besonderer Schal aus Wolle-Kaschmir mit Wald-Print in Braun
    Faliero Sarti | Forest | Besonderer Schal aus Wolle-Kaschmir mit Wald-Print in Braun
    Faliero Sarti | Forest | Besonderer Schal aus Wolle-Kaschmir mit Wald-Print in Braun
    Faliero Sarti | Forest | Besonderer Schal aus Wolle-Kaschmir mit Wald-Print in Braun
    Faliero Sarti | Forest | Besonderer Schal aus Wolle-Kaschmir mit Wald-Print in Braun
    Faliero Sarti | Forest | Besonderer Schal aus Wolle-Kaschmir mit Wald-Print in Braun
    Faliero Sarti | Forest | Besonderer Schal aus Wolle-Kaschmir mit Wald-Print in Braun